A Call to Arms - Glitch Archival

I've seen a lot of threads on the forum concerning capturing and archiving various art, quests, music, and other game assets -  which is fantastic! It's great seeing so many Glitches working hard to preserve a game that they love. For the betterment of the Glitch community, I'm proposing a concentrated, unified effort to get all of this archived work onto one site, namely the Glitch wiki. 

The link to the Glitch wiki may be found below:

Please post below things that you would like to see archived - or help pitch in!

Since a lot of the pages on the Glitch site will be up for awhile after the game closes, the focus (for now) would be on in-game information and assets (so don't worry about thing already in the Encyclopedia and Downloads pages!).

For those of you with little time, or no wish to edit the wiki, fear not!
I've put up a Good Drive folder to be used for all relevant information that may not yet fit on the wiki:
Any text you want preserved can be posted here as well.
Feel free to post anything you like.

I'll be updating this thread hourly while I'm available! Thanks for the support.
Please feel free to make any suggestions, and link to any other archiving that you've found!

Archives in progress:
Project to Save Full Size Images / Snaps for Every Location in Glitch (Information and List Inside)
Looking to save the stories of Glitch as told from the creatures, rocks and trees... UPDATE!
A Compilation of Achievement Text - All

To be added to the wiki:
Official Missing Pages listed on the wiki
Audio capture of Musicblocks BB-1, BB-2, BB-3, BB-4, BB-5
Complete listings of Feats
Forehorseman (does not yet exist - official page here)

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  • Working on it! The spirit of Glitch shall never be forgotten...
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