How do you sort your items?

I am getting a bunch of items, and I'm starting to find problems sorting them. So I'm wondering how other players sort their things. Do you put them in different bags or do you have special cabinets at home? I am looking for tips for how to organize all of my stuff.

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  • SDBs for stuff at home

    I gave up on organizing my carry on bags when search came out.
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  • For stuff I carry, I organize my boxes and bags by restriction:

    Two tool boxes on the far left
    Followed by two small bags filled with more tool-like things
    Followed by two elemental pouches
    Followed by a spice rack
    Followed by an alchemists box
    Followed by a gift box with paper, a pen and my camera in it
    Followed by a bunch of bigger bags all full of random things

    This lets me grab my tools quickly by opening the easily identifiable boxes, and get to my resources efficiently using the search function.

    Trying to keep it all any more organized than this is pretty much fruitless.
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  • Nowadays I sort all my hoard in sdbs.

     It's the easiest and besides is clean and you can see what is there, and is not hidden inside a cabinet so I won't forget about it. It's also easier to grab and stuff.

    I have sdb sections according to the rooms though, so you can visualize quickly what you need. Like on the kitchen there are several sdbs that are just food related. 2nd floor on the left I have my workroom so things as: jellisacs, dirt, snails, planks, etc will go in the sdbs on this room.  2nd floor on the right I have my little emblems & icons room so my emblems are in sdbs there.

    I also have a section reserved for herbs, essences, keepable upgrade cars, seed packets,  random kindness and those things I find to be more on the 'fun' side, so this room is like a closet for herbs and notes, scripts, etc.

    I also have several cabinets, but I just really use them mostly to serve as decoration, otherwise just empty boxes will go there sorted by color and renamed as 'empty'. Sometimes I like to change bags so that's why I have a lot of them.

    As for my bags, nowadays with this new type of house I don't keep my elemental pouch and alchemestry kit with me anymore. They stay at home, and when I need to use this I will certainly rather to do at home so I can crush many rocks and put all my 3 elemental pouches so I won't waste any element.

    So it's just really 2 tool boxes and the rest are all bags. 2 bags for tp scripts cause I use a lot of it all the time, 1 bag for my 'toys', as: gng, several firefly jars, paper, pen, camera, random kindness, focusing orb.

     And the rest I rather to leave it with a lot of empty bags so depending on what I'm going to do I will have a lot of space untill my bags are filled and is time to sort those things in sdbs or to sell.

    I hope it helps somehow, if you need help organizing, feel free to IM me <3
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  • I pretty much gave up organizing my bigger bags and am just waiting for more specialized bags like the toolboxes or spice rack.

    I carry around 3 tool boxes, 1 spice rack, 1 bigger bag of food & drink, 8 bigger bags, 1 bag with 11 emblems, 1 element pouch and 1 alchemical kit in that order.
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  • I've mostly stopped trying to keep my bags organized.  I keep one for special stuff I always want to have with me.. bear, random kindnesses, orb, etc. one for meat and one for b'fly milk, a tool box and a spice box. Don't feel a need to carry elemental pouches with me at all.  Everything else I just collect randomly and put stuff in my SDBs when I go home.  Home is organized in a way that makes sense to me and that's probably going to be a personal preference for each of us - um, yeah.. lots of cabinets at home too, LOL.  So.. pretty much what Lila said. :)
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  • I like to be prepared, cause you never know what you run into… :D
    so I carry ( all from the right)
    - one spice rack
    - one bag with kitchen tools and other tools
    - one tool box with tools
    - one bigger bag with food and drinks
    - one bigger bag with a full stack of all things you can buy at groceries, plus hooch, cheese, milk and butter
    - one bigger bag with full stacks of all the vegetables you can grow
    - one bigger bag with two full stacks of all things you can harvest
    - one bigger bag called "needful things". in there are some assorted potions, RKs, focusing orb, gng, my favorite music box, crabato juice, emo bear, stack of planks, camera, fox bait, more tools
    - one bigger bag with 11 icons and the rest feritldust
    - one bigger bag with about 5 to 10 of all the essences, guano, crazy salt,  and more potions
    - the rest are bigger bags that fill as I roam Ur, but with 5 firefly jars. still got to get my last badge for them. 

    At home I got a similar system as lila. 
    I got a potions room, where i got a bag for every herb + essences in a cabinet, In my kitchen I got two cabinets, one for all my empty bags and one with bags for all the vegetables. 
    In my living room I got one cabinet with all kinda random bags. and on my third floor, which is my working area, i got sdbs for all crafting and hoarding needs.
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  • Most of my stuff is on the floor. Apart from that, bigger bags, cubimal cases, elemental pouch, toolbox, spicerack and compound thing. 
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  • Home is filled with SDBs, they're not in any particular order, mostly it's a mass of them on the ground floor,  but I do have distinct areas for emblems, musicblocks and gems. 

    Bags are a mess, have 2 with tools, one with a set of icons, but the rest is just anything it needs to be
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  • I usually keep one bag empty toward the front of my inventory if I am going to be farming something or making a lot of something for another craft.  The SDBs definitely help in organizing.  
    It would be nice if things auto sorted or the option to auto sort.

    You can manually sort or just drop some items and they will auto sort when picked up.
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  • On the far right I have 3 toolboxes, followed by my LolaBag (given to me by one of the first glitchers I met Popperjack :)) ) in it are all fun things like camera, paper and pen, charades, cards, wine, orb, emo bear etc. than one bag of food and drinks, bag for music boxes i find along the way. The rest of the slots are filled with shopping bags for what I find running around streets and the world. I always leave 2 spots open.

    At home I have SDB"s and some nice cabinets like the Crab one :)
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  • The Sorting Hat! XD

    Well, I mostly go by food, tools, and ingredients to make food... Oh, and seeds. 
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  • I have most things in SDB's but did have a load of stuff lying about the house. I just had a clean up this morning so I can have friends over for a party. I had to hide away my dolls, cubi's and music blocks which is a shame. I don't know how to have them on display and not in an SDB. I'd like to have them around when people come over but cant see how I can do that safely.
    Still got to sort out a "kitchen" yet though. its still a mess of jars and bottles. On my person I carry 2.5 bags of tools and just dump at my house regularly.
    Oh and a bag of 1 set of eblems and a bag of spice. I've not bothered with tool boxes or spice racks in ages, too speciallised when a normal bag will carry anything.
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  • Typically, I have full inventory slots except for 4.
    2 full tool boxes to far right, one standard and one "weird" tools (like emo bear, quill, etc)
    Then from right to left:
    Spice rack
    Bigger bag full of emblems and EHSP
    Bigger bag with some drinks, spinach, bubbles, gas and keys
    Bigger bag full of Awesome Stew
    Bigger bag empty for donations (mostly music blocks)
    Bigger bag for gems
    Bigger bag for paper and TP scripts
    Bigger bag with everyday stuff like RK, Crabato, Wood, Bubble Tea, Grain, etc.
    Bigger bag, empty, to collect things I can give away or put in free piles on home streets
    Bigger bag with fox brush, bait and random pile of meat (also for collecting things to keep)
    Finally, as said above, 4 empty slots

    If I'm travelling routes, I fill those slots with Bigger bags dedicated to resource restoration supplies and trade out my TP scripts bag for another empty Bigger bag
    If mining, I carry 6 empty bags, trading out my TP scripts and Everyday stuff bags

    At home I have a crap ton o' cabinets (around 20) all full of bigger bags (save for three) and all are around other things based on their organization (like 3 dedicated to machine stuff near my machines and 6 in my kitchen all full of food, cooking and harvest needs)
    All of my "house" bags are organized by item type (fruit, guano, types of rock, etc)
    One of my three not-bag cabinets is full of random food stuff (crabato juice, syrup, etc) not in bags
    The other two cabinets are for "room to grow"
    I have about 23 SDB's = 6 for AS supplies and AS (not saffron), 1 for meat, 1 for RK, 1 for a single Luminous Moonstone, 2 for special TP scripts (places no longer accessible otherwise), 1 for Glitch game boxes, 1 for 12-sided die, 1 for Pi and around 9 for "condiments" in my kitchen.
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  • I like to have my bags half organised / half for random gathering and I sort the random half regularly

    I have all slots filled with bigger bags apart from the last in which I carry a spice rack. I don't carry an element pouch because I always grind at home or alchemist's kit because I only make compounds as I need them.

    My bags are:
    1 In Play - orb, bear, faded heart, RKs, crabato, GOHF cards, some tools
    2 In Play - herbs (for seeds), keys, cards, notes
    3-4 Empty - gathering
    5-6 Meat - gathering (meat for donating/selling once built up)
    7 Sell - mainly music blocks and gems
    8 Crafting - stuff I craft as I go along, seasoned beans / eggs, stews etc
    9 Groceries - Jars and bottles of stuff, ice, hooch, bear, utility drinks
    10 Protein - emergency meat, milk, butter, fish and eggs (not used often)
    11 Carbs + fruit - mainly for collecting grain and cherries
    12 Veg - some veg for feeding to pigs / batterflies, collecting beans
    13 Random - bubbles, gas, planks, paper, powders, music blocks for crab
    14 Tools - full of tools
    15 Cooking - tools and mood drinks

    At home I keep the things I hoard in SDBs (resources, herbs and awesome stew ingredients). I keep some stuff I use all the time on counters / shelves or by machines / gardens and the rest in bags in cabinets. I don't really want a house full of SDBs...
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  • I like having everything sorted and organised. With the new houses it's easy to /home and sort stuff straight into SDB's or use straight away for crafting...
    Carry on me depends on whether I'm harvesting or mining,
    Harvesting - (from right)
    3 Toolboxes, 
    1 spice rack, 
    1 Element pouch,
    1 green bigger bag (labelled food),
     2 brown bigger bags (1 labelled musicblocks/icons & 1 labelled Other (which holds shrine powder, no-no, tickets, etc), 
    7 pink bigger bags (1 - cherry/bean, 1 milk (& cheese/butter), 1 meat/eggs, 1 bubble/gas, 1 grain/paper/planks/bog stuff, 1 produce, 1 groceries)
    Leaving one slot free ....

    Mining - I replace the 7 pink bigger bags + 1 'other' brown bag with all dark blue bigger bags, still leaving one slot free...
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  • I don't.
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  • I'd love it, if Glitch had some "sorting rules" we could define for ourselves: "Pick up Musicblock -> go to bag 4", "pick up Sparkly rock -> go to bag 2" and so on.

    As long as that does not happen, I was very happy to learn a few months ago about the idea of an "Inbox bag", which is always my first bag on the left, and which collects everything picked up. Once that bag is full, I distribute it to the other bags, which have some kind of rough order like:

    a) Inbox (everything new)
    b) Tools
    c) Cooking-Ingredients
    d) Drinks
    e) Gems & Musicblocks
    f) Rocks, Barnacles, Jellisacs
    g) Construction materials (Wood, Metal...)
    h) All kinds of bottles & jars
    i) Herbs (and Seeds)
    k) Food

    And so on.

    I know that the new search function is actually pretty useful, but I like my things in order, and for some of those, it's actually very smart to always know exactly where they are if I need them. I rely pretty heavy on herbs in everything I do (Rookswort, Hairball, Silvertongue...), so it's great to just click "Green bag" and have them all at my disposal.
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  • I hoard most of my stuff in SDBs at home (the SDBs are grouped by content type).
    On-hand, I have (from right to left):

    Spice Rack
    Elemental pouch
    Tool box with kitchen stuff
    Tool box with alchemy stuff and random other tools (quill, camera)
    Tool box with stuff that I'm always repairing (3 high-class hoes, 2 fancy picks, 2 ace of spades, 2 tinkertools, construction tool, grinder, smelter, tongs)
    Alchemistry kit (which is usually empty unless I'm making something in particular)
    2 small shiny objects with no intrinsic value, mostly as placeholders in case I need to pick up a root-inventory-only item, but sometimes also given to Glitchen who feel the need to blatantly beg for stuff
    one bigger bag with things I want to keep on-hand (GOOHF cards, some nono, some awesome stews, any Hell drink tickets I haven't redeemed yet)
    6 more bigger bags that I let fill up as I wander in-world, then empty into SDBs when I get back home
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  • I'm surprised so many people carry their spice racks around with them. That's a full 16 slots. I prefer having my Spice Mill and some Allspice in case I need to make something while I'm out and about. It only takes up two slots, and my actual spice rack lives at home - which is where I'm likely to be if I'm doing a big cooking session.

    Similarly I prefer Bigger Bags to Toolboxes. Container that can hold 16 of anything, vs container that can hold 16 Tools only.

    That said, I do usually have a Random Kindness in one of my main inventory slots. This is partly so I can find it, partly as a placeholder so that if I need to temporarily pick up another bag I can.

    I have SDBs by my machines, containing the raw materials necessary for those machines, to make it convenient to pull as much as I need when I'm on a machine spree.

    As for my bags, I frequently rename them to keep track of them.
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  • Many items are in SDBs.  Herbs are on the ground floor near the back yard garden where I grow them.  Crops are in SDBs on the Top floor and I also have a small wall cabinet that holds sauces and my Emblems.  On the second floor are all the items i need for Alchemy and making blocks, metals, fuel, etc.  My machines are also on the second floor.

    Other items are in labeled Bags:  Seasoned Beans, Seasoned Eggs, Animals (chicks, piglets, caterpillers), Party bags include foods, drinks, Rainbows, Charades and I have some Bags for Party Gifts.  There are some bags for Toys as well as two cubi bags.  Several other labeled bags are also in my cabinets.
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  • depends on where I'm hiding the bag. :)
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  • 1-5 Dropbox: for filling up!
    6-7 Food bag: one for Awesome Stews, one for Expensive Grilled Cheese
    8 Drinks bag
    9 Alchemistry bag: with related tools, nono, essences, powders (fertilidust/EHSP)
    10 Farming/Mining bag: with guano, sometimes I'll hold crops or herbs in here
    11 - 12 Donation fodder: gems, music blocks, seasoned beans, etc.
    13 Giant bag: one of each emblem and some icons that didn't fit in my home
    14 - 15 Element Pouches: one full, one for shaking/collecting
    16 Toolbox: with tools, although I'm thinking about sticking the tools in their related bags lately...

    I pretty much only do cooking at home, so I leave all my cooking tools, foodstuffs, etc. in my kitchen.  I keep SDBs only for raw resources (animal resources, tree resources, jellisacs/barnacles, plain metal ingots, one for sparkly and one for dullite).  Crops, herbs, and hooch get stashed in a cabinet.  I also don't even think I own a spice rack or alchemistry rack anymore...

    I also have a large cabinet that I filled with one of each music block.  Now that they stack, when I hit more than five of one kind, I grab the stack and sell them (mostly because I get so many, I can't donate them fast enough).
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  • I keep
     my orb on the far right,
     then a bag for food,
     then a bag for emblems and similar gizmoes, 
    then one that contains herbs, tinctures etc, and RKs,  
    then one for administrative stuff (cards, paper, etc), 
    two spice racks
    then  gardening stuff
    a drinks bag
    a fruit/drink bag
    then two tool boxes
    and finally three generally empty bags for gathering, that can be replaced with whatever I need (I have a bag for metal working, another that holds finished wood, and of course elemental pouches for various crafting)

    All the large quantities (raw foods, veggies, raw resources, gems, herbs, tinctures, potions etc.) go in sdbs or in cabinets. I can't very well carry 2800 jars of sauce for my spaghetti or the >4000 olive oils, now can I?
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  • At home, I do like most everyone else - SDBs for everything, sorted by use (kitchen, bar, potion lab, workshop, shrine, blah blah blah).

    I have two inventory organization schemes depending on where I'm going to be running around. If I'm sticking to the home streets, I'm after huge amounts of resources. So that scheme goes:
    1. Gathering toolbox
    2-9. Inbox
    10-11. Sell/donate - I sort stuff I dump into shrines into these as I go - musicblocks, gems, random stuff. Once this spills over into the Inboxes, time to hit a shrine or a tool vendor.
    12. Seeds and beans
    13. Project restoration - filled with the supplies for the projects I'm most likely to run into like jellisac mounds, dirt piles, etc
    14. Party like it's 1999 - because you never know when it'll be time to party
    15. Stuff What Needs Keeping - Stuff I like to keep around always, like get out of hell free cards, a stack of grain, no-no, tree antidote, paper, fertilidust, extra RKs
    16. Food and Drink

    If I'm going to be out in Ur, it's a little different, because I like to keep supplies on hand for crafting for other glitchen.
    1. Gathering toolbox
    2. Cooking/bartending toolbox
    3. Alchemy/potions toolbox
    4. Spice rack (I tried just keeping a couple of stacks of allspice and my grinder in a bag, but I HATED it.)
    5-8. Inbox
    9-10. Sell/donate
    11. Potions bag, with essences, some herbs, crazy salts, etc
    12. Veg bag, with, naturally, vegetables. Also beans.
    13. Grocery bag, with stuff from the grocery vendor, 2 stacks of milk, a stack of grain, a stack of hooch, a stack of meat
    14. Party like it's 1999
    15. Stuff What Needs Keeping
    16. Food and Drink

    Thankfully, in real life, I can get by with a Coke Zero, a bag of Cheetos, and some chopsticks to keep the cheese dust off my hands.
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  • At home, I only have a small set of items in my SDBs - basic commodities/resources, construction items, valuables (funpickle, gems), and groceries (I stocked up, just in case). I also have a few oddity collectibles in my SDBs like crab headphones (just can't pass them up), SWF blocks, old tree poison, etc.  Veggies, herbs, food, seeds, and other items that I don't tend to collect in high volume I keep in bags either by the crop plots or in my cabinets. Also, anything I have an extra of or basic sets of things like music blocks, cubimals, elements, I keep in bags in the cabinets.  So in general, I put high volume or high value items in SDBs, and groups of things or low volume items I keep in cabinets - some in bags. I also keep gift boxes/bags in my cabinets...just in case. 

    So...what do I carry around with me?! Well, I personally am trying to get out of the habit of carrying everything with me all the time, which was the best model when we had street projects in old beta1, and no auto home like we do now...however, old habits are hard to break...and I'm failing current inventory shows...

    Two Toolboxes
    One Spice Rack
    And the rest are large bags labeled:
     Essence n Keys
     Herbs n PSnoCone n Crabato
     Swamp Items
     Incoming (generic stuff, I collect)
     For Selling (typically extra music blocks, gems, etc)
     Mining n Keepers
     Fox Stuff (with plenty of empty space for fiber collection with often gets filled with other collected stuff)
     Construction (tool, one of each of the primary wood and metal construction items, and extra wood, etc.)
     Veggies n Misc
     Cooked or Made Foods
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  • I don't, really, but I really do try! 

    I have one toolbox which contains most of my tools, except cookery things which are in a "kitchen" bigger bag, with a few extra spaces usually filled with grain or meat or random junk that lands in there. I also have a separate bag for mining, which has my fancy pick and fancy grinder along with a couple stacks of earth shakers, humababas and so on. There's also usually a couple stacks of guano in there because I sometimes pick it up while I'm out mining. I also have a big bag just for veggies, a small one herbs, fiber arts tools/materials, and so on. I recently started a bag for donations. If there's space, I'll put gems and music blocks I get into it, then any other ones I get of the same type will automatically stack in there. Then later I can dump them into a shrine!

    Those are the somewhat successful bags-for-specific-purposes I have gotten going. My "prepared food" big bag was obviously meant to hold food, but usually only a few stacks and then a lot of extra random stuff. The bag that was once meant to hold drinks or drink making supplies is just a junk drawer.

    Keeping stuff organized in my house is a work in progress. I have a few SDBs but I doubt I'm using them to their full potential. I've been dropping bags I don't need on the floor to make space for bags I do need on me, but I'd like to try not doing that because it looks messy!
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  • I have over 100 bags scattered around shelves and cabinets in my home. I've started to got through each of them and place items in SDBS and auction the rest, leaving me with empty bags that I can sell and give away/
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  • My bags are a lot less rigidly sorted since we gained the ability to return home so easily. 

    My first bag has Crabato and keys. Slots 2-4 are toolboxes with all of my mining/tincturing/gardening/crafting goodies. The rest of the slots are usually held by largely unorganized bigger bags. (I usually have a designated spot for fertilidust, because I grow wood trees and pretty much drink the stuff. I probably shouldn't try to drink dust, huh?)

    At home, my third floor is primarily a work area. I have all my machines set up alongside SDBs holding supplies and output. For example, I have SDBs holding fuel cells, peat, and jellisacs by my fuelmaker. I also have SDBs with ore, barnacles, full firefly jars, and a few other items, along with a cabinet full of empty bigger bags. At least every few days, I do a good cleanup of my bags, dumping my hoard into those third-floor SDBs.

    My second floor has some SDBs with herbs, mainly because they look very pretty in my bedroom. I also have a wall safe containing gems, because... well, I enjoy having a wall safe full of gems. 

    The first floor is home to my catch-all utility cabinet. That's where I sock away elemental pouches, seasonal items, extra garden supplies... anything that I use irregularly but want to have available when needed.
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  • Such an interesting variety of "approaches".  :)
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  • in my inventory: Tools, Tools 2, Food, General Vapour, Extras, Emblems, Sell or Donate, Spice Rack, the thingy that holds elements

    in my house: Housing Raw, Housing Made, Special, 3 cabinets

    SDBs: grain, cherries, eggs, beans, bubbles, purple flowers, pi, pumpkin seeds
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  • At home, lots of SDBs (for all the resources, herbs, emblems, fun stuffs I collect (like orbs that I gather from Ancient Lands). Cabinets for bags with and without stuff, cubimals, prefabs, spare stuff).

    My inventory has no free slots. I carry with me, from left to right:
    1 [bag] - orb, barnacles (so I can see how many I have and when I can turn them into crystals), the potions I use most often. Rest of the slots are incoming, for the stuff I gather.
    2 [bag] - paper and teleportation scripts
    3 [bag] - various incoming
    4 [bag] - food, which again, I gather from AL and when manage to have a sizeable quantity, donate or give away
    5 [bag] - drinks, see above
    6 [ bag] - gathered: for all the beans, bubbles, cherries, bundled grain, gas etc
    7 [bag] - spinach, unbundled grain for feeders, cards (reshuffle, get our of hell, and the new location ones)
    8 [bag] - firefly jars, random kindness, potions and powders
    9 [bag] - keys, camera, bear, GNG
    10 [toolbox] - tools for labour
    11 [toolbox] - kitchen and alchemy tools
    12 - elemental pouch
    13 - spice rack
    14 - alchemists box
    15 [bag] - seeds (both herbs and vegetables)
    16 [bag] - full set of icons, faded heart, favourite racing cubimal(s), wine of the dead.

    Whew. The scary part is, I know this by heart LOL. What can I say, I like to be prepared.
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