Building a Glitch Museum in Second Life

Today I started making a little Glitch memorial place up over my homestead sim (Caledon Downs).  For a start, I am making panorama views of my 10 favorite streets -- here you can see Marrakesh Meadow  That image is from one of the fullsize pngs you can download now of streets in Glitch.I also copied the pictures of old-style housing from the glitch-strategy wiki, and one of my SL friends is going to help me build a few of the small ones as a project, from this template is not a money-making venture, just a tribute to a wonderful game that I hope will give pleasure and solace to some of the many Glitch refugees in Second Life. My name in SL is AV Parabola, so just send me IM there or here if you want to come take a look or build some stuff, or if you just want some help getting started in SL.

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  • That sounds like a great idea! I had thought about joining SL for awhile, now I really wish my computer would run it. Hopefully soon I'll be using a different one and then I will check it out!
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  • Awesome! Can you provide a slurl or secondlife:// URL?
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  • You can get to the museum in SL by going to

    I also just started playing with making a walk-in replica of my blue Groddle cottage in the old housing, based on its image in the Glitch-Strategy wiki. Picture of little blue house from strategy wiki Creating a walk-in-able copy in Second Life Collection of snapshots from the Glitch-in-SL museum
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  • OK, this is a seriously cool thing people can do in Second Life -- create an animated texture of your Glitch avatar, like this one I did for Dotcom: You can't see it from this still shot, but little Dotcom is actually "walking" in place. Later on, I plan to add more scripts so that he actually moves across the ground to tour a few Glitchy exhibits.

    Start from the sprite sheets you can download from Janitch's The rest of the process is a bit complicated but if you send me an IM in Second Life, I'll gladly help you make one for yourself.
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  • Too awesome! I will be back on Second Life at once when I get a new computer (maybe in March). And I will check those stuff!  I used to be on Second Life before my laptop get too old to running it.
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  • Awesome work so far!  I'll be sure to swing by sometime. It would be beyond awesome to have some sort of mini-Ur to walk around in. Snapshots are all well and good, but they don't have that same sense of place.

    I've been thinking of putting some sort of small and subtle homage on one of my lots in The Wastelands -- maybe a weird scrap-pile shrine with realistic versions of various Glitch items.  The sort of thing where it's an arbitrary decoration to those who aren't in the know -- but those few who do Get It will smile to see some vestige of long-lost Ur among the other post-apocalyptic ruins. ;)
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  • This really sounds like a great idea! I always found it strange on it though 0-0
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  • It's been a long while since I've been on SL, this give me a strong incentive to return.
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  • I'd like to just ditto what Fors said.
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  • I went and saw what you did, last night after Glitch closed down.  It teared me up a bit to see it, so you must be doing an excellent job!  If you need any donations for things, please let me know, as I'd love to help out with keeping it alive.
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  • I've got plans to make Glitchen avatars. :)
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  • Just added an animated sprite of Stoot idling, plus some maps to my museum, come up and see us some time!

    Next project -- gallery of Kukubee ...
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  • I just added you in SL - I am Marie Kegel. I cannot wait to see more.
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  • Thanks, Marie -- As of tonight, I have 3 animated sprites -- Dotcom walking, stoot idly scratching, and a tiny Kukubee jumping on a cubimal box.

    I also added a little thatched cottage near the train station on my sim, so if you want to come hang out there and do some building for the museum, I would be glad to have you. Now that I made a cubimal box, it would be fun to start building some cubimals to go inside it.
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  • I finally finished up my little shrine!  It took what few prims I had left, and it's a very different style from the Ur we know -- still, I think it at least grasps at something of Glitch. shows it from a couple of angles, with a few closeups for detail.

    If you'd like to see it inworld, it's here:

    And now, to visit Dotcom's place!  :D
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  • surfalicious. i am diggin the museum. i also like flying around in second life. while my new avator is no glitch beauty, it'll do. coolbetty in sl.
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