Who are you people ? Really I want to know ...

Howdy and thanks for dropping by my little thread. I ,as of late, have been wondering just who is playing Glitch these days (yeah I do weird things like that :). The old primary demographic of stay at home moms and retired persons seems to be shifting. I meet people of all ages and walks of life in Glitch, it's got that universal appeal thing going for it. Don't get me wrong I love stay at home moms and retired folk I just wanna know who the heck is here so I would really appreciate it if you could tell me a little about yourself. No need to write your life story or anything, not that that wouldn't be interesting, but just a few things like your sex, general age, social status, and what you do to fill your days when you aren't playing Glitch. Hey who knows you might even be weird like me and find this interesting :) In the very least you get entered in a random drawing to win 10 cubimal boxes just for taking the time to help me out. 

 I'll get the ball rolling.

Female , Age 40's , Not married, Self employed computer geek, nutritionist and keeper of other peoples stuff (aka caretaker) 

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  • Male, 35, Married. Two kids (ages 3 and 6mo). From North Carolina, US. Working for a company in a software architect role as a senior software engineer.
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  • Female, mid-20s, I live in Romania - moved from the capital to the other end of the country fairly recently. Vet student, not graduated yet. Very much interested in ethology and all aspects of animal behaviour. Currently unemployed. I'd love to make a living training dogs, and that's what I'll strive to achieve. One seven-year-old cat, a kitten I picked up in the field by our house in August this year, another kitten who turned up out of nowhere and stayed to live with us less than a month ago - they are intent on running up an astronomical food bill, so I really should find a job soon. :D

    I read a lot and take lots of pictures with my camera. Some of them are decent. I watch films, listen to music and am not very creative at all. I like gardening, in theory. In practice, our garden is not much of a garden, but the weeds sure like it. That, of course, will have to change. My plans are very ambitious indeed. I am encouraged by Glitch telling me, every now and then, that gardening is a leisurely activity. :P

    A bit of a night owl - while being up at daybreak and feeling the whole day is ahead of me, full of possibilities, gives me a huge thrill, it's a thrill I rarely get to experience as I usually go to bed late and wake up later yet. I need to reform my ways.
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  • Female, 29, freelance artist currently going back to school full-time.  
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  • Male, 40 next month, Missouri. Married. Working full time, taking 6 hrs/semester toward Graphic Design degree. Cartoonist who once had a webcomic. (Panels here, strips here) Occasional prank letter writer. Weirdo.
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  • Female, 37, living close to the beach in The Netherlands. I share my house with a Mr Woo and the real Tricky Woo aka the Mudmonster aka a dog that likes to swim. 
    I work full time as a lawyer specialising in employment matters and data protection issues and I do that in-house at one of the world's largest companies. I love my job but I am very happy to escape to the lighthearted and love-filled world of Glitch for a few hours every night :). 
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  • Male, 38, married, kids, dog, house in the suburbs, SUV...the whole deal.  When not playing Glitch, I work as an IT professional for a large corporation.  I kinda play off and on, depending on what game currently has my attention.
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  • Tehee :) I wanted to ask this same question a while ago, but stopped since I didn't want to sound stalker-ish :p
    Single female, 28, doctor, living alone with Glitch to keep me company :) My family are 15 hours flight away, and my friends are at least 2 hours train ride away.

    When not playing Glitch I live in the fluffy world of dreams and wishes. I wish I'm an illustrator; I'm good-ish but not good enough to go professional.
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  • Hiya :) I am female, 31, married, a mother of 4 kids, a custom design tattoo artist, full-time college student majoring in Criminal Psychology, and hopelessly addicted to books and Glitch (but then again, who isn't addicted to Glitch lol?). 
    My husband and I have been playing almost a year. Our oldest son plays Glitch as well and I made a Glitch themed cake for his last birthday :)
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  • Female, ageless, childless, unpartnered, I share my Cape Cod (Massachusetts, East Coast, USA) home with one completely annoying semi-retired social worker and one rotten, useless, bossy, know-it-all cat.  I've been playing Glitch a little over a year now. I can quit any time I want.
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  • lol... this stuff is great ! So many intelligent, artistic and funny Glitchren .... 

    I LOVE THIS PLACE !!! Anyone else we haven't met ?
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  • Female, married, 39, childfree but plagued by two cats. Formerly a sign language interpreter and college instructor of English for deaf students, but illness laid me low, and now I'm disabled, unemployed, and mostly housebound. Sound depressing? It's not. :-) I'm adjusting, with the help of my wonderful friends and amazing husband. Currently working on a curriculum to improve suicide prevention for people with chronic illness and playing every videogame there is. Also? Cross-stitch.
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  • Male, 18, student. Does stupid things like making websites in my free time. Socially awkward and is afraid... to... speak... with... (OH MY GIANTS THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM HERE) people (HELP!!)
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  • Female, 18, not... married...., student at public university. I spend the rest of my time studying or laughing at bad fanfiction for series I really love.
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  • Female, married 40's. Vegetarian agitator from UK who loves to grow things, very very hot things and tasty things. Spent all my life running a record label with my hubs...sold the label on a few years ago so we could travel and play...funny to see some Glitchy players named after our bands ;D I also change my Glitch name...a LOT.
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  • Female, 40s, UK, unmarried, no kids - have dog and job to keep me busy. Reclusive and nocturnal, which does not fit with my 8-5, and not good at interacting with humans - which does not fit with open-plan offices :) 

    My ambition is to be known as 'the mad dog / cat / rat / pig lady' when I grow up. Ideally, I would like to hear this being whispered about me while I'm sitting in my rocking chair on the porch, with a rifle and cat in my lap at the time, but I might have to move out of the UK to facilitate this.
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  • wow,, lot of women here...

    Male, 23, bakery owner, single~
    Currently studying graphic design, street dance, and guitar. little too late to start, but well, still much better than never actually start it
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  • Ama Gad, your ambition is what I hope to be when I'm older, mine's exclusively with Cats, but still the same train of thought. :D
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  • Female, 38, single.  Technical writer. USA

    I love cooking and am learning to cook a lot of things from scratch.  I love the idea of doing a lot on my own, and can't wait to own a home so I can garden more.  I'm a gamer as well, and do a lot of tabletop and LARP (Glitch is my only real MMO, unless you count KoL).
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  • Well, I'm male and turn 31 next week. Living a single life in Edinburgh, Scotland, and by day I work for a software company. I like live music and video games, which means my favourite game is Rock Band. I've always been curious whether I'm in the target demographic for Glitch, but apparently that set includes everyone in the world so there's nothing to worry about.
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  • So many women! I usually play MMO's that are totally male dominated, so it's a nice change (although it's no doubt because we kill nothing here - sigh)
    I'm a British expat of 53 years old, been living in Italy for 35, divorced, 3 kids, 3 dogs and 2 cats, although now I live alone and we've shared out the animals so I only have my Czechoslovakian Wolfdog with me, although I still consider all of them family :)
    I closed my bookshop last year and since I can't find a job, I try to maintain myself selling crochet geekery on Etsy. 
    Been playing Glitch for about 18 months.
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  • 21, Neutrois, secretly a wizard. I live in the UK and France by turns and am studying maths and physics. First non-binary person in the thread~ I like to draw and play video games and I'm currently considering buying a book called "Learning Discrete Mathematics With Ducks". (It makes use of mathematical inducktion.)
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  • I'm really surprised I've never seen the word "Neutrois" before.  I like it!
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  • Female, 31, married, no kids (yet. SOOOOON), and 1 tortoise.  I am a science teacher but since moving to Germany I took a job teaching k-6th grade. Little kids are funny!  Husband and I are from Ohio originally- yay for all the Ohio people in this thread!
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  • It is a good word! The only trouble is I don't know whether I should pronounce it like it's english or french...
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  • Female. 40. Urban planner. Civil serpent. 4 cats. 1 partner in crime. Lapsed knitter/spinner (thanks to glitch). I read. I daydream too much. I take public transit everywhere. Avocadoes? Definitely.
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  • @Zira - You made me look up Czechoslovakian Wolfdog - so beautiful! I now want one!
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  • I love this thread! Read throu most of the peoples info and its great how glitch brings people from all walks of life.

    Feamle. 19 & 10/12. Pacific NW. I am a Artist and crafter. I sell my scarves and plarn creations to friends but will be on etsy soon once we are done moving. I live with my brother and parents, our pit bull, and my 4 rats. Just moved in to a small cute neighborhood that I adore so far, I can walk to my favorite store called new seasons. I also love to cook/bake, play any instrument with keys[at the moment Im working with accordion]. But Lately I spend my time on glitch or drawing on paintchats with my mini me.

    My hope for someday soon is that I can intern at a taxidermy shop and learn the art. My life goal is to articulation and artistic taxidermy and own a little shop to sell it and my painting/crafts. And for now maybe I can at least get back to teaching dissection to kids at saturday academy, I greatly miss it.
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  • This is such a cool thread!!  male, 40, married, 1 child (11months). I am an editor for film/tv and work for a large animation production company in Los Angeles.  I like sports.  All of them, and video games, most of them.
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  • Male,15 student

    i'm shy even in Glitch,and i'm enjoying the game 
    playing for a week and i just love the stories of this game 
    i don't have much friends too

    i'm in a japanese course,and there is also the school.a friend of mine said that glitch it's a game for kids,but i don't see any kid here.. (oh i am a kid) that's it
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  • Female, late-20s, employed in a research/consulting job.  4 cats, no current significant other.  Recently returned from a Glitch hiatus.
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  • Female, 25, I'm a freelance artist and I am a Broadcaster on  Gaming, art, and cats are my life.  I just live to entertain! :)
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  • Female, 21, North West UK, ex student and currently working part (read: full) time in a game shop. I have no partner and I'm well on the way to becoming a crazy cat lady. I love writing things, mostly novels and occasionally attempting to draw, but often failing. If it wasn't obvious from my current job, I love games.
    Just remembered about Glitch after joining and not doing much with my account, and now I got myself addicted.
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  • Female, 39 with 9 years of experience, Floridian (bleached blonde in a world of blue hairs), love the beach and am often grumpy, I AM the crazy cat lady that lives in the house on the corner, mathematician by training / analyst by trade / Christian by choice, FS refugee, sometimes a geocacher, often a workaholic, exceptionally patriotic and conservative, but I still enjoy bawdy innuendo humor...
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  • Female, 40's. Hail from the UK. Mother of three grown boys, grandmother of four and one on the way :) Early days I was a Test Engineer for a major payment systems company trying to minimize all those fraudsters out there ;) I too am blessed to be owned by two pampered cats. Now I enjoy a more relaxed living, thanks to my other half of 25 years. I work part time in a job I love, and most Importantly, I adore my Mum. 
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  • Female, 30, located in Australia, usually a lawyer but currently at home for 6 months with a baby before I head back to work next year. And yes, that has resulted in me returning to Glitch after a bit of a break. It's the first MMO I've really played.
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  • Male, 42, imagined at first launch. Apartment building manager in SF with my husband of 13+ years. Introduced to Glitch by an old friend who works for TS, Murphy_Slaw. Now, a Greeter, a secret agent for Sandbox, a writer for the Glitchen ImaginatUr, and an assistant peacekeeper in Civility group. Busy-busy!

    On the subject of "lots of females": my understanding is that the average player is a 35yo female, unlike most games where the average player is an 18-25yo male. Thank goodness! Boys are dumb. ; )
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  • Lots of females, yes, but also lots of cat people. Me-yow!
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  • Female, married, 34, software engineer, one daughter (nearly 2 now). I read avidly and write poetry. Would love to meet other Glitch-playing moms in Brooklyn!
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  • I work in a box.

    No, I really dont, but I really want to get up there.
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  • Male, 22. Going to college for medical transcribing. I mostly play video games in my spare time, play some basketball and football whenever it's nice out every so often.
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  • Female, over 40, work full time, have a menagerie of pets, avid reader, never (officially) published writer, wannabe computer geek, certainly a nerd and most definitely addicted to Glitch and my little Glitchling.
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  • Geek male, 40's, husband and daddy. I hang out in Ur when I can because it's a different place and the people are cool.
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  • Female, 26, phd student in finance, married with 2 rescue dogs, Chicago.
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  • [ deleted, alt confusion ]
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  • Woman, mid-20s, living in the US (New Mexico specifically), partnered but not married, unemployed and dicking around making jewelry until I find a job I actually like. Been playing for a bit over a year now, I think, though I stopped for about 5 or 6 months in the middle.
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  • 25 year old female here. Married with a 5 year old son. I have been playing off and on for around 6 months, maybe a little longer! Living in St. Louis, MO.. Currently not working but old job was a Game Master for another gaming company. Now I try to piddle around with arts and crafts. Love beer and The Walking Dead comics. Braaiaaains.
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  • Female, 32, married, child-free, chaotic-good, currently working full-time as an analyticator (yes, that is so a word, I just said it, didn't I?) Addicted to Glitching for over a year now with no signs of recovery.
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  • female, 29, will be 30 end of Feb., married, stay at home to a four year old little girl
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  • male, 22, single. studying in UK. likes to read stories, of all kinds. been here for about a month.
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  • Female, mid 30's, single mummy to my two beautfiul daughters and I work in the very exciting world of insurance ;) in London UK. Have been playin Glitch since last March and still love it :)
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