Goal Achieved - 100 Million Currants!!!! Anyone higher?

Hi everyone!!

As yall may know I kind of wheel and deal whatever I can get my Glitch-hands on. It's how I like to play the game and makes me happy. I just hit 100 million currants and wanted to share. Kind of curious if anyone was higher than this.

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  • CRAZY WILD!!!  Not even close...ever.  I was almost at 1 million when I remembered that I'd already passed 1 million ages ago only to discover there was no 1 million badge, so I spent it all.    I haven't spent it all yet but I'm working on it!!
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  • Same with Minkey - I reached 1 mil then burned through it all, haha. This reminded me of my wee Glitchy days though, when I got a party pack from a drop and sold it for 17,000 currants. I thought I was sooo rich. Thinking back, another player probably gave it to me and I just didn't realize because I was so new. Now I feel bad for never thanking them :( I never had money problems as a newb thanks to that party pack!
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  • Lol

    I just hit 10 mil today, and felt so rich! Then I realized there was nothing to spend it on. Whoops.
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  • Wow, Hoodjack, color me impressed! This is awesome. (And no, not even remotely close. I think I had five million once.)
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  • I have 2,197,506. What can I say, I have no life and I REALLY won't have any life after tomorrow.
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  • Nowhere near it. Amazing. What are the plans for it?
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  • Funky! :) Highest amount I ever had was what I spent on getting my Glitchmas Yeti.
    I adore him and still think he was worth every cent :D
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  • Fellow glitches...there is plenty to spend it on if the mood takes sno cones for your fellow glitches to assemble into Rainbo cones for donations.  Help others level before the end!
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  • Good idea, FlatEarther!
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  • I have a couple of friends who are working on this goal.  They are generous people, just looking for a new goal to work toward this week.
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  • i had a billion once....
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  • Freaky!
    but.. what are you save up for? :p
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  • i just hope no one bought your fuel cells for 5k currants
    Posted 7 years ago by kepi Subscriber! | Permalink
  • i was @ 6+ million once. 100 million is AMAZING!  They should give you a special badge like they did for clare hitting level 100 in beta
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  • Congrats on reaching on being the Trump of Glitch, both morally and financially.
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  • BLAM-O.
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  • +1 to awesomesauce. . .someone posted a screenshot of their $1Billion dollars (insert Dr. Evil pose). Was that you?
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  • the group of rare items that we've been given for the last couple of Feats would have easily fetched over $100 Million currants before the closure announcement.  So, yes, I have well over $100 million.
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  • ...and...I've spent it all!  So wonderful  :)
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  • 5m, not even close! Nice job :)
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  • I didn't set those cheap artifacts in my tower to make rich richer (read - for you to buy them and resell for astronaut prices) but to share them to those who don't have them. 

    Learn to share, 'cause you might be financially rich but inside you are poor.
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  • I wish I could pay astronaut prices for things. I would be so cool.
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  • bang, zoom to the moon!
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  • WTG on having all the monies! :)

    I know of someone else who had 100million a couple of weeks ago. Don't know whether they have more or less money now but I will let them put their hand up if so. You can IM me Hoodjack if curious.
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  • Congrats on being an insanely rich little Glitch - You have been clearly very succesful on the economics part of this wonderful game. :)

    Considering that you've achieved your goal, and the world is about to end in 26 hours though, it would be a super nice thing of you to give other, less currant wealthy, people a chance at finishing their own goals - like completing artifacts and necklaces in order to get their last badges. There is nothing wrong with reselling things for huge profit in general (in the context of this game), but maybe, just maybe, making other Glitches' day would be a better way to end it all than accumulating a couple more millions of game money. 

    Just a thought
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  • Cheers to Sumi's sentiment.
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  • Cheers to Sumi's sentiment
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  • @Spark, it's even worse- hiding SDBs with insanely cheap prices to lure people to come to their tower only to see the same old high prices for artifact pieces probably bought off of you? Why, that'
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  • I totally agree with Sumi. I saw this player rushing to Glitches who were given away and/or selling beads cheaply so people could complete their items. Then he would go to his tower and mark them up.
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  • About four days ago, a very kindly Glitchen soul gifted me with 5mil in currants so that I could purchase items for donations in my sprint to make level 60 before the EOTW.

    What a glitchy thing to do.
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  • I've just been to this person's tower and it sickened me. Saw on the list that he was selling cheap beads only to find that he is clearly hiding the cheap prices behind the hideously overpriced storage boxes. How unglitchy, how selfish and how cruel. Haven't you made enough money already? Don't you realise that it is just a number on the screen and in a few hours will be nothing, absolutely nothing?! What about all those Glitches that are trying really hard to collect just one artifact and think how they must feel when they go to that tower in hope only to have it desroyed by some backhanded sales trick. Its sickening and unglitchy.
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  • Couldnt agree more, Well said Talia True
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