Imported yeti #22

Hello everyone, I am in search of imported yeti number 22. I will in turn give you my imported yeti #268, lots of hugs, and 200k(its all i can afford because of the contests I am doing). #22 is a special number for me because it is my birthday(2nd) and my dad's birthday (22nd); he passed away nearly three years ago, and I always considered him to be a cuddly bear, so I figured yeti was close enough.

EDIT: *FACEPALM* I  have yeti #280 NOT #268, i posted this thread without double checking my number so so sorry!

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  • Scilly has been looking for Yeti 268 for nearly three months....perhaps he can help you find no 22
    Posted 7 years ago by Green Meanie Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Hi Rini, I have been looking for Imported Yeti #268, unfortunately don't have ~22, but I do have #264 would you please trade with me?
    Pleeease?! Thank you.

    ~check out my offer in Marketplace! =)

    OMG! Green, Thank you for remembering me! =)
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