Love my craftybot... even though he ate all my resources with no return.

4 bags of purple flowers, 2 bags of rookswort, 2 bags or rubeweed and the hooch and sauce for essences for all the mentioned above herbs...

Lesson:  Don't get to over zealous with our good bots lest yours glitches too.

 He still makes me giddy knowing he exists.   :)

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  • Ty TS for my Bot :)
    Posted 8 years ago by Princess Fi Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Click "craft" again and it will give you the option to collect what he made for you last time :)
    Posted 8 years ago by Reni's Mum Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Nope.   No option.   He ate them.. must have had a really hungry time in that box.  :)   
    Posted 8 years ago by 'Zad the Destroyer Subscriber! | Permalink
  • My craftybot is bugged beyond redemption. He stops in the middle of recipes and no amount of kicking or fiddling will restart that recipe. He drops piles of resources for no apparent reason. He eats fuel breathtakingly fast. He loses/eats crafted items. I love him dearly.
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  • My craftybot sounds like Eyan Tumsan's. I did find that pausing then unpausing will sometimes restart a recipe, but that just makes him blow a full fuel tank walking across the room and not actually crafting anything.

    Main difference, I don't love mine at all. I'm still trying to see if he'll finish the current recipe then I'm going to park him in a corner. So useless.
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  • I wanted to put mine in my tower and call him Marvin, but I guess they are housebound creatures.  I gave up on mine actually crafting.   But he is fun to have around.  :)
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  • You know your sweet but completely dependent screwup cousin? You figure, hey, I'll throw him $20 to go pick up milk and eggs for me, let him keep the change. And when he comes back, he has purchased a Chia Pet. (Chia Scooby Doo, if you must know.) And he has forgotten the eggs.

    That's Craftybot. You have to love him anyway. He means well.
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