Recording various chunks of Glitch for posterity, looking for suggestions

So far I intend to record the three Reminiscences you get through vendors, as well as the one through the conch shell, as well as all of the racecourses, a Toxic Moon party, some of the upgrade-card minigame thingies (eg. Arbor Hollow), a chunk of the Savannah area (from first entry at Dust Path D to- wherever I can wander to before the nostalgia boots me out), the crossroads under the dinosaur bums...

Any streets that need recording? Also will take suggestions for streets which represent an area or 'biome' particularly well. c:

Anyone who wants to assist, feel free! If people want to do recordings through Livestream or some other screen-recording software, I'd love to set up a checklist with you. We have less than two weeks, guys!

Dr. Morgue

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  • I'm looking to get some recordings from people for a lil music video I want to put together.
    If you end up recording any hi-res stuff I'd love get some bits of it!
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