Sitar's Stash Give-Away!

Hello everyone, Rini here! I was asked by sitar to throw a give-away for him.

Entries will be accepted until November 30th 7p.m. EST

The Judge:
sitar- He spends his time outside of glitch as a meditation teacher and enjoys casual Sanskrit study.

Translate all of the street names(or as many as you can do) within the Samundra region from Sanskrit into English. The translations will be judged on which English translation best fits the traditional Sanskrit word.


Grand Prize:
1 Full Woolly Glove
1 Full Chicken-Shaped Brick
1 Full Ouzian Necklace
1 Friedrich Nietzsche doll

Runner Up:
1 SB-1
1 T-1

* Prizes are subject to change in order to become more awesome.*

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  • I have a question, what is Sanskrit?
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  • I'm sorry to mess up this contest but I was really curious about the Sanskrit because I recognized some of the divine names in the zone street names. A little Google searching revealed that the bulk of the street names are large numbers taken from the Lalitavistara Sutra. (The street name was changed to Lalita Vistarasutra and provides the hint.)

    The list of Sanskrit words and numbers from the discussion of mathematics between Buddha and Arjuna in the Lalitavistara Sutra is here, in Wikipedia. Also on that page are numeric levels of infinity associated with the divine names in the zone like Rama, Balarama, and Prajapati. Every single street name is on the Wikipedia page.

    Please don't send me a prize. I think I simply stumbled on the web page Tiny Speck probably used to set up the street names in Samudra.

    Oh, and Samudra is Sanskrit for sea or ocean.
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  • this is a great find, and super interesting, but simply writing 10 to the whatever power won't win the contest.  Sanskrit is subtle and words have many meanings. 

    There is an old sanskrit joke that says every sanskrit word means:
    1) itself
    2) its opposite
    3) a goddess
    4) a sexual position
    5) something that has to do with an elephant

    many of those words refer to other things too.  I'm asking about those.

    Even Samudra could have a different translation.  Would love to see some people take some stabs at that.

    Also, I recently completed the apple, so that will go to the winner too.
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  • Isn't that funny? I'm glad the page hasn't derailed the contest. :-)  I will see if I can come up with a reasonable entry for later this week, though my knowledge of Sanskrit is minimal as I usually read translations.
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  • New prizes
    mirror with scribbles
    gnipperite necklace
    assorted beads
    rube potato
    glitchmas card
    rook cube
    spork piece 2

    send note or email me to enter
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  • also, generously donated by mustafa john, 10 boxes of cubimals!
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  • Oh, I love this idea!  I wish I'd seen it before - I'm at work today.  :(  If I can't work on it at lunch I may send you in a late entry just for fun though. 
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  • I don't now any Sanskrit, but I have contributed a piece of fake nose to the contest. (I have two, and I doubt I'd be able to complete the artifact anyway before the end of the world.) Rini, you can pick it up at your butler.
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  • I tried was fun, but I am not sure if any of the answers make sense XD.
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