TP Scripts to Old Housing Quarters Available!

(IMPORTANT NOTE: These scripts don't work, and are for collection purposes ONLY. As Miss Portinari points out below, if you try to use one, you will get some img and the script will WILL NOT be teleported to that location. Hope that's clear! :)

Hi all! Many of you may remember the switch from the old-housing to the new...indeed, some of you are hard-pressed to forget. During that time, PIG members worked round-the-clock to remove as many critters from the housing quarters as possible before they went kaput, in an event we've come to think of as the Great Housing Quarter Rescue.

The outpouring of support from the community was overwhelming; SO many of you donated resources such as youth potions and TP scripts to help us in our efforts. Without these scripts, rescuers would not have been able to enter the quarters, so your donations were invaluable. And thanks to your support, the rescue was a huge success...we rescued ALL the surviving piggies, along with handfuls of butterflies and chickens, from every quarter we had a script for. Some of the rescues were adopted out to loving homes, and the majority was released into the larger Ur area to roam free once more.

Afterwards, I made copies of all the scripts and stored them for the day when group-owned areas would become available; the plan was to then auction them off to the community and use the funds to purchase building materials for our PIG critter sanctuary. Sadly, that day is not to be. So what to do with all these hundreds of scripts? Well, give them back to the community, of course!

So I've pulled 'em out of storage and littered my alt Hecate's street with them. You can get to her street here:

The scripts are sorted in piles according to location, each location having an average of 4-5 scripts. If you would like a piece of Glitch history, please come by and help yourself. Again, there are only a handful of scripts per location, and someone else might really appreciate a particular script, so only take what's meaningful to you. And please pick the flowers.

Here's an image of what the street looks like now...pretty awesome, I say:

For a complete list of quarters cleared by PIG, go here:
I have scripts to most, if not all of these quarters, and everything I have is on the street. (Again, they're on my alt Hecate's street, not mine...don't all come bum-rushing to my street cuz they're not there. They're on Hecate's street....HECATE.)

Thanks again to everyone for an incredible, amazing, epic journey, and special thanks to kevbob for his generous donations of potions and scripts. PIG loves kevbob, and PIG loves all of you, and the piggies love you the best.
*snuffly snout kisses through the tears*

Edit: IMPORTANT NOTE moved to top for emphasis and added to. All together now...say it with me...the scripts DON'T WORK. (But don't stop wishing, folks...don't EVER stop wishing. :)

ETA: It may seem a paradox to say on the one hand, "The scripts don't work, so don't bother trying," and on the other to say, "But don't ever stop wishing." The solution to this riddle is simply this: what you are trying for may or may not happen, but what you are wishing for always does, in one form or another. To put it another way...what your soul calls out for, the Universe responds.
Good things are to come, my darling folks, so just trust and go with the flow...catch ya on the flipside. ;)

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  • Ok, can you pick up a few and leave with my butler please? Probally can't get on glitch toniight.
    Posted 7 years ago by ghostcat Subscriber! | Permalink
  • ghostcat - I'll leave you a couple.  I've got a bunch :)

    Also - if you try to use them, you get 100iMG but the script disappears.  Just in case anyone was wondering...
    Posted 7 years ago by Miss Portinari Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Very cool KitchWitch and I'm gonna head over soon. I don't have any pics of my old place so I appreciate it.
    Posted 7 years ago by Sir Mixalatte Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Sorry to report that they didn't work, at least for me and another glitch. It said trying to port to a place that no longer exists...I told him to keep trying cause it does so exist!!
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  • Hi Sir M, thanks for posting! Folks, if you read the post by Miss P above as well as the IMPORTANT NOTE in my original post, you will see that it has been mentioned previously that the scripts DO NOT WORK. No matter how hard you try or how much you wish it to be otherwise, the scripts will NOT take you to the old housing quarters, sad to say. (Doesn't mean you can't keep wishing, just don't waste scripts trying. ;) I've since moved the IMPORTANT NOTE to the top so that it's more visible for everyone. )

    The exceptions to this rule are the scripts for the Large Model Home and Medium Model Home. These scripts do work, and can be duplicated. The other scripts sadly CANNOT be duplicated, so please, don't waste them, thanks! Save them for folks who want a memento to screen-cap or whatever. :)
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  • I got one!  thanks!
    Posted 7 years ago by Cat A. Tonic Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I still have a couple hundred scripts to various housing blocks... if anyone wants some, find me in game or mail me :)
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