UK farewell gathering

Hi,  I just posted in the UK Glitchers group about a possible farewell party for UK glitchens who might not be able to be awake and in Ur at 4am on Monday 10th Dec.  

UK Glitchers Post

There has been a discussion on the facebook group about it but some of the UKers may not be on there and may not be part of the group here either so just thought would get the word out.

Don't believe time or location has been discussed yet..

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  • 'Don't believe time or location has been discussed yet' ooh, let me guess, London just for a rare and unexpected surprise never before used location - surely not?
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  • Ah..I actually meant an in game meet up to do some last glitching together before we all go *poof*, so location meaning which street or house  :)

    But.... there was another post about a real life meet up after the game closes.. and yes, you guessed it it's London! :)
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  • Re the RL meetup that I appear to be organising, I'm happy for something to happen somewhere that isn't London, but I live in the south-east so it would be difficult for me to arrange an event somewhere nowhere near my home. If someone else would like to plan something elsewhere that's great and I'll support it! I'm not being deliberately London-centric, I just happen to live where I live.

    I'm also interested in doing in-game stuff, although I will also be attempting to be awake at 4am on Monday 10 Dec.
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  • ooh i live in the south east i understand what u mean lol
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  • I would love a UK - UR  party the say good bye to all my UK friends. :)
    I also think it would be nice to invite any European glitchers as they are only one hour ahead of us and will find the 4am close just as hard to attend.
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  • Lovely idea, but too far for me :(

    But enjoy yourselves and try to remember me!
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  • I think it would be better if we met up like somewhere in the middle of the country as then its central. I know I live in west yorkshire (near leeds ish) I thought Manchester would of been a nice place to meat up. Its a change from london.
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  • Guys your reading this post all wrong. icatchm0nkeys  is wanting to hold a glitch in GAME UR party full of non real avatars/pixel UK glitchers.  They are not talking real life i can pinch you on the arm  party :) Please read the OP post not the replies.
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