}; say, thank you.

}; One last Thank you for Glitch. Best darn game there ever was. *:)

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  • Thank you so very, very much Tiny Speck <3
    Posted 6 years ago by Baszie Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I will miss the community. SO. MUCH.
    Posted 6 years ago by BerlinBear Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you to everyone! I miss Glitch, but I'm glad I  found it and had a chance to explore it and love it.
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  • thank you and best wishes to us all
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  • Thank You. 

    I miss Glitch and still have yet to find something to replace it.  This has been the best game and community experience I've ever had.  Best wishes to everyone!

    Thank you Tiny Speck for everything. 

    Keep glitching on in the real world <3 

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  • Tis better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all
    Thank you TS for the loving experience.
    Posted 6 years ago by Mokaya Subscriber! | Permalink
  • It couldn't have been done better.
    Thank you, Tiny Speck.
    Posted 6 years ago by LexiRexi Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you for creating a place for all of us who enjoy imagination, building things, and being positive.  It was truly an oasis for many of us.
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  • I haven't been on the forums because, well, I just can't stand coming here anymore.  It makes me too damn sad.  I know they are closing tomorrow, though, and wanted to take this one last chance to say thank you.  I know I'm not saying anything that hasn't been said by anyone else, but I wanted to say it anyway.  Thank you to the creators and developers.  Thank you to my fellow glitchen who were gracious and fun and generous and sweet.  You guys helped get me through a very tough year with a couple of major surgeries and a whole lot of pain and fear.  I absolutely LOVED playing Glitch.  This was my first (and I suspect my last) MMO and it was just absurd and wonderful and grand.  I hope you all go on to do great things, large and small.  
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  • Thank you, everyone.. nothing will ever be like this again.
    Posted 6 years ago by Princess Fi Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you. Thanks Tiny Speck. Thanks everyone. You are all awesome. <3 I will try to keep a bit of Glitch whimsy in my heart always.
    Posted 6 years ago by Roger Conte Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I've said it before but it bears repeating:Thank you, Tiny Speck, all the devs, staff and fellow Glitchen. Thank you for a one-of-a-kind game and community. TS, I hope you consider trying again one day. Many of us will be watching and waiting and hoping.... :)
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  • Thank you. I had such a lovely time and I have such wonderful memories. 
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  • ...I wasn't expecting to cry again.

    Thank you, stoot. Thank you, LPC. Thank you, Danny and kukubee, and everyone at TS who built this awesome sandbox.

    Thank you, Glitchen, for making this preposterous game what it was.

    Good night, Groddle.
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  • Thank you, TS, for this beautiful world and for letting me be a part of it.  Thank you to the best game community ever.  I will truly miss you all.
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  • thank you tiny speck and all the other glitchen and everyone who made this such a wonderful, special place. i will miss it so so much. <3
    Posted 6 years ago by porcelina Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank-You. You will live on. Memories are all positive, thoughtful ones. I honestly cannot wait until my soundtrack and book arrive. Great job all of you.
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  • Really need to stop coming back but here I am... thanks Tiny Speck.
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  • I know I've posted here before, but again, thank you:
    For silly global chats, for gifts freely given, for creepy pumpkin messages, for firecrackers and heart achingly beautiful goodbye notes on the ground, for uutiif, for the scenery ill never be able to put adequately in words. For all the silly amazing things, for purple flowers, for crazy charade parties that went on for hours, for juju quests, for free credits, for everything.
    I posted up my last status a few days ago but I can't help but be terrified, but want to say even more before everything vanishes. There's approximately 200,000 of us out there, not excluding dummy accounts. In 7 billion, that number seems so small. But we'll find each other again,
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  • I'm sure.
    (Pressed the post reply button too early by accident.)
    Thank you everyone. Thank you, thank you, a million times over.
    Catch you on the flip side, fellow glitchen.
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  • Thank you. Everyone. Thank you. I will always miss Glitch. <3
    Posted 6 years ago by Dwit Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you, TS.  It was a wonderful game, and you made it a gentle ending. Thank you for your creativity and imagination and hours of work and care, and thank you for your kindness and integrity in handling the end.

    The very best to all of you in your futures!
    Posted 6 years ago by Katee Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you, TS! You did a phenomenal job! I hope you will bring the game back someday; whenever you can reopen Glitch, I'll be there.
    Posted 6 years ago by Cherio Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you all!!!
    Posted 6 years ago by plou Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you for the amazing world you showed us. <3
    Posted 6 years ago by Drakani Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you, Tiny Speck, for creating this incredible game! You've created more than a game; you've created artwork, developed a community, and inspired many. I wish I could have gotten involved sooner, so I could have experienced more of it! Thank you for these fun times and memories that will stay with us forever.

    Thank you!
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  • Thank you again. Thank you and goodbye. Go well. 
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  • Thank you to all, and a Fond Farewell!
    Posted 6 years ago by ~Scilly~ Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Great game, great community, great times! Thanks to TS and all the Glitchen everywhere... we're all better people for having played this absurd, wonderful game together.

    Goodnight, Groddle, goodnight...
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  • Thank you once again for the great times, people, game, moments. Thank you for the rube and ajaya bliss and the sparkly. 

    Thank you Tiny Speck! You done fantastic job with Glitch!

    Really really sad to see another part to Glich go offline... >.<

    Goodnight Groddle...
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  • Thank You TinySpeck, and Glitchen and staff.  So many wonderful memories.  Such good times.
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  • Dear TS and my fellow Glitchen,

    One last heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you for making one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, one of my most treasured memories. I will never forget you. Ever.
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  • To all involved in this wonderful adventure that was Glitch: Thank you!! :)
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  • Yes.  Thank you.  I will have the art book and soundtrack to remember the beauty of this game, and while I am sad it ended, I am grateful that we were able to experience it and can still remember it.
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