What will you miss most?


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  • Dirty IMs from Brugu.  He cant spell but its the thought that counts.

    Also: my spot by the dumpster in the alley, behind 7-11.  And standing on the stump in Illmenske.  It was like my office.
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  • going places doing things - I will miss exploring new regions are rediscovering old regions
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  • The Magic Rock and Pierrot, my botler!
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  • Exploring Ur and discovering new things. And the music. And the terrible, terrible puns.
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  • The humor - the first thing I fell in love with here.
    And the people. <3
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  • New areas, new discoveries, and petting the helikitties.
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  • standing on the edge of the cliff when I had finished the Pilgrimage of Esquibeth.... that is where I stood at the end
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  • difficult to define...I remember when it opened to new players last year and my guy insisted I would like it.  "No, I hate shooting and calling it a game", I'd say.  "No, it isn't shooting at all, trust me!!"  Then, I watched on the big screen as he ground spice and the game froze mid-grind--oh, how odd, I was so fascinated!!  "Are you going to lose that spice or will it be there when you reload?"  He didn't know.  That grinder animation just kept grinding and grinding.  Then, I watched as he turned cherries into apples, "You made 40 apples!!"  I was amazed and wanted to make my own apples.  Seriously.  I guess it is easiest to say that I love the whole thing and will miss all of it.  I remember he had to tell me how to get salt...sigh, those were the good ol' days.
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  • You.
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  • The music. I've got a serious jones for the Nottis and Jal/Samudra music, neither of which are on the downloads page. It's gonna be a long wait for the soundtrack album to ship....
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  • Group mining in AB. Sigh.
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  • EVERYTHING about Glitch. Even the annoying crashing and Glitchs(no pun intended)
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  • Tii.
    No, just kidding.
    Everything, doh! :)
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  • Having something relaxing to play while practicing Japanese and listening to audiobooks. Also, the people and the humor (especially all of the lame puns and jokes and random silliness in Global chat  ;)  ).
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  • Everything about Glitch , there is nothing like it was truly one of a kind ......  
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  • This is silly, but one thing I'll really miss is meditating. Glitch was such a relaxing game and in-game meditation honestly did calm me down! The last thing I did as the game was ending was complete my transcendental radiation quest...

    (Corixis, Glitch helped me relax while I was studying Japanese too!)
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  • I miss YOU
    andI seem to be missing my piggies, my garden plots, and my buntybot
    I also miss the vistas of UR
    but luckily i have downloaded my snaps and they are pretty complete

    If you click through them really fast, they give a slight illusion of movement...
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  • What would I miss most... Well, the everything really. No, actually, not as much of the everything as just simply the concept of having this crazy whimsical game (that sometimes does and sometimes doesn't take itself seriously) which challenges the relatability between the things in world and the things IRL. It's just the over reaching idea that I'm going to miss, because truthfully, this idea lead to the creation of this spectacularly beautiful world filled with things to make the game interesting and unique while keeping a 'uniqueness is awesome'-feel. And really, it has been an honor and a privilege to see it first hand, I'm going to miss this game.
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  • My butler and the triple jumps.
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  • Squeezing my chickens!  >.<
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  • the way *elf*'s mind works
    the beautiful vistas of Ur
    my piggies
    my butler
    making things  -even with my craftybot
    giving people things, hiding things around Ur
    my stoot doll and my new (just this week) fireplace. it was so cozy sitting (er...standing) by the fire listening to Stoot's wisdom
    the things I didn't finish, the secret places I didn't go to, the badges I didn't get, the new recipes I didnt have time to try, and the last two @##% cubimals from each series.
    the humor, the whimsy, the silliness, and the kindness that was Ur
    oh, and did I mention jumping?
    and Goodnight Groddle

    i think that stoot and the devs and the glitchen must all be members of the same karass. 
    and if you dont know what a karass is, I suggest you read Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. 
    and if you like it, read everything else he wrote.  or, if not, try Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett.  and if you have already read them, do it again. it will keep you busy when your fingers get itchy and you need to hit that space bar to go jumping through Ur.
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  • Everything. (Except maybe not the Rube. He let me down too  many times!) I loved every unexpected, fantastical awesome thing!

    I'm still having withdrawal symptoms - My job is stressful, and Glitch took me away from my thoughts and let me frolic and enjoy engaging in nonsense! I will be sad and miss it for a long, long time.
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  • One word;
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  • Everything is so lovable.
    I guess I choose everything.
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  • Playing my conch and bouncing around to it.
    The little "wohoo" sound at the triple jump.
    Balzare forest.
    Leaving silly notes in silly places.
    The wardrobe and dressing up.
    Taking snapshots.
    The ticket mini-games, especially the flying / bouncing / music playing ones. (I really wish there was a way to at least keep the mini-games...)
    Saying hi to everyone, and not feeling shy about it.
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