Third impressions

I found my mood dropped at an alarming rate during this last test, however, and in fact, at one point I seemed to almost spontaneously die because my stats had dropped so quickly.

I really like the system of "voting" on new developing areas, and it leads me to want much more dynamic areas; so far, I'm still not very sure of how much control I have over my environment, or how much I affect others.

The loading times and resource consumption issues are really starting to get to me, though, and I've had my browser become utterly unresponsive for much longer than I would prefer. It does, however, let me have a good hard look at the items in that particular area. I would highly recommend featuring that same information somewhere where the player could access it at any time, either only for their current location, for others nearby, or for all.

The "death" system is pretty well-balanced; I felt the resurrection time was a very good balance between "short enough to not become annoying" and "long enough so that players will want to avoid it". I would find it interesting, however, if there was some degree of influence players could have over "hell" too.

Some of the items aren't well-enough documented; mood costs especially aren't really mentioned in many actions.

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