Official Anouncement---- Feast for the End of Glitch

Do you want to celebrate Glitch? Do you want to award the developers for all of the hard work the have done? Please come to my home street. Please bring food, drink, and furniture. The feast goes through my house(friends and devs only),my street, and at last, my tower.

Bring friends, people you know, and most of all YOU!! A contest to see who brought the most grain will go on. (All grain procedes will go to my grain throne). Whoever brings the most grain will either win one of the following(two runner-ups): 3rd place--- 10,000 currants. Secend place--- three beads or top of wooden apple. First place is--- 30,000 currants, a stoot doll, and what the thing the secend place person didn't pick.

Post how much grain you have at the time and I'll keep track of all entry's. Entry's can be posted here. Please do eenter this contest, if your not online when you win, your stuff will be in your butlers hands. Have fun and happy getting grain!!

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