went 'home' from Aranna, returned to Groddle Meadow

Whoah, dudes that purple flower is some whacked out shit. I swear I was in Aranna when I logged off last night, I mean I couldn't be making a mistake that place is FAR from everywhere. I was coming back from the purple flower quest, wacky funtimes. So I went 'home' and then logged off. When I came back today, planning to check out Callopee I went worldside only to find myslef surrounded by mushrooms in.... Groddle Meadows?? Really? Okay I can cope, I'm Australian, my world is upside down, I can go mine stuff in Groddle Heights but it is seriously weird, was that meant to happen?

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  • I don't think that's normal.
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  • Sometimes the game gets confused about where you came from, and you end up in one of the groddle streets instead. 
    At least you aren't completely lost, you do land someplace!
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  • There is an integrity check run when the game is about send you "back", and when they checks finds something wrong, the game (rather than risk teleporting you back inside a mountain), sends you to a handful of "default" locations. One of these is Burnabee in Groddle Forest.
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  • Yep, Sturminator is right.
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  • I'm guessing, based off of what Sturminator said, that it took the lack of purple junk as a problem- maybe a lingering function was left behind when you logged off making it think purple junk should still be there.
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