I hereby vow....

....that if by some chance, I become rich and successful, I will contact Stewart Butterfield, to try to make a game with him. A game of milky butterflies. A game of bubbly trees. A game of imagination. A game called Glitch.

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  • I will win the lottery. And do this.
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  • Good luck and fortune to you both! May you be successfull! Let me know, please...
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  • Good luck to all who share my plans.
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  • You have to win the lottery, okay?
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  • me too!
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  • If I ever win the lottery, I will invest in this!
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  • No... if your ever rich and successful... do this twice 
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  • Make it so!
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  • Hurry!
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  • same :)
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  • sometimes I wonder what a better game than Glitch would be like.  I can't come up with anything.  So I agree.  What could make it successful?  I did notice that ALL children want to play Glitch.  What if there was a G rated version to make the money needed to fuel the less G rated version? Food for thought when that lottery $ comes in.
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  • We have to do this.  Hell, I'd volunteer the money I have now, never mind if I became a millionaire.
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  • I am serious about kids -- I am around a large group of 10 to 13 year old boys and they would consistently rather play Glitch than the violent smash and kill games they are all obsessed with.  I found that fascinating.  The moms did not let them play without us, it was against the rules for them to play at all, but we did sit with them and let them play occasionally because of how interesting it was to see them race to abandon the violent games.  
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  • @Andrasia

    Sounds about right.
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  • it is funny how glitch had PG content that a G-7 wouldn't understand and thus would ignore.... so except for the  A-holes that would F-bomb, any child could play
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  • A big part of why this place was welcoming...was because it was mostly adults. And yes there are some immature adults, and those that go over the top with talk of sex, drugs, etc, as well as teens that werent a problem... But if the restriction had not of been there this place would of been overrun with 12 yr olds. Any game that i have ever taken a part in that ended up ignoring conduct and thier ToS....end up being an aggressive nightmare, and once that happens the original playerbase vacates. Luckily there was ways of combating jerks here, the block feature did help combat it...and it was really good at it as well.  Getting ignored works....ecspecially since we couldnt even see thier speech. Age never worried me as much as having assholes general the % of assholes goes up when the age goes down. If you were talking a completely seprate theory thats practice its not. As soon as it became known there were two seprate sites.....the kids would come here instead of there. Since the kids site would not have all the content and tighter restrictions...logic dictates ...what am i missing?
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  • Lyrical - all I know is that it would be good to somehow leverage the interest I see from that age group to raise money.  They spend a lot of money on gaming.  Also, the kids of that age who are jerks do not care about terms of service.  They lie about their age and do what they want.  I know so many kids who were on Facebook by age 10 but mine had to wait until they were 13 as it is supposed to be.  Kids have no problem fabricating an age in order to play a game.  The kids who knew about Glitch and wanted to play it lied about their age and played, I'm sure.  I wonder if one of the causes of Glitch failing was marketing - there weren't a bunch of snot nosed 12 year olds playing and there weren't enough appropriately aged people, either, I guess.  I don't know how to solve it.  Just brain storming.  The kid money might help.  But, ya know, it's too late now so none of this matters.
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  • A kid version where Global Chat is disabled? Then they could only bother people in Local or groups (which they can be booted from easily). Of course, that's only if one of you wins the lottery. A big one.

    And, come to think of it, that's how Neopets worked for under-13s (forums were not available), and most of us just pretended to be over 13......

    Let's not act like kids are more of assholes than adults, though, shall we? They might be ruder from lack of experience, but no kid is gonna be able to truly hurt my feelings, and lots of adults on the internet have, and I know most of us on forums have been upset by something someone has said, whether it was a small or large upset.
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  • You could also code what is said by the various things in Glitch to be age based.
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  • Like a word filter could maybe be placed for certain ages? You can't stop kids from lying about their ages (heck I remember saying I was 18 once when I made a neopets account when I was like eight) but it'd still be a good idea.
    Like you could change the famous F Bomb to Frick (or Gently Caress for added humor).
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  • Im not saying all kids are assholes...they games that ive been in, when a large majority of the playerbase was kids....the bigger % of trolls and assholes...however the same can be said when any particular group its 80% in the majority. Im just sick of seeing game communities suffer becasue of Trolls and not enforcing anything conduct wise. But the block feature did work wonders on Trolls/assholes they didnt stay. As for "appropriate aged" players....thats the thing...and that was part of the problem...Gltich didnt have a target audience...well didnt have one that was clearly defined at any rate. We came and stayed because we wanted something different...and in turn, some were from Casual games, some from Social Ones, some from RPG's, some from just about every genre really. And most ppl didnt stay from any particular group....this was a game for "non"gamers...or at least those looking for alternative that context it does make it hard to effectively advertise. If the game does come back sometime....many things were fine, but some things werent, we needed new games, new party spaces, rotate what was available at vendors, new quests, new acheivements(needed a meter), we needed more ways to use img. more lvl's, more designs, short we really did need more content added regularly. And we needed an incentive to buy subs.What worked was humor, art, music,how we used img to add things to our home street, expanding, and decorating houses, upgrade cards, img system, what was blocked from being emptied or moved from home streets, achievements, routes, Feats,Open API, it promoted creativity,and the bonuses for cooperative play. Im sure theres things ive missed...but......
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  • Lyrical, have you considered the idea that maybe "kid" environments you were in (air quotes used, because actual childrens websites do not, to my knowledge, have free-to-type areas but rather stock phrases you can send where chats are involved) were being targeted by adult trolls, because it is easier to get children/young teens to react, because they have less experience in knowing when to cease feeding the trolls?

    Lying about your age can go both ways, you know. Even if some troll says or implies they're a kid, that doesn't make it true.

    Kids can be bullies, for sure. But they usually pick on people they actually know, not internet strangers. And most of the trolls I've "met" are adults, or at least people old enough to be here on Glitch.
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  • The nature of a troll is they pick on, yell at, cuss at etc. just because they can...period....they dont have to know ppl most of the time there BS is pointless. And you can ignore it, doesn't mean you dont get sick of it all the same. And yes i realise ppl lie about thier age, and it goes both ways.  And i was referencing games that are for all ages but are supposed to be favorites of minors. 
    Maplestory, Runescape, Transformice, Gaia, Crystal Saga, Small Worlds amongst them. Mind you i have seen the same effect in a game that was primarily men, or mostly women, or any particular group that is vastly  in the majority.  If you havent hit the wall of GTFO attitude repeatedly id be very surprised.
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  • You've misunderstood me.

    You stated that kid-popular games had an excess of trolls. This implied that kids are more likely to be trolls, and was reinforced by making it clear that you do not think allowing children to play Glitch would be a good idea.

    I suggested that it was not the kids doing the trolling, because in my experience, both personal and impersonal, kids (not trolls, kids) were mostly likely to pick on people they knew well, rather than on complete strangers.
    Your response to this was "trolls don't pick on people they know", which was completely irrelevant (and also imo untrue, they pick people they know something about, otherwise they would have nothing to insult them with, they just don't know you in person)

    I have rarely hit a wall of GTFO actually. I've come across several individuals who were mean and rude and unpleasant, but never an entire site (and I've played most of the things you listed, Gaia for 8 years now actually) or even an entire thread.
    And, as I said, the trolls who are trying to cause personal pain, not just gain a reaction by posting something controversial, have all been adults or close enough to it. Kids who act like trolls, honestly, no it's not even annoying, because their methodology is so lacking that it doesn't even affect me (and I'm very sensitive)
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  • <3
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  • For what it is worth, the kids I observed play Glitch wanted to do so because they were attracted to the Game itself but also because the people playing were nice.  They very enthusiastically helped everyone they could and gave away their Glitch possession to anyone who needed them, even people they didn't know at all.  They were much more caring and generous than I was. When I talked to them about it, that is what they liked about the game.  It was a place where they could be nice. That was the attraction.  Interesting.
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  • I do agree that those here, any age that were here, that that was the prevailing mindset. To be nice, helpful etc. As for elsewhere, i find it more annoying not less if theres no context to the swearing, name calling, etc. Right now its more obvious to me because were just getting back to putting up with the assholes out there and we were spoiled from being here. 
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