A Compilation of Achievement Text - All or Pastebin if survey appears

I grabbed these mostly from the Google cache, since the achievement pages disappeared. I dunno if the staff will release this text, so here's most of it, along with silly notes by me about them.

Does not include most of the feat or beta achievements, because I never had access to the first beta, and the street projects were discontinued before anyone could get all of them 
edit: Now the projects section is only missing Up 'N' Comer.
edit2: The rest have been sent by Jade! Hooray!

Special thanks to Ayasta for giving me the Z class text, since I couldn't find it, and of course to all the Glitchen who strived for achievements so the text was retrievable. Also, thanks to TomC for the street project text and Jade for the rest of the text that was missing.

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  • Awesome!!! Do you have a list of ones you're missing? The Beta Achievements and other Hidden Achievements unfortunately did not have those achievement pages even before they disappeared.
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  • I have always been appreciative of how clever the achievement text is--thank you so much for compiling this, Scarf!
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  • I copied these from Splash Screen's badge page. Didn't get any others in time unfortunately.

    Deeply Concerned Citizen
    This marks the 253rd Project you've helped with. We struggled with what to name this badge. Hard Worker? Control Freak? We settled on Deeply Concerned Citizen.

    Elbow Grease Monkey
    You're never afraid to roll up your sleeves and show us just how greasy your elbows can get. Elbow Grease Monkey seemed like an appropriate honorific.

    Head Honcho
    When you've been a top contributor on 503 project phases, they should call you the Head Honcho. Which they will. Because now you are.

    Whoa. You've been a top 5 contributor on, what, 79 phases of a project now? You're like a hooch-aholic, but for work! We hereby dub you a Workaholist.
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  • Ah! That's almost all the ones for the projects. Up 'n' Comer is the only one left. Thanks.

    For the record, I'm missing:

    Super-Duper World Trouper

    Qualified Artifactologist - someone had this, but I didn't find out who.
    Epic Poet
    Epic Urian
    Covered in Epic Win
    Feater of Glory
    Featist of Renown
    Famous Featologist
    Order of the Seventh Seal

    Up 'n' Comer

    Shiny Happy Beta Angel
    Archangel of Beta
    Archistratege of Beta
    Hypersupermagic Clareangel - the special achievement for clare, so its specialness rating is Extreme.
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  • Oh no, I didn't save the one for Up 'n' Comer argh...
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  • The Super-Duper World Trouper badge doesn't exist, but I sent TomC all the other info.
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  • Hooray! Thank you very much, Jade! 
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