Kingdom of Loathing?

Anyone play Kingdom of Loathing/thinking about playing it post-Glitch? It's at and you can read more about it here: I used to play KoL back in 2006-2007, and I'm going back to it now that Glitch is no more. :( (I had to give it up because it was interfering with my schoolwork, actually. Which Glitch would have, too, if I had been in school now.) Does anyone else play?

One of the things that made me really interested in Glitch when I first discovered it (other than the amazing artwork and music) is the humor of it. KoL is a bit more snarky sometimes, but they have that kooky, punny, fun humor in common. The Glitch trees seem like they would fit in perfectly there, too. KoL has a lot of variety, which I appreciate. There's a lot of ways you can play the game, just like Glitch.

It has a vibrant community, with an active forum and its own online radio station. I made a note in my profile about Glitch. I had to start over with a new account, so I'm still at a low level right now. It's like being a newb all over again and things are only coming back to me, so I'm not sure how to connect in game. But still, it would be cool to know a few ex-Glitchen Adventurers.

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  • I just started and I love the humour and the fact that there's lots to do!
    Name - Zirani
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  • I'm signed up. Enjoying myself so far. I'm Kikiyan (#2376908) on their.
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  • @TrentSkunk: They don't delete anymore? Really!!!? That's a big relief! Thank you for telling me. My first character was a level 16 and it was soooo upsetting to see her deleted. Perhaps I'll visit KoL more often. :)
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  • I have just signed up! My name is once again Misty Power and I am a Disco Bandit. I just have one question though, how do you get more adventures? Oh and also is there a Glitch clan somewhere?
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  • I'm Akane Tuna there as well.
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  • NightDraconis over there :D
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  • I am The Mighty Dino over yonder in KoL-land, I did apply for the Farwell Transmission clan.
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  • I just applied to the Farewell Transmission clan.
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  • I created a new character named Kridla Glitchen on KoL. It has changed a lot since I last logged on!!

    Edit: I'm a lowly level 2 so I can't join any clan till I level up. This time around I'm a Disco Bandit :D
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  • I started a new character: Squiggle Squee, and joined the clan.
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  • Hey, everyone!  Delighted to see so many Glitches on KoL.  Jick, one of the two founders of Kingdom of Loathing, played Glitch too as (what else) Jick.
    This is a little synopsis of the origins of the game:
    There's a big pile of Glitches who either used to play KoL and are getting back into the game or have always played KoL (which was founded about 10 years ago) and played Glitch as well. They're scattered across various clans, but I've copied the Glitch/KoL names posted throughout the various Glitch forums wherever I've seen them and am trying to keep a running list in a thread on my clan's Message Board, so if you want to know if a friend here is on KoL or what their KoL name is so you can locate them and their clan, just ask as the info might be on that list.
    My clan, Farewell Transmission, now has about 100+ Glitches gathered together for warmth and comfort as we mourn the loss of our much-loved Glitch.  We were founded over 3 years ago when a much-loved game folded and, like Glitches, many of that game's players were searching for a new game we could enjoy together.
    The thing with KoL is that you really do need to become active in clan chat.  The new KoLers who've joined my clan and gotten active in clan chat are progressing well and growing in their enjoyment of the game and their fellow clanmates. Varaeth (Ayakii on KoL) and Little Miss Giggles (Hermitess on KoL) are our Welcome Committee and send out a gift pack plus basic helpful links to new clanmates who are new to KoL, and we have a special Glitch section in the Message Board with helpful info and guides.  
    There are other experienced KoLers in other clans that would be happy to take in Glitch refugees and help you grow and fall in love with...well, at least have a blast playing...Kingdom of Loathing.
    norsegodofmischief on Kingdom of Loathing
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  • Been playing for a few days and I'm still at level 2 in KOL. I registered under my Gltich character as "rico suavisimo". See you there and have fun!
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  • I'm Arckanghel over there, but haven't played much at all recently.
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  • Checking it out tonight - I'm Kshandra there, as well.
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  • Starting to play KoL too. I'm DOOMy Nutpuncher there. Waiting on an approval to join Final Transmission!
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  • I'm not currently active there, but my account is Hburger :)
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  • I have gone to check it out.  I applied to join Final Transmission...I am still BerlinBear.
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  • An adventurer is me! You'll find me in Farewell Transmission.
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  • Awesome LP, let's all get drunk on crappy booze!
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  • I have been playing KoL for a while now. My character's name is Ramina.
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  • I'm also on KoL, have been for about 7 years (though my first account got deleted when I missed playing for 62 days - sigh). I'm Shailer2 over there. :)
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  • I'm Sir Lion of Ur on KoL
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