Cumulative Achievement Aesthetics Malfunctions + A Case of Batterfly Error and a Case of Juju Boss Error

Various achievement image and name issues:

Missing borders (white border):
Decent Hash Slinger
Trader Joe

Squashed / Not as circular as others:
Humble Bragger

Doubled up word:
2nd Rate Piggy Piggy Hash Slinger

Case #1: The Batterfly Error

"Hidden" badges (which are not really hidden any more once someone discovers it) don't show the awesome Magic Rock quote or have a viewable page showing the "User has earned ___" like regular badges.
Exhibit A: Someone on my wall feed just got the Noise-Bringer achievement, but clicking on the picture of it (link: leads to:

Page not found
We couldn't find what you were looking for. Sorry!

It would be nice to see the Magic Rock phrases and how many people have the badge for these achievements.

Case #2: The Juju Boss Error

Symptom: Too many upgrade cards on a user's purchased list breaks the page.
Possible Solution: Add pagination.
Exhibit B: Vogon Blarg has purchased over 5000 upgrade cards and the page is no longer viewable:

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  • Added Case #2, a case of permanent Juju error.

    Oh no!
    Oh dear, we seem to be having trouble talking to the game servers. Perhaps the bad joojoos have run amok.There's a good chance that the problem you're experiencing is intermittent. Wait a few seconds and then reload the page.
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  • Added some minor achievement image related issues.
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  • Thanks for the report!
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