Do you remember the trash compactor scene in Star Wars?  Let's reenact it! Pick a street with your friends and dump ALL the stuff you have all over the street. Make it a glitchy New Years eve confetti of stuff dump! All your old tools, all the things you will no longer be able to use.  Dump everything! Then we can run through the world and see piles and piles of stuff all over the place! MOOHAHHAHAHAHA   LET GO of all your stuff. LET GO of Glitch. Show your love with reckless abandon and creativity! This is by no means limited to tools. Dump fruit, dump drinks, dump sno cones, cubimals, anything you want, any theme you want.  The Party Begins on the Final Day, Tomorrow!  GIVE EVERYTHING BACK to GLITCH! 

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  • Great I will be there!  But maybe we should pick a starting place and go from there.  I say we start in the Groddle Forest Junction if so!
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  • +1
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  • I will be doing this all day tomorrow. *Hugs* Thanks for suggesting: The Final Dump(down) cue The final countdown.

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  • Am I the only person who doesn't like all the litter all of a sudden? I'm still trying to take snaps, not the download kind but the regular kind where all the clutter shows up.
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  • I'll be on Groddle Forest Junction.
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  • I was considering doing this!!!!
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  • Sorry, but I don't like this - any final snaps are going to look messy and it does add to lag for a lot of people.
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  • I started dumping last week beginning with emblems. I tried to dump things people might need to finish a quest. Now I am down to basically fruit and meat. :)  Most of the time I put the things in trees.
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  • bleh.  why do we have to trash UR on the way out?   Anyway, I plan to keep all of my things - just in case - you never know.
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