My thought on the game so far. From Dementia.

So far I love the game. It is different.
(This is just me brainstorming. So there may be little organization to this.)

I see there being a wall where someone learns all the things they can learn. And have done all the things that they can do. It needs a reason why they would want to do them again and again. A hook tying them into the, or a story. Not saying that it doesn't or won't. Just that I don't see it yet.

Things I would try to do. (Hereafter abbreviated as TIWD,) (And not that they are possible.)

TIWD: Slowly as people gained experience they would move them up the server universe. This would open up some new worlds, resources, and skills. Where things get different. Different skills become more important. Older things get rarer or less important. Engineering and Design skill to create a construction robot, or space ship. Perhaps groups of people have to come together using there new skills to design and build (New) somethings that are needed. (Yea, we need more than streets to build.)

I find it annoying that maps and things obscure things like sign posts on the right hand side of the screen and you can not temporarily shut them down. So that you can see or do what you need.

The chat system needs to be modified. The way it is I find it mostly useless. The messages are tiny and over at the side of the screen where I don't see them. I find the coming and going messages about people as annoying and unnecessary. (Perhaps, if needed a button to open up a list to show you who is in the area currently with you.)
Messages that are important to me need to appear where I can see them. Like nearly right in front of my face. A system that mostly works for me is like the one that they have in Wizard101. TIWD: I would change the action key to the spacebar and the chat key to the enter key. And create a dedicated hotkey to reply to incoming messages. Some fairly easy way to initiate sending private messages to people. Unlike Wizard101 you should allow longer messages and messages to offline people should be saved for later reading.
I have spent hours in some games just writing messages back and forth to people I know. I want to be able to write out full Ideas and thoughts (Like I am doing now.), and send them to other people. Without feeling like I am leaving the game environment. You might check out the messaging system at a game called Viva-Ponata. It is crude in some ways but I have found it also effective in some ways.

I go to many places to do different things. (Wizard101, Perfect World, Gaia Online, Small World, Viva-Ponata, NeoPets, etc...) I would like to find one place that offers me most of the things I want. An engaging story line (I put this one first because it is some thing that really hasn't happened to me in any online game. But some day I hope someone figures out how.), chat and messaging, mini-games, challenges, and camaraderie.
In Glitch we need more things to do together and more mini-games. I go to Small World and Neopets to play games. I want to engage with other people while playing and doing things. Doing things that draw us together while still being somewhat simple and easy. (Like in Wizard101. You need help sometimes and so you work together to battle a mob. During the battle there is time to chat. You get to know other people, make friends. I have had friends in game that I have become friends outside of the game. Like when they were in town inviting them over for a BBQ or to just help show them the city.)

Skills: I like the timing and quest method but I think that it needs more. TIWD: I would make you have to complete some kind of related mini game successfully, or at least up to a certain level (Depending on the level of the skill). Pig herding or going through the actions to bake a cake. I would do some thing similar to the various recipes and formulas.

Just my humble opinion. And as I said I am enjoying the game so far.

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