Here's the deal!  There are 75 prizes in all.  The first 75 Glitches to sign up will be entered.  You do not need to pick a number - just add your name to the list.  Winners will be selected courtesy of's List Randomizer.  Best of all, everyone that participates gets a prize :).

I will post the winners and their prizes and distribute them in the order that they are listed here as soon as possible after the 75 player limit is reached.  Make sure you friend me, if we are not already, so that I can send your prize to you :).

Fyi.. Each line represents 1 prize, so if there is more than one of an item on a line, you will receive the stated quantity.

Thanks for playing and good luck to all!

[Edit]  It's Monday morning PST so it's off to work for me.. See you this evening  :)

[Edit #2] Home from work.. now to get organized and get everyone their prizes.. Whee! 79 signed up so I will find something for the 4 extras :).

And.. Here you go!  :)   I will get as many prizes as I can out tonight.. the rest will have to wait until tomorrow night.  Thank you everyone that participated and everyone that didn't, just as much, for being in my Glitchlife :)

[Edit #3]  Phew!  Who knew??  Prize distribution can be slightly exhausting.. LOL!!  Thanks everyone.. Lub you all :)  [12/4/2012-11:07 PM, USA-PST]

SB-1 Musicblock     Jugni
Fully Assembled Chicken Brick     Goodbye Glitch
Red Tiger Eye Necklace     AwesomeCardinal2000
Factory Defect Chick Cubimal #21      Guided by Foxes
Special Item That Only Beta Testers Get     NightDraconis
T-1 Musicblock        tlchimera   
GNG Musicblock     Cady
GNG Musicblock     Leksa
Double Rainbow Party Pack     snygyst
Full Set of 5 Easter Eggs     tofuchan
Full Set of 5 Easter Eggs     Marianne
Glitchmas Cracker     Eek
5 Wine Of The Dead     Sororia Rose
50,000 Currants     Alyx Sands 
50,000 Currants     Luna Owl
50,000 Currants     Ambillina
25,000 Currants     SeerQueen
25,000 Currants     Nikonaut
25,000 Currants     matrix
25,000 Currants     Tumahura
25,000 Currants     Jixel
15,000 Currants     Luxy Motive
15,000 Currants     Berry Goode
15,000 Currants     Daisy Blooms 
15,000 Currants     Rini
15,000 Currants     Avery
15,000 Currants     OMG BACON!!
15,000 Currants     reggieness
15,000 Currants     Patricia
15,000 Currants     Love you Glitch
15,000 Currants     Troy McClure
15,000 Currants     Vastra
15,000 Currants     Skipho
15,000 Currants     Solana
15,000 Currants     gumbie
15,000 Currants     wraith816
15,000 Currants     Ginger Ninja
15,000 Currants     natsumi
15,000 Currants     Little Kenny
15,000 Currants     IZA_C
15,000 Currants     Belchy
5 Reshuffle Cards     Greenie Copper
5 Reshuffle Cards     ugli
10 Get Out Of Hell Free Cards     crčme     
11 Tickets To Cloud Rings     Golden Apple
15 No-No Powder     fira
15 No-No Powder     Sol Hawk
15 No-No Powder     igaluk
Disco Ball + 1 Upgrade     alch3mist
Disco Ball + 1 Upgrade     Piece of Pixieboots
Fish Mobile + 1 Upgrade     Fernstream
Fish Mobile + 1 Upgrade     Talia True
Pigs Playing Poker Painting     Faranae
Rubist Painting     Siz
Ur2 Radar LCD     Mr. Outer Space
Firebog Hanging Charms     Statto
Firebog Hanging Dried Lizards     ? ? Leď.Leď ? ?
Party Sign     Freddo Frog     
Lion Head Fountain + 2 Upgrades     Mocha Maid
Hellish Counter + 3 Upgrades     sextopus
Mossy Uralia Log Bench     Mildmay
Coconut Armchair + 1 Upgrade     Amp
Oyster Pink High-Back Armchair + 2 Upgades     mixofsunandcloud
Pig Locked 16 Slot Cabinet + 3 Upgrades    Pii
Stanley Bark 16 Slot Cabinet + 1 Upgrade     Jendaline
Uralia Tree 16 Slot Cabinet + 4 Upgrades     kalsangikid
Vintage Trunk 16 Slot Cabinet + 2 Upgrades     Frowning Flounder
Bacon Shelf + 2 Upgrades     Alsuja    
Eight Bit Brick Shelf + 2 Upgrades     Rembrandt2.0
Walloping Big Diamond     Axton
Walloping Big Diamond     Frogger The Mad
Walloping Big Diamond     Dwit
Walloping Big Diamond     gisabellae
Walloping Big Diamond     Bonten
Walloping Big Diamond     jewells

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