mining slideshow project

today (18 november) i am shooting snaps and video of mining to make a slideshow version of this song:

i'd like and many glitchen as possibel to come for the snaps so it's nto always the same ones in frame.

i would like to get pictures of a gltich train marching off into the mines, as well as falling down the drops.

filming locations include (but are not limited to) entrance, the drop, ajaya bliss (i have keys), subarna spells.

please wear your hardhat or other suitable mining clothing.

i'll be announcing expeditions periodically today in global chat.

please come.

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  • update:

    the morning (for me) expedition is done. we have some good shots but later on id like to see more glitchen in them.

    next party will include stops at the cavern ghost locations and i'll bring my faded heart.

    stay tuned.
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  • Thanks flask for hosting the project! Looking forward to next time :)
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  • Can't wait to see the results! :)
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  • That's an awesome song! I'll try to help out if I'm online during an expedition.
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  • this just in:
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  • That video is incredibly nostalgia-inducing, well done! The tune and the steady plink sound... 
    The song also somehow reminded me of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn sailing down the Mississippi River...
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