just curious,  any one found any thing good  to play? 

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  • I've gone back to WoW, oops.
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  • I can no longer make war in games no more, walks in the woods at night calm me briefly and only premium german ale numbs the pain of being cast out of the garden.
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  • I have tried everything under the sun, and am just not happy with anything. Not really surprising, is it?  Mostly I've ended up back at Transformice, but the community is such a massive headache. I miss you all so much:(
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  • I am miserable at Here Be Monsters where every bag of sugar I make disappears before I can use it and I can't catch a Monster and my Traps don't work.  I want my Piggies!  (Sigh)
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  • I've been playing Deepworld. It's nothing like Glitch. But it is steampunk. So there is that. It's sufficiently different that I'm not constantly making depressing comparisons, and I like the fact that I can play it on my iPad as well as my computer.
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  • I've gone back to playing stand-alone games. Eufloria, Braid, Splice, Machinarium, Legend of Grimrock are just a few. I've even gone back to playing Foldit.

    However, that said, none of them is a replacement for Glitch. Glitch was more than a game.

    One day, something similar may be out there. One day. But not yet. :(
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  • I've given up on new games, I've tried them, I don't like them enough to keep going back.  I'm actually not playing any games, just playing jigidi because it has glitch puzzles.

    Thank you, Kridla, for posting foldit, I think I heard about it ages ago but never tried it and now I'll give it a shot.

    ETA:  Oh My Giants!  I love this, and it is for science!  Thanks for pointing this out!!   Ooooh, folding things for science...
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  • I have tried all the old games I used to play before Glitch. Habbo Hotel, Neopets, CLUB PENGUIN (please let this be a judgment free zone.) Gaia Online, zOMG!, pokemon ripoffs, even *Maplestory*, but nothing really compares. It's all either very dependent on money to do anything or just endless battle-grinding and levelling. All the other games suggested here on the forums as Glitch replacements just don't appeal.
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  • Anything that is pretty much straight RPG, is out for me. If fighting is part of it.....Im fine with that, but with so MANY MANY games, its not part of it, its the ONLY thing you can do (for the most part)....and that makes me drop the game. I think I ended up back at Transformice, because its a puzzle/racing game/building game, and its not a freemium model its actually free, (the only thing you can buy is clothes)and its non violent. But the community is a bitch and  half at times, aggressive or spoiled trolls. I did try pretty much anything and everything out there, Here be Monsters, Freggers, Mirimagia, dont have enough content,  Maplestory, Missing Ink, are both grindfests and very very combat focused. Went back to Pupett Guardian but its mostly the lack of trade and dependancy on gold to trade that annoys the crap out of me, but its still one fo the best I've found, and the housing system is good there.  And Ive tried so DAMN MANY at this point its not even funny.....ive tried everything on the spreadsheet (at least everything not subscription based, and minus the ones that wouldnt run)
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  • I've tried a lot and most aren't worth mentioning. Tried smallworlds, but that is so under-developed there isn't even an exit strategy. Here Be Monsters was ok at first but is not creative and the avatars are childish. Puppet Guardians/Magical Rooms was curious and fun, but limited in what you can do, but it has been the most social of the games to date. 
    I'm flying through Free Realms at the moment, I love the graphics, pets, and the fact you can just stand on the beach and watch the sun set with other creatures all scuttling around. But the chat is crap, and I'm alone there.
    Waiting for Wander to start testing, any time now. 
    Also on waiting list for MageFaire but I struggle to load the forum so I don't hold out much hope for the game.
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  • I developed a heroine habit.

    You read that right.
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  • Spend most of my time reading but have tried out different online mmo browser based games ; none even come close to Glitch. Gameglobe was kinda fun... From time to time, on the iOS, the apps i've been playing are 'Let's Create Pottery' which is super relaxing and has a new online community where you share your designs; and 'Draw Something'. Some other cute and fun games I've tried on the iOS: Terra Noctis, the Sandbox, Bowmaster, Wide Sky, Tiny Wings, Temple run games, Glitchamaphone, Wind-Up Knight, Finding Teddy, Piclings (fun with Glitch snaps), Frisbee, Whale Trail, Air Mail, Draw Quest, and Misfits. I've brought a little bit of Glitch to some of those.... the Sandbox (recreated some of the streets), Draw Quest ( & ), Misfits ( ), Piclings ( ), Toca Tailor ( ) and also had fun recreating some of the Gltich decor in the Pottery app! *:D I'm curious about 'Little Big Planet', someone mentioned it had some similarities to Glitch. Exploring Google maps is a lot of fun, sometimes I come across places that remind me of Ur. :)
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  • Gourdian Knot, though it's not really a playable game yet :D. But it's fun making things with others from the Glitch world and hopefully it turns into a Good Thing.
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  • Mobile: Triple Town by SpryFox, the company where Kukubee is working, it's a puzzle game that involves matching 3 items in a row. Not fond of the FB version.

    Desktop: FTL, a space combat game which has absolutely nothing in common with Glitch.

    No MMOs or RPGs, although I was a fan of Ultima as a kid and Lord British just opened a Kickstarter for a RPG new franchise.
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  • I tried Wakfu for a while but I couldn't really get into it.
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  • Currently playing Miramagia, but still looking for something better. I realized it wasn't just the game of glitch I missed, but the people and the chat. Mira has at least some of that. We have a few "glitchen" villages. It's a slow game, though: often not much to do but wait. Still, if you have other things to do, it's fine and I find myself surprisingly hooked - increasingly timing my real life activities to when my crops will be done in the game :)
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  • I'm in Lilycat's village in Miramagia, and agree with her. The game is very slow and can't hold a candle to Glitch. I pop in in at least once a day, and feel nice knowing some of my Glitch peeps are there with me.
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  • i'm playing the settlers online now. i like it ok. 

    and nationstates is amusing.

    i do not know why i have not quit fleck yet, because it is a snooze. i like the map, though.

    and smallworlds? i play that every day. every. day. i play it just to see how far the suck goes, and i tell you, it is amazingly far. just today i leveled up to level 100 and there was a cheap banner that said "congratulations! you have just reached level 100 and are now a qualified!"

    ...what? crap. that's not even a noun. i thought it was awesome when i became "a expert" farmer, but now i am "a qualified". 
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  • I've been playing Spiral Knights and LotRO.... and Wakfu because my spouse likes it (I like it in theory, in practice... it's boring solo and I just can't seem to get motivated by any goals in the game).
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  • Nation States is a good one, i just wish i could get into it more, but this reminds me to go back again,  Thanks!, it does have the humor I think were missing....
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  • Oh, yeah, I forgot about nation States.  I don't really know what to do there but I still find it amusing.
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  • I've been on MikiKitiTiki preparing a beautiful Glitch memorial gallery full of familiar sites and sounds. Would love for other lost Glitchen to visit and add your memories to ours!

    We are there nearly every day 4-5 pm Central Time. Please stop in and say h'lo!
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  • oh! i forgot to mention i am playing KoL.

    i like it pretty much. it has at least a unified world concept and a placiness.

    it is also wacky, if seedy.  

    nothing out there is glitch.

    i think if this were a world where glitch had been wildly popular, everything would be better.

    *shakes fist at the sky*
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  • Big Farm, Miramagia, Freggers ... they pass the time.
    Waiting for Mage Faire and Wander to open.
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  • Big Farm & Nation States.  I'm not convinced there will ever be anything again as awesome as Glitch.
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  • Sadly, the only thing that has held my gaming interest in even a remotely similar way has been playing Blockheads on my phone. (I gather it's kind of like a stripped-down Minecraft, which absolutely refuses to work on my machine.)

    There's no social element at all, gameplay is annoying in many ways, but at least there's crafting/harvesting/exploring.

    I'm hoping Mage Faire pans out... time will tell, I guess.
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  • Here Be Monsters (still in Beta) and hanging out with the big group of Glitchen on FB.

    Don't be put off because it is a FB game as lots of people have created shell accounts just to play the game. HBM keeps adding more quests, content, etc. all the time and isn't a Zynga game and so doesn't ask you to send all your friends stuff, isn't spammy, etc.

    It depends what people are looking for in a game but if you like questing, collecting, harvesting, trapping monsters (using traps - no fighting in this game), decorating, cooking, crafting, alchemy, and earning achievements (the new version of badges - squeee!!) then this game is for you.

    I even have a dong garden...or you can go for something more fabulous: (Credit: Travinara Said)

    They have just introduced in game mail and are about to introduce global chat and so if you just need something to keep in touch with the fellow Glitchen community then give it a try.

    Foolbunny (ex-Glitchen) also has some videos:

    The support/people who work on the game are also amazing and have a great/fun attitude

    @Brib Annie - If you lost ingredients log a job as they fix things immediately and if you haven't caught something it is either cause you're using the wrong trap or bait (the scanner is your friend). There is a HBM Glitchers group and official forum which are highly active as well for questions. There is also a rumour of pigs being introduced into the game as pig gas has to come from somewhere - introduced today. I still want to call you Brian Anne which is what Stoot called you once ;)
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  • I play Happy Street on my iPhone... Reminds me of Glitch in many ways (but still missing it greatly).
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  • I just got the survey thingy, from Mage Faire for it should be soon i hope....i REALLY hope it works out, Wander also i hope it works out for us, in the meantime, I'll go back and check on nation States, and Puppet Guardian, and see whats going on with HBM....sigh.....this sucks that so far NOTHING is even close to what we want....why are all the games rehashed tripe?
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  • My wife just had a baby so I'm making up stories about Ur and singing GNG to him at night.
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  • Like everyone else, I've tried lots of games, websites and MMOs, but none had any sticking power. Spiral Knights was fun, until I ran into the pay-to-play wall. Ditto with Wakfu. Transformice is nifty, but the community is absolutely atrocious. HBM seemed cool, until I found out you have to have FB to play >.<

    The best time I've had, oddly enough, has been with my old Neopets account. I stop by every so often to play in the Battledome. I love the geeky humor there, but it isn't at all the same (if anyone else is there, I'm ysethegreat).
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  • Neopets!
    I even have a guild called the Last of the glitchens!
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  • Ditto what a lot of people have said...tried so many, nothing even remotely satisfying. :-(
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  • been enjoying Deepworld..;) great group of Glitchen there and have actually been enjoying LOTRO- have found a similar vein of folks just helping others out for the heck of it and for fun..;)
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  • I've been playing Minecraft on my Glitch theme based server with a bunch of other regulars. CuCN has been working on a large network subway system, I've been making street lighting work when it's night time as well as making areas like IX look super Glitchy, Thimblebeetle has been making Cubi's dotted around the world and others build houses (Like that in Shimla Mirch). We've got a dynamic map that you can check out here.

    If anyone's interested in playing but finds that they can't join the server (or that Minecraft is close to unplayable on their computers), I'd be more than happy to lend a technical hand.
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  • Guild Wars 2, mostly, running a guild with about a dozen Glitch players in it. 

    Been poking around with Puzzle Pirates recently too.  I haven't put in enough time to decide if I'll be there long though.  

    Also testing a game, and it's fun, though can't write much publicly because of an NDA.  Not sure it's fun enough to justify buying, still debating, writing a review to post when the NDA lifts.  
    And waiting for Mage Faire.  Could be interesting.  
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  • We all seem to of run into the wall the game, hate the community, or worse yet.....BOTH, which seems to be the most common. I dont ecspect to find the ideal community BUT it would also be nice to not find TROLLS fricking everywhere.....ugh....I dont know about you but Im picky about the types of games i like, but then trying to find a good community on top of that is, practically impossible. The few games i found with decent community's the game doesnt have enough depth or challenge to keep me interested. Glitch was the first game that i DIDNT flip flop with in like AGES, generally ive had about 4 game that i rotated what i played. When Glitch was here it was THE #1 spot, instead of 4 things tied, and all 4 i still got tired of...ho hum......crossing fingers for the future
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  • All the Spry Fox games are pretty addictive. Really cute games. *:)
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  • BigFarm on 3 servers playing simultaneously. (International, US & UK) This way, I got plenty to do to avoid "gaming stagnation". Lol. I am challenged by the cooperative missions, so if anyone needs a hand in their coops, I go with same name, hook me up with an invi :D

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  • I've been playing A Mystical Land.
    It's strange really, after Faunasphere closed I was invited to play AML,
    but chose to play Glitch instead...sigh.
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  • Skyrim.  But it is buggy as all heck so I don't know how much longer I will remain anti-social there.
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  • Not playing anything. I tried KoL, Fleck, and a bunch of other web-based games, but nothing's kept my fancy. The glitchiest things I do in real life are wandering around the city and crafting. My goal this year is to make something at least once a week: 
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  • Another Miramagia player here. It's kind of like playing Farmville with magic spells, but I like the social element. It's not quite Glitch, but it's got some of the same spirit of cooperation.
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  • I recommend Improbable Island. It's a tiny bit KoL, but very much *more* silly and has much opportunity for Glitchy-style chat and gentle roleplay. The lead dev has the Tiny Speck nature in a number of ways. I spent about two years there before Glitch, and may go back... I'm Strawberry Flavoured Twitching Bob if we meet.
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  • Played some of the Amanita games on LP's recommendation, but haven't even looked for other multiplayer games or virtual worlds that could take Glitch's place, because they couldn't. Signed up for alphatesting Mage Faire but find the whole premise boring (and the graphics so far are like something from the 80s, and not on a Mac); went back to Myst Online, sparse and dull as ever; still checking in with the interactive fiction community but haven't been able to get into new games very much there either. Glitch was my online world. I despair of chancing onto anything that comes close.
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  • I've wandered through so many games now, it's sad. The ones that have stuck are:

    Tinkatolli - Hands down, my fav. They recently added clothing & are redoing the houses. I just wish the map were bigger! They have holidays & holiday clothing.
    Happy Street on my iPad - Second fav. They've just recently added clothes. It has a great, weird sense of humor. (A poop hat? Really?) There are a small group of Glitchen on there, and you can visit their street & help out. (No spamming involved).  They have holidays & holiday clothing.
    Miramagia - Gardening & decorating your garden. They have holidays & holiday clothing.
    NationStates -  5 mins a day. Fun to read Minkey & the others missives on the Glitch regional board. No holidays. No clothing. :O
    Hay Day - Farmville-esque. I'm on there by myself, but find it amusing. The animals are adorbz. They have holidays, but no clothing. :O :O

    @Thundarthigh, what is your Game Center nickname? I'd love to add you to my Happy Street neighborhood. I'm sure Kastlin would too!

    ETA: I'm gkgrl on Game Center, btw. Feel free to add me!

    [Edited. GRAMMAR FOUL. Game on.]
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  • If you're on Facebook, this app is worth playing for fun. It's a really sweet game. 'The Wizard of Oz' It's free to play. Everything is customizable. The more you move along in the game the more there is to build and do. My favorite part is the film clips. Plus, a really cute feature is the munckin cam, which let's you walk around as a munckin. Super cute game. *:) Here is the game trailer: For those of you who play Here Be Monsters, that like to landscape. This game let's you do the same, plus being able to adjust the ground level for creating mountains or lakes... Lots of fun mini games too. *:D The building part of it is a bit similar to Gardens of Time.
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  • If you play Triple Town for the iOS. You're welcome to challenge me in game center. I'm Smallchalet there too. *:)
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  • I'm on happystreet too, milkywaykitty is my name for iOS. Still haven't found anything remotely like glitch...
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  • Also, I've been help make arts for Gourdian Knot (which we could definitely use help for - and even just warm bodies!)
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