[fixed <3] 50 energy tank upgrade card not working!

Clicked the damn thing several times, three to be precise--'cos I'm a moron, it docked me the required img but didn't give me the additional HP/mood! Is it because I'm at max HP...? (2800 currently!) 

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  • There's no max energy tank; sounds like a bug because another person posted a similar issue. You could try sending in a bug report inside the game by clicking on the bug icon in the top right corner while you have the Upgrades menu open.
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  • There was a bug for about 10 minutes where clicking the card had no effect, the upgrades should have been given and a reshuffle should take care of the deck still showing the card. We'll take a peek at the iMG spent for you too.
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  • Fixed! You guys are so awesome, for dealing with this so swiftly! <3
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  • I had the same thing happen to me. I forgot the name of the card but it was along the lines of losing energy at a slower pace. I purchased the card, lost about 7k iMG and did not receive the upgrade. I tried and every time after I lost the iMG, got the message: Could not purchase imagination upgrade. I left the game and a new day started. The card was still available but not purchasable so I re-dealt and lost it. I would really like to have that upgrade instead of the iMG back :( I don't want to have to wait for it again. Hopefully my issue can be resolved too. Thank you for your time~
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  • Can you please open a help case up for us Variety? It will be easier to dig and track for you. 
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