Hi Sign Not Counted at All

I just ran from a hi sign for well over 6 minutes. During that time, was hit by a couple others, but different symbols entirely, not the pig that was chasing me. But when the pig finally hit me, I got nothing, not even recognition that I was hit at all. Very, very, very frustrating given how annoying that badge is. I think I noticed that the other night as well, multiples can cause confusion and missed recognition. I really, really hope that you can somehow see that I should have gotten that badge...

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  • I just spent a good while running back and forth evading a hi sign. I didn't even get a message in chat to tell me how long that good while was.
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  • I thought that I'd finally reached the top when I stopped running at about 320 seconds or so a few hours ago - no time stated or recorded and when I resumed trying in the last half hour they seem faster to the extent I can't corner and get away with it. Were too many people achieving too quickly and they spiked it?
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  • I also evaded Hi sign for over 6 min earlier today,  and had 2 sign following me, same as you Fyodor, I did not get the badges, nor did I get notification in local chat of how many secs I had evaded it for.
    Tried again a little later and  again had 2 different Hi signs following me. I evaded for 22 & 23 secs for each signs. I did get the notification in local chat for those.
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  • I evaded an hi sign Rocket yesterday for I know at least 3 to 4 mins if not longer...I didn't get not one badge..the local chat didn't even give me a time count either like it normally does, but I was watching the clock...I reported it to TS in a bug report..they say they are looking into it. I was in the Forest at the bottom of Strucote Stacks  
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  • Sounds like maybe this is a duplicate report then Garth? If so, I can close it, but I didn't see one at the time I posted this. I later did manage to get the max evade badge on my home street but this still was certainly an issue.
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