Good news, everyone!

A company called Missing Worlds Media, made to recreate closed games, is willing to help make a new Glitch! They need approval from Tiny Speck and appear to be trying to keep the spirit of Glitch!

So Glitch may not be over, just entering a new era!

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    Posted 7 years ago by crème Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I would not joke about such a thing.
    Posted 7 years ago by Seeen Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Not seeing much of anything being discussed anywhere else about this and I've been hitting google pretty hard. 

    If you're joking "I will find you, and when I find you I will...." well what I do with that cubimal can't be discussed. :p lol
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  • If TS was unable to make it work I don't see why anyone else could.    If it was resurrected I suspect we would all have to go through the disappointment all over again in a few months.
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  • Oh please please be true
    Posted 7 years ago by serian Subscriber! | Permalink
  • :O
    Posted 7 years ago by Lila Clemenceau Subscriber! | Permalink
  • ORLY?  *suspicious look*
    Posted 7 years ago by Hollyhawk Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Interesting. Here's what I found regarding what Ace said.,6284.0.html (Linked from the above post)

    I have no opinions one way or the other for now, I reserve my judgement for later (meaning I will believe it, IF and when it happens.) 
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  • Look familiar? -
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  • hmmmmmmm........ I agree with Creme, although it would be awesome if it were actually happening 
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  • I've been saying forever that I'd be perfectly happy to have a Glitch-like room in IMVU.    I hate the avatars in IMVU and don't care too much for the 3d.   I never was able to keep up with other players in Glitch races or even walks because my laptop was too slow.  At the same time I was forever missing chat messages because I was buys making things.   Of course I'll miss Ur and all its beauty but IMVU is profitable.   If this is boring here is some more ranting about it.
    I need to find the original blog post where I learned about it.
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  • Here it is:
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  • That would be a miracle!
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  • "Good news" or vague news?

    @Ace said: "A company called Missing Worlds Media, made to recreate closed games, is willing to help make a new Glitch!"

    Willing perhaps, but I think you are reading a little too much into their forum posts. They are sympathetic to our loss because they also lost a game they loved, but I am curious as to their track record in actually recreating closed games. Which games have they successfully resurrected in the past? I would love a chance to see those games in action.

    Do they have the vast resources that would be needed to re-open, maintain and expand Glitch?

    I'd love it if you were right, but they need much more than sympathy and the approval of TS to make this happen.
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  • I'd bet it can work, but I'd also bet things like a required subscription or constant in game purchases will come along with it.  
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  • I found it on the comments of a blog post in
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  • @cat face - i agree. i found them a couple of days ago and peeked around. at this point, my stance is to protect my little glitch heart from more disappointment than necessary. so i prescribe caution while waiting to see the outcome of their (and other parties) possible revival/restoration/development of glitch.

    turns and walks on, fingers crossed, whispering "i hope i hope i hope..."
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  • I am taking the stance that that would be incredible, but may not work out. I am learning to be ok with that.

    there is the possibility for failure, as with any game, but I'd be willing to risk it to romp around with fellow glitchen again, even if only for a few months. We seem willing to jump on any new TS project, so why is this any different?
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  • I agree with coolbettycakes and I'm not getting my hopes up.
    Posted 7 years ago by Hollyhawk Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Totally awesome. I can't wait to see what turns up.
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  • Hmm I will keep my ears open as well as my Google search engine.
    Posted 7 years ago by Holly Waterfall Subscriber! | Permalink
  • coolbettycakes can guard my heart anytime
    Posted 7 years ago by crème Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Just post if it ever happens.
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  • *crosses fingers and toes, whispers a prayer to all 11 giants*
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  • I couldn't live on a forum that ugly and unusable
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  • *adds to the giants prayer*
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  • no news here?
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  • I'm guessing TS couldn't keep Glitch alive mainly for two reasons.  Not enough income to support the staff required to maintain it, and the eventual resource hog it would become from millions of items in the game from hoarding, etc.  I'm not sure how you overcome the income, etc, but with respect to resources, you either cut back on what's allowed at once, or you need a better way to manage those resources, which Flash doesn't have.  Migrating the game to c++ (or Java maybe) would allow for better memory and resource management, but no 3rd party is anywhere as capable as the original designers/coders to pull that off.

    Until you find a new permanent home, all Glitchen are welcome to check out this thread and suggestion.
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  • I hope this happens!
    Posted 7 years ago by Keeda Subscriber! | Permalink
  • "Good news, everyone..." ?

    Am I the only one that expected the Professor to come walking in and give us our next suicidal delivery job?
    Posted 7 years ago by Chazerei Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Ack, necro-thread!!

    Chazerei: Since I played more WoW than watched Futurama, it made me flinch in expectation of ooze suddenly pouring from the walls.
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  • Thanks, Ace. (Seeen)
    Feeling much more hopeful.
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  • That would be life altering for thousands of Glitchens who have, to their misfortune, found absolutely NOTHING out here that even comes close......PLEASE BE TRUE!!!!  I have no doubt indeed that every single player would be MORE than happy to PAY to play, if it's OUR Glitch that shows up!!!!!!
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  • I found something on the's the website:

    Thing is, I see nothing about glitch..can someone help me look and investigate?
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  • You have found the web site. We ARE interested in helping out Glitch but the timing of it's closing has been bad. We are in the middle of trying to recover another game that closed just before Glitch and our plans are centering on that at the moment. But I AM a company officer and I can say with direct authority we will lend what support we can, but we need the people for it. We are currently made up of mostly volunteers and have started formal incorporation (articles filed Friday and DBA and EIN already established). If you look at one of the avatars for one of our other officers out of the forums he's using Friendly. Does that give you a clue how we feel? 

    We just started setup. Our track record? None. Why? We did not start formal filings as business until earlier this December. Dec. 1 to be exact. That's also when the domain name was created.

    Right now I'm trying to continue contact with other Glitchen via Facebook. 

    Who am I with MWM? I'm the guy doing all the legal filings. I'm the guy behind the domain name registration. I'm the guy behind the forum and wiki setup (I'm the main forum moderator as well). 
    I'm the User Interface lead, Chief Organizational Officer, Map team second lead, one of the few 3D artists, and the guy who wrote most of the contributor license. 
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  • well i hope you can help, because Glitch is a very dear game to most of us, and is close to our hearts.
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  • TO: Fokian Fool, As a former Glitchen, I can assure you that if you and your company do this right, you will have tens of thousands of Glitchen flocking to and summarily knocking down your doors to get back in!!!!!!  Personally, I can't wait, and hope that you are sincere....onw waiting to knock.........cadlackjack
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  • This sounds too good to be true!  But I'm hopeful.  I started paying for Glitch way back in first Beta because I wanted to support the company and do what I could to make sure Glitch survived.  I would gladly pay real money to play Glitch again -- even a much smaller Glitch.  I had a Moly account for myself and gifted Copper accounts to several other glitchen.

    I would be willing to start all over again. A smaller Glitch with the old housing and no furniture making (and therefore no foxes or sloths and their attendant areas) would be perfectly acceptable.  Heck  Groddle, Uralia and Ix would be acceptable.
    Posted 7 years ago by Marla Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I would also be glad to see this happen, and would love to hear how and if it progresses. 
    Posted 7 years ago by Leithwyn Subscriber! | Permalink
  • +1 Marla

    A very scaled back Glitch would be infinitely better than no Glitch. 

    And I think a great idea would be that there would be no free to play but every paid account would come with an extra account that could be given away. I would be happy to sponsor another player who might be geographically or financially unable to subscribe. A forum might be a good way for hopeful players to find sponsors. I think that would be so personal and friendly and Glitchy.

    Anyway, let's keep our hopes up! 

    And happy new year!
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  • I'm not surprised people had thought I was trolling with how many trolls attacked us in our time of despair. :I
    Posted 7 years ago by Seeen Subscriber! | Permalink
  • +1 marla  a smaller Glitch with the old housing and no furniture making would be perfectly acceptable. i got overwhelmed with home streets and towers. yes, i did like my butler but my heart belongs to my gnomies! i think before the last housing change, it was perfect. i never focused on achievements and didn't level up on purpose. i learned skills to stay alive and not spend time grinding so i could jump around! or teleport! (not much of a subway rider). i loved catching fireflies. playing with wardrobe. and parties. and unicorn hats. and conga lines. and zilloween! writing notes was my favorite thing of all  <3   sigh...
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  • :)
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  • Fokain Fool
    Just for once seriously just once SHUT THE FUCK UP you live inside your head, try and get out more please for the love of god. You have tried to suck up to stoot acting the bloody big i am for way to long. You could not save glitch if your life dependen  on it. Stop giving people the idea you are something cos seriously you are so not.

    I guess if calling out is gona ban me then well I am not going to be missing anything so feel
    free I already won the game  :)
    Posted 7 years ago by Misha Subscriber! | Permalink
  • lol nice one Misha
    I tend to believe only what I see too
    Posted 7 years ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • +1 for Misha
    Posted 7 years ago by Ann DramaDuh Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Remember guys. DONT FEED THE TROLL! (Im talking about Misha BTW.) Though yea I have heard of Missing Worlds Media! I have ALL my fingers and toes crossed (No joke!) I don't think the Glitch we played will come back. Though a similar world like think would work. Though remember TinySpeck isn't very well known. National Geographic ( Animal Jam) and Nick (Petpet Park, other stuff...) are both really well known! Their websites are packed with players! TinySpeck is small. So sadly Glitch didn't get many players. Possibly if TinySpeck was more popular they would also most likely get many people getting imaginative on Glitch. (Most likely, not saying its true!) Plus just by petting piggies, going underwater, and supporting Friendly, I know that Glitch is 10 times better than ANY other website I ever played on! Its a unique browser game! Its the last day of 2012 when im posting this. Glitch will always be in my heart! Lets all hope that TinySpeck grows from a "TinySpeck" to a "HugeSpeck" soon. Im even getting Glitchamaphone! 
    I will always remember the chickens saying Crap... (No kidding!)

    I will always remember when I got my first shrine of Friendly.

    I will remember the kind hearted Glitchens...

    I will remember MY Glitchen...

    Eather though I only joined this beautiful world 1 month before the big closing announcement.....

    I will always remember Glitch and more importantly

    The talented company of TinySpeck...

    In my sad, sad heart.

    Good luck on the future of Glitch TinySpeck!

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  • One thing I'd like to see TS explore in some detail is what the actual cost would be to keep Glitch running - it might be worth seeing how much the Glitch community would be willing to invest in keeping its world.

    Two Indiegogo projects for music and art are up to $43,000 and $90,000 respectively - it seems to me that people willing to invest in these (myself included) would also be happy to contribute to an indiegogo or kickstarter project to have Glitch back.

    I pledged to the music and art campaigns because it's probably my last tangible connection to Glitch - how much more would I be willing to donate to not *need* a  last tangible connection??

    A Lot.  

    I think it would be worth trying...
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  • Fokian Fool, will your attempt at reviving Glitch be as awesome as that Wedding Venue you designed to be used in-game? You could even sell t-shirts! *eyeroll* 
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