Rares Giveaway

I've managed to accumulate a number of rares that I'd like to use to give away to my fellow Glitchen.  To do this, I'd like to conduct a raffle of sorts.  Second only to all the wonderful Glitchies here, my favorite thing about Glitch has been the towers, and all the creative things my fellow Glitchies have done with them.  Hence, a tower-centric raffle.  I know that there are still some great towers out there that I haven't seen, and I'd like to hear about them (my own favorite has been Mrs. Peacock's A Game of Clue tower).  Also, I've enjoyed decorating my own tower, but now that it's done, I'm still itching to do more.  So, I'd like to ask people to visit my tower and nominate a floor that needs a rework - either tweaking, or razing and doing something entirely different.

Prizes - all these will be given away:
1 Chicken-Shaped Brick (complete)
1 Magical Pendant (complete)
1 Wooden Apple (complete)
1 Mirror #1 (left side)
3 Mirror #2s (bottom)
2 Mirror #3s (top)
1 Mirror #4 (right side)
1 Butterfly Bone Hair Clip #1 (case top)
1 Butterfly Bone Hair Clip #2 (case bottom)
1 Butterfly Bone Hair Clip #4 (blue clip part)
3 Chicken #1s (head)
1 Chicken #2 (body)
1 Chicken #3 (body)
1 Chicken #4 (the, um, special bit)
1 Chicken #5 (feet)
1 China Nose #1 (top)
1 China Nose #2 (bottom)
1 Pendant #2 (red bead)
2 Pendant #2s (blue bead)
1 Torn Manuscript #4 (left side writing)
2 Platinum Spork #1s (handle)
3 Platinum Spork #2s (business end)
1 Apple #3 (bottom)
2 Apple # 4s (right side)
1 Wooly Glove #1 (thumb)
1 Wooly Glove #2 (3 fingers)
1 Nyanite Necklace (complete)
12 Caiyotite Beads
18 Gnipperite Beads
10 Nyanite Beads
19 Ouzian Beads
18 Red Tiger Eye Beads
2 Funpickles
2 Stoot Dolls
1 2010 Glitchmas Yeti Doll
1 Nietzsche Doll
1 Scion of Purple Cubimal
1 Musicblock GNG
Currents (not sure how much)

Post here to apply.  Each post should include the following:

1)  Pick a first choice prize, a second choice prize, and a third choice prize.  If you'd like beads, I'm shooting to give, say, three beads to people who want them, but that number might go up or down depending on the number of applicants.
2)  List a favorite tower (preferably linked).
3)  List one of the floors of my tower to be redone (optionally with suggestions).

The raffle will be closed around 24 hours from now - probably about 10:00 PCT Friday night.  Prizes will not be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  Instead, I'm going to try to make sure that everyone gets something that they want, but it could be tricky! :)

Thanks, and good luck!!!

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  • Aww shucks, thank you! I'll pop into your tower to take a look, but I'm quite sure it was amazing last time I checked!
    Posted 7 years ago by Mrs. Peacock Subscriber! | Permalink
  • 1) Magical Pendant
    2.) Scion Cubimal
    3.) Woolly Glove(3 fingers)
    4.) I love FyodorD's tower, it is amazingly creative and horrific!
    5.) I think you could change floor 6 of your tower by adding more deco on the floor, make it look more forest-y, if you know what I mean.
    OMG thank you so much for this!! I'm sorry you had to lose all of this, do you want any currants in return?
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  • 1) Magical Pendant
    2) 1 Torn Manuscript #4 (for a friend)
    3) Chicken shaped brick
    4) Piece of Serentity's art gallery is probably an obvious choice, but my favorite nonetheless. I admire her patience and creative instincts!
    5)I know you didn't ask our favorite, but I love your top floor. The single brick wall creates a really effective illusion, and it's beautiful. I'm a sucker for the alliterative title, as well. :) As for a change, I guess I'd say Floor 1, The Hall of Bright Waters, but I can't pinpoint what exactly. Perhaps change the floor to the Uralia one, to look more watery? I think the fountains spilling onto the marble is making my OCD brain kick in. :P
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  • Could i get if available
    1) Nietzsche Doll

    I actually don't have options 2 or 3 - i just thought it'd be nice to go out with at least one doll.

    I really like the tower of secrets by rach.the.emobear. Very powerful and moving.

    In your penthouse (floor 8 i think) the symmetry of the vases seems too overdone. But the rest of the feel, the night sky etc - is great.
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  • 1) Wooden Apple (complete)
        Chicken Shaped Brick (complete)
        Torn Manuscript #4

    2) Miss Portinari The tower is a great resource for information.
    3) Rube's Secret Lair. I thoroughly enjoyed your tower and finding a floor that I thought needed to be changed was difficult. I settled on The Rube floor strictly based on my idea of where I thought the Rube would live. In my head, the lair would be all glitz and adornment, completely tacky. Think Graceland. :D
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  • would like to enter the raffle please.
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  • Butterfly Bone hair clips is what i would love to own.

    I would mention my friend Biofellis' tower....a wonder for new members to see.

    And your tower is magnificient gym....the only thing i wasn't enjoying was the chick on top level, too many sad comments.....better if in a display box.
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  • 1) Magical Pendant Piece #3 (Blue Gem) (encyclopedia)
        Piece of Platinum Spork (Business End, because who doesn't want to get down to
        business with a platinum spork)
        Currants (will go towards a Magical Pendant #3 and Glitchmas crackers)

    2) My favorite tower is The Riches of Ur, Humbabella's tower (link).  It's an amazing and thorough catalouge of her journey throughout Ur in terms of the relative economic value of her actions.  She also maintained a blog (link) that continues the theme of her tower, and presents a pretty interesting analysis of the econ-Ur-mics of the game.  Long story short, you want a lot of meat, and a nasty amount of gas if you're saving currants (not that the guy named Sir Flatulence is biased, but it's true).
        My favorite rooms on her tower are Our Friends the Trees, and the Quiet Room - I love the aesthetic of the trees room; The quiet room is similarly well done and even more impressive when you consider the investment required to generate enough icons for a design like that - a monument to her effective game analysis.

    3a) First off, the room that needs no changes is Exotic Lands.  It's a fantastic room, and I love how the water feature is really made to be a feature by drawing to it with the lines from the wall hangings, stools, and small pictures.  It's a very well done room; you'll probably find me in there a few more times.

    3b) The room that I would modify is the Piggies vs. Skeletons.  I love the concept, but I feel that a 'versus' themed room would have more action if we could press a magical play button on the decorations.  Is it possible to set the piggies and skeletons at slightly different heights to make it look like it's swooping?
         Your other rooms felt like good stories, lounging on the lawn in the penthouse, secrets under the sea in the Venus room - this is a great opening scene, but the symmetry makes me see a stalemate instead of a story arc.
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  • I would like the Red Eye Tiger beads and some currents to buy what I always wanted and that is a defective chick. I love the 5th floor and didn't like the skeletons and piggies room so much. But all in all its a great tower.
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  • I'd like:
    1. Nyanite Beads
    2.Caiiyotti Beads
    3. Um.. all the other beads
    4.collectors edition 2010 Glitchmas Yeti
    My fav tower Would Be... Armi's Tower
    And the floor that needs to be done is....floor 7
    Thanks ~Selarias
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  • And any artifacts that you have!! I'd take anything ESPECIALLY THE BEADS!!!! Thanks!
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  • I would like:
    Butterfly Bone Hair Clip #1 (case top)
    I don't need anything else!

    My favourite tower is that of Mr Mellifluous on the topic of vapour - the top floor is especially good!

    Many thanks
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  • I would like any beads.  Thanks so much!

    My favorite tower is-
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  • 1) 12 Caiyotite Beads
    Pendant #2s (blue bead)
    China Nose #2 (bottom)

    2) Piece of Serenity's Tower,  "Serene Art," with the shelfart… though I'd hope most people know about that already:

    3) I think Bright Waters is a little same-y… it's lovely, but it's missing a centerpiece or something that would boost it into "amazing."

    Thank you!
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  • I've just got the butterfly bit I wanted - so please feel free to remove me from your raffle so someone else can benefit from your generosity! But thanks anyhow!
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  • 1 Magical Pendant (complete)
    1 Wooden Apple (complete)
    Ouzian Beads
    In that order. Thanks for doing this!

    I'll get back to you on 3. :)
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  • 1. Chicken Piece 3 (It's the last one I need for my brick!)
    2. The Caiyotite Bead set
    3. Completed Magical Pendant

    Favorite towers of mine include Fyodor's and Voluptua Sneezelips' because their ideas and executions are always brilliant.

    As for your tower (first off, I love it!), I'd just love to see more stuff in both the Rube's lair and the water one. After the Rube quest, we know he's got quite a collection of things (maybe add some lizards?). And the water one would look great with fishbowls and more water stuff! Oooh! Maybe an aquarium that the two middle lions are pouring into?
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  • *I wish, I wish, I wish....*

    1. 18 Red Tiger Eye Beads
    2. Chicken Piece #5 (feet)
    3. Woolly Glove #1 (thumb)

    Thank you Santa Claus! :)
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  • 1. Butterfly Bone Hair Clip #1 (looking for it for a friend)
    2. Complete Chicken-Shaped Brick
    3. Complete Wooden Apple

    I still love Eglantine's egg museum tower. And I love Avery's idea for the aquarium! Would love to visit an aqURium!
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  • #1 Prize: Chicken shaped brick
    #2 Prize:1 Wooden Apple

    #3 Prize: Nietzsche doll

    I loved Jessenya's Tower, before she emptied it :(
    I think all of your tower floors are great!

    I'm smileyface

    p.s. Any prize is a great prize for me!
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  • 1YETI
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  • Prizes: First - Chicken Brick #3, Second - Piece of Wooly Glove #1 or #2, Third - Gnipperite or Ouzian beads
    One of my favorite towers is Tarryn's - it's set up as a lovely little brew-pub, with tables and drinks downstairs and the stills upstairs.
    In your tower, I'd suggest redoing the third floor.  The "haunted" part of the current theme feels tacked on, and I think you could make a stronger presentation of the "spaceship" theme is you moved the haunted items to other floors.
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  • 1.a funpickle
    2.some currants
    3.musicblock gng
    4. Some of my favorite towers include piece of serentiy's tower, and FyodorD's tower.
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  • whatever's left.
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  • Your tower is great. amongst other nice towers - i like Hatis's Paradise. you can go there from my home street.

    i'd love the butterfly clips
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  • My choice is any bead except Caiyotite.
    LisaNH has a great colored tower
    You should redo the lobby, it's not as symmetrical as your other great floors.
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  • 1) I would appreciate, in order of preference, the Scion cubi, the business end of a spork, or Ouzian beads.
    2) LeLu MultiPass' tower won an award recently, and it absolutely deserved it.
    3) I won't be able to get to your tower before you close entries. :-/
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  • i like the  butterfly hair clip and the beads!
    plus i
    love the chicken shaped brick:)
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  • Butterfly Clip 1, Butterfly clip 4, or the scion of purple cubimal Osprey' Interactive Glitch Museum
    Your sixth floor, perhaps
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  • The raffle is closed!

    Thank you all for participating - I look forward to visiting some new towers, and I'll try to see if I can implement some of the suggestions made for my own tower (sadly, time is short, and there are now more new things to do...).

    Now I need to sort through the responses and send out some goodies.  Most people should be happy, but there seems to be a lot of people who want butterfly clip items - I'll have to work through that somehow.

    Thanks again, and happy Glitching!!
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  • YAY!!!!
    Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much!

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