Kingdom of Loathing?

Anyone play Kingdom of Loathing/thinking about playing it post-Glitch? It's at and you can read more about it here: I used to play KoL back in 2006-2007, and I'm going back to it now that Glitch is no more. :( (I had to give it up because it was interfering with my schoolwork, actually. Which Glitch would have, too, if I had been in school now.) Does anyone else play?

One of the things that made me really interested in Glitch when I first discovered it (other than the amazing artwork and music) is the humor of it. KoL is a bit more snarky sometimes, but they have that kooky, punny, fun humor in common. The Glitch trees seem like they would fit in perfectly there, too. KoL has a lot of variety, which I appreciate. There's a lot of ways you can play the game, just like Glitch.

It has a vibrant community, with an active forum and its own online radio station. I made a note in my profile about Glitch. I had to start over with a new account, so I'm still at a low level right now. It's like being a newb all over again and things are only coming back to me, so I'm not sure how to connect in game. But still, it would be cool to know a few ex-Glitchen Adventurers.

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  • Agreed.  I'm there.  There's also a thread on KoL here:
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  • I used to play it a lot back then too. Will have to check it out again.

    Niuta the Turtle Tamer.
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  • I'm mcscylla :)
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  • I'm Snygyst
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  • eflask
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  • JJuggler
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  • aliquot

    ...but after the first 5 minutes I'm not sure I'm going to continue.
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  • Pollen
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  • I'll be there under the name Qu1nn. Anyone is free to contact me there if they want.
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  • P4UL over there too.
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  • I play KoL! I'm Sarcasticah over there. I'm not on a lot, but I suspect I'll be spending a bit more time there now.
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  • I started playing KoL to fill the void in my life left by Game Neverending, and stopped when Glitch turned up.  It was like it had served its purpose in my life, I said.  So it's fitting and comforting to pick it back up again, even if a lot has changed in almost three years!  

    Please add katlazam as a contact and pester me with messages and IMs*.  I am a much more social gamer than I was six years ago, and would love to chat and send you random goodies and reminisce about Ur.  <3

    * ETA: I won't know you've added me unless you get in touch so please do send me a hello if you look me up!
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  • My name over there is Hermitess. I'm happy to help or chat with anyone.
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  • I play, in game name Grenmark, send me a message and I'd be happy to help out any way I can. I'm sure I can scrounge up a care package or answer questions for any interested Glitchens making the transition.
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  • I highly recommend Kingdom of Loathing as well! 

    I like KoL, but it's nowhere near Glitch. And I got to a point where the game is so challenging that I cannot play with out the KoL wiki to help me. 

    PS: I am Samerinaa in the game. 
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  • We have a bunch of Glitches in the Farewell Transmission clan now.  Look for norsegodofmischief and send me a Kmail (in-game message) with your Glitch name and a request to be whitelisted to the clan.  A whitelist means you can apply to the clan and be accepted automatically as either a visitor or a member.  
    Many KoL players have friends in other clans, and being whitelisted to your own clan and to friends' clans means you can go visiting those friends in other clans and still return to your own without a problem.  
    I've whitelisted as many Glitches as I've found on the Glitch forums, and we're doing our best to help new KoLers get a good start. There's a lot of KoL oldtimers who watch for newcomers and love to send them surprise packages.  And my clan is trying to catch up on sending out welcome gift packs to everyone who joined and needs help with the early quests.
    Please please please please get into the clan chat, whatever clan you join.  If you don't know how to do that, send a Kmail to your clan leader (that would be me in Farewell Transmission)  and ask.   Much as I and my clanmates would love to help our newer members, we can't if you don't talk with us and let us know where you're struggling, what is puzzling you, what you might need.  The early bits can be frustrating to get through if you don't have caring, sharing, helpful clanmates easing your way and showing you around.
    The KoL Wiki is the most amazingly complete game guide anywhere!  And it is your best friend - every single item, every single adventure, every single quest is in there. Just enter the name of the item, adventure or quest in the search box, and the Wiki explains all, in baby steps!  Awright, call them spoilers if you will. *huggles her spoiler Wiki*
    For example, type in Quests and get this:
    And when the Council of Loathing gives you the Typical Tavern Quest, you just go to the Wiki and either go to the Quests page and click on the link to the Typical Tavern Quest or type "Typical Tavern Quest" in the search box to get this:
    And every blue text on the page is a link to an explanatory page.  For example, notice the Reward is 3 flagons of Typical Tavern Swill.  Clicking on the blue "flagons of Typical Tavern Swill" brings up this page:
    It takes time, but eventually you'll reach 200 turns a day through clan furnishings, outfit pieces, consuming food and drink.  A lot of players use a script called Mafia to help them with KoL play. I use GreaseMonkey scripts since I use FireFox for KoL play, but Farnsworthy's Basement is tough enough that I did use Mafia for that.  
    Older players everywhere in KoL love to help newcomers. The same civil courteous fun funny teasing impish behaviour that you enjoy on Glitch is also on KoL.  The game isn't to everyone's tastes, but it's been around for 10 years now.  (cough, cough)
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  • Ok folks, you've convinced me...I will definitely check out kol.  I missing not just Glitch but the company of fellow glitchen.  I'll pass this onto friends as well.
    Thanks for the post
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  • yup joined yesterday morning - and just to keep it easy my name is Arietty Glitch
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  • yep - joined up - Cygne Tueuse.

    I was quite skeptical but the buzz on the forums here convinced me. Glitch has left a void, but KOL is fun.
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  • Great googly moogly, how I love KOL.  My name is Kid Ichorous there, and I've been playing off and on for eight years now.  Lately more off than on, but I always try to come back for Crimbo, KOL's holiday season. 

    The art styles are, shall we say, not nearly comparable.  But KOL's stick figures pack a lot of wonderful personality into their simple designs -- and the writing is where the real action is. While you won't get to see such great views as in Glitch, and while you don't directly collaborate with other players save through chat and clan activities, you also never have to worry about having a computer that can't run the game.  My parents, Alph bless 'em, kept AOL dialup and a 56k connection until 2010, but I could still play KOL there.  

    But there's a very similar streak of humor that pervades the entire game. As in Glitch, you'll find strange items, creatures, and places that will make sense to nobody in all the world except your fellow players - fighting Sabre-Toothed Limes and Mafia Penguins, eating Hell Ramen and lihc eye pie, meatsmithing items together using meatpaste, scaling Mt. McLargeHuge, and tending to familiars like Gravy Fairies and Hovering Sombreros. And you can play as intensely or as casually as you want, seeking out the challenge level that you like best. 

    I'd be glad to help out any new Glitchen refugees, whether with spare items or with hints revealed via the traditional haiku.  :D
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  • Ok, never tried this game but just signed up.. I am Sitheil.
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  • rosamuunde
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  • I'm so glad that there are so many Glitchens that play KoL. I started playing in 2005 and after a few years started to get bored. Now that Glitch is done, I've started to get more interested in KoL again and look forward to exploring all the new things on it. My character name is Tat_Gun_Princess and I recently joined Talaria's Farewell Transmission clan. I'd love to help out new players in any way I can, so look for me and add me to your contacts :) Just send me a message and let me know who you are on Glitch lol. 
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  • Synnia - feel free to send me a kmail/friend me/message me.  I have been playing 8 years and am more than willing to help anyone out!
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  • I just started a character there - I am ili, the Disco Bandit.
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  • Been playing for a few weeks now, I'm PapaLegba on there (and everywhere). 
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  • I played a few years ago and have restarted as Grizelda Glitch. I'm a disco bandit. lol.
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  • Haven't been active there for almost a year methinks.
    I probably have to catch up the Hardcore Boozetafarian ranks again.

    Name there is also Quarkinator.
    Looking for a new clan apparently since I got booted for inactivity.
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  • I'm really confused over this game. Help? I'm SeerQueen there too.
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  • I'm YetiSpaghetti on there (a pastamancer, obviously). Haven't played for very long, but I do enjoy the writing and humor style. Definitely reminds me of Glitch.
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  • I signed up: blogkitten. >^.^<
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  • I am Reisball there as well.
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  • Yay sent in my request :D :D
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  • I signed up for an account and just finished the tutorial. I'm Cathyvil Purpple over there. This looks like something I could really enjoy. Once I figure out more what I'm doing I'd love to add everyone!
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  • I'm jackiekitten over there.  Add me and I'll give you buffs =D
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  • I'm Hburger on there, will give KoL a proper go during the weekend!
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  • Looks like KoL is not for me. No cute, darling outfits to dress up your character in. That is one of the most appealing things about Glitch to me.
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  • I'm signed do you message/IM a specific person? I've unlocked chat, but don't really understand...I'm Pickle Bob by the way ;)
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  • Pickle Bob, go to Messages in the top menu bar. Then you can choose to send a message to someone.
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  • Ann DramaDuh, you just haven't found the cute outfits yet.  There are a variety of outfits, just not quite like Glitch. You can also buy yourself a custom avatar in the Mr. Store. It's just like getting a subscriber outfit!
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  • Osiris X is me there
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  • To IM a specific person in KoL type /w nameofpersonhere + message...and to IM someone with a space between their name use the underscore.

    For example I wanted to IM Lord Noodleslap the other day so I opened chat and typed: /w Lord_Noodleslap hi, and it opened a new tab.

    The other option is k-mail which is just an email option on the site. And Pointy Sticks told you how to do that :).
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  • Thanks!
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  • @Almi Jay ... Thanks for the info! I'll check it out!
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  • I'm jazzed there's so many Glitchen there.  :)  I forgot to mention I'm Aughadan in KoL, too.  And I think I managed to add everyone else who mentioned their name to my contact list.
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  • KoL is a wonderful game. I've played on and off for years and find it always offers me a laugh or two. I got deleted once for not playing for a long stretch. So ever since, I remember to log in and play every two months so I won't get deleted again.  KoL has its charms. And, I agree Crimbo is a good time to play :D
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  • i just signed up! im shroomie
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  • I play as EileenAlphabet and marte :)
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  • @Kridla - They've disabled idle character purges now (unless Jick's turned them on recently).

    KoLMafia is pretty handy, though IMHO, takes a lot out of the game so you probably shouldn't use it as a newbie. Wait until you get to the point where you're thinking "Ah, this again. How I wish I could automate this..." and then use KoLMafia to do so.

    For what it's worth, I'm Thak the Flatulent there, but I'm not around a whole lot anymore.
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  • I'm MadLogician plus three alts, including Ambrosius who has made his new home in Farewell Transmission.
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