Hey everyone!!!! I've found a game site called ROBLOX.COM. Now, it isn't anything like Glitch(how could it be) but it's comprised of over 375 different game platforms for you to play in. Over 20 venues from fighting to sci-fi to adventure, whatever your interest. Like I said, it doesn't have the graphics that Glitch did, bit it has interactive chat with the players and you can use the arrows like we did in Glitch. I am still searching, but so far this has been a reasonable find. Other sites I've found are, Miramagia,, game). I hope this helps those of you who are looking for a place to land. I hope to hear from you too ....cadlackjak (David)

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  • "you can use the arrows like we did in Glitch" Have you never played any other game before? using the arrow keys in games is always allowed.
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  • Yeah, I used to play this game. Don't go. It is the WORST community ever, and the forums are CONSTANTLY filled with spam and/or troll threads.
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  • Aww. Give a dude a break for enthusiasm. Cadlac--within the forum are specific groups and postings for next game ideas. Miramagia has been cited more than once, so you check out those posts and look for fellow Glitchen in-game names there.
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  • Regarding the arrows commentary......I am NOT a gamer. The last game I played before Glitch was FROGGER on Atari2600!!!!!!!  I had planned on buying a generic hand held game controller to plug into my laptop instead of using the arrows because I have vision problems due to macular degeneration. But since Glitch is now gone, c'est la vie. I am still searching in earnest for a similar game as Glitch. I am playing Miramagia, and also Fleck and   none of which even hold a candle to Glitch. If and when I find anything really worthwhile i will come back here and post. I had only gotten to play in here for 2 months.....I can't even imagine how the ones who have been playing for years are taking this.
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  • actually, using the arrows in not always allowed.

    sad but true.
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  • ..can't find anything like Glitch yet, a few days ago I was no fan of a Glitch-Clone or something like that, but now I guess I wouldn't mind a clone.
    You see the art is amazing, the music; relaxing, simple, catchy and this game nature is nonexistent on the internet..other than the typical MMORPG or FPS on consoles, a game just to's something extremely rare..

    @cadlackjak 2nd comment: bad..disoriented and sad..
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