'Children of Ur' a pet game for glitchen.

I'm in the process of learning to code beautiful webapps in the Dart programming language. My first project is a mmo pet game that allows you to do all the resource gathering you could do in Glitch. 
There will be all the usual suspects, wood trees, herb plots, rocks, and batterflies. Since I'm also a full time student, development is going to be a little slow at first, but this will be my main summer project. 
If you're interested, I've made a teaser page with all the current code. I'd also be interested in enlisting the help of any of you who know a bit of Dart.

Here's where I'm keeping this baby for now.

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  • Good luck! (it's a strange idea to start with a full blown mmo as a first project :p)
    Posted 6 years ago by Lemo Subscriber! | Permalink
  • hi. i get it. it sounds fun, especially if i could have a tree to hide behind :)  
    Posted 6 years ago by coolbettycakes Subscriber! | Permalink