Even if it's not possible

We know that there's way more to this game than meets the eye, that there's a lot more to handle than one could imagine.

But this community is loyal and very dedicated to the game, I haven't seen any community like this before, to have such passion, such love for this game.

I'd bet that even if it isn't possible to reverse engineer the source code and assets and very guts of the game, that this community would find a way to do so. Maybe not to the glory that this game once was, but to the degree of at least having an environment where we could still chat and talk to each other as long as there were people.

This game should be open sourced regardless of how complicated, convoluted, and complex the inner workings may be-because this community will not quit until they get to see this game go on even after TinySpeck has moved on. Because that's what this community has done time and time again: Made the impossible, possible.

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  • No. 
    Posted 7 years ago by Rook Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Agreed with Rook, sorry. As much as I'd love to see the game go on (and trust me, i'm really heartbroken about the closure), I don't want to remember Glitch as anything less than a magnificent, magical game. There's no point in forcing it. We can continue running the game, then what? There'll be no scenic new areas without Kukubee or the music to accompany it without Danny. Sure the community can design and compose but it won't be Glitch anymore. We can last on existing areas and people will still play, but they won't stay forever. Then rather than having a beautiful memory of the game, players will get bored over time and just drop the game. 
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