Gourdain Knot: Update

Game is slowly coming far so good, this is on the front page

we have added to the game in the last month:
two audio streams background and sound effects
selectable avatar
rain that starts and stops at the same time for all users
improved iso coordinate system
rain that falls on the entire field, instead of just in front
avatars move to where you select

Its just the start dont get me wrong, but hey this started after the game was down!, and ppl can still chime in about ideas, so if you havent been over there yet cant hurt to give it a look

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  • It is getting close to where we might be able to have a few people on at the same time in a meaningful manner...!
    Posted 7 years ago by Moehr Ossum Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Awesomeface :)
    Posted 7 years ago by Djabriil Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Nice to see things are moving there, the server side seems to be working great already :]
    The game client part could use a booster though, did they ever though about using Construct2?
    I mean, I'm a game dev noob and I had the time to make 3 games with it while Gourdian Knot still just have a grid and a lifeless avatar

    Turnip seems to know a lot about server side scripting, and there's also a bunch of activity at the moment on Contruct forums to make plugins for multiplayer games, so I think the two could work well together
    Just my two cents ^^
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  • I don't get it.
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  • It's a new game being made with the intent of having at least one game out there made with the same guiding sensibilities that made Glitch awesome, by members of the Glitch community who want someplace we can hang together that has a culture similar to what we experienced here together.

    And yeah, anyone is welcome to get involved, there's lots of stuff that needs doing!
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  • All I can get up is a small square with a strange creature sliding across it o_o. 
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  • Given that the game is in pre-alpha, I think they're doing pretty alright. If someone else happened to be on the game server at the same time as you, you'd see their avatar too.
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  • I think it is coming along nicely. I log in once or twice a week, they are always adding something new. I can't wait until they get closer to a more finished game. All that are involved are doing a fantastic job. :)
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  • There's a few big things we'll be hitting soon(ish)! Right now we're starting to hash out design aesthetics, how the map ought to be built, and how we're handling animations on the art side. The programmers are working all the time to implement updates and correct errors as we go.

    We'll be shooting to get to the simplest playable game before we start doing major stuff with the gameworld, and we're still looking for more people who'd like to contribute to the project. If you're bored at 1 am sometime frolic through the forums and lend a hand wherever you like!
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  • It looks like our lovely programmers have installed the beginnings of chat! So the experience can start to feel more like a shared environment.
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  • Have started logging into this and moving a baby whatknot around...I'm Mochamai.
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  • I like the Baby Whatknot 2 and Ribbonfeet avatars...
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  • Thanks, they are still WIP :D. Ribbonfeet less than baby whatnot 2.
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