29 is so prime GIVEAWAY

I will be using charades potions, asking questions, and giving away the following prizes:

29. Old Tree Poison Antidote (1/1)
28. Scion of Purple cubimal
27. 4 Glitchmas Crackers
26. 5 Pi Pies
25. 5 Spoiled Strawberry Seeds
24. Set of 5 Easter Eggs to complete Egg Hunter Trophy
23. 4 Old Generic Race Tickets (before you knew what race you would go to)
22. 5 more Pi Pies
21. Set of 5 more Easter Eggs to complete Egg Hunter Trophy
20. Rube cubimal
19. Complete Nyanite Necklace
18. Old Tree Poison (1/1)
17. 1 each-Glitchmas Cracker, Pi Pie, Spoiled Strawberry Seed, Generic Race Ticket, Old Antidote 
16. Complete Woolly Glove Darned with a Metal Finger
15. Winter Wingding Party Pack Taster
14. Rook cubimal
13. Philosopher Dolls (set of 3)
12. Antique Spigot #147
11. Complete Set of Series 2 Cubimals (20 in all)
10. GNG musicblock
9.  Million Currant Trophy #5
8.  Complete Magical Pendant
7.  Rube Shaped Potato #10
6.  Antique Spigot #15
5.  Complete Set of Series 1 Cubimals (23 in all)
4.  Factory Defect Chick Cubimal #4
3.  Imported Glitchmas Yeti #4
2.  Special Item That Only Beta Testers Get (Senor Funpickle) 
1.  2010 Glitchmas Yeti

Questions will be about me, but you will rely more on lucky guessing than knowledge of me to win.
Pop by my house if you want to play. Beware of lag outside and in.

Starts in 2 minutes!

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  • It was great fun, thanks for organizing JW :)
    Posted 8 years ago by Sharmy Knope Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I so hope everyone who attended had fun. I know it was a madhouse.

    If you left a level 3 gnome cubi on my floor, he is stuck. Please come pick up your baby. 
    Also, if you gave me a trophy, please come collect it. You are too sweet!
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