Oh, my giants, it's Pi day.

For the few of us still here. Just noticed it's Pi Day. Hope you had a loverly one. *sniff*

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  • Thanks!  I did, I hope you had a lovely pi day too.  I will be eating regular pie tomorrow for a belated celebration (tomorrow is my off-day as I only eat dessert once per week).  I did do math all day though!

    I pictured all the pi I had kept in SDBs, waiting to be shared or eaten.  Remember leaving pi outside houses?  Ahhh, nothing as wonderful as leaving pi outside a random Glitch's home!!
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  • I thought of Glitch often yesterday.  *sigh*  Happy Pi Day.
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  • :'( I saved so much grain for this day
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  • When I first joined I'd wondered if Glitch would hold my interest until pi day ... I was really sad to realise that I would definitely still have been playing and I missed Ur all the more. :(
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