Who are you people ? Really I want to know ...

Howdy and thanks for dropping by my little thread. I ,as of late, have been wondering just who is playing Glitch these days (yeah I do weird things like that :). The old primary demographic of stay at home moms and retired persons seems to be shifting. I meet people of all ages and walks of life in Glitch, it's got that universal appeal thing going for it. Don't get me wrong I love stay at home moms and retired folk I just wanna know who the heck is here so I would really appreciate it if you could tell me a little about yourself. No need to write your life story or anything, not that that wouldn't be interesting, but just a few things like your sex, general age, social status, and what you do to fill your days when you aren't playing Glitch. Hey who knows you might even be weird like me and find this interesting :) In the very least you get entered in a random drawing to win 10 cubimal boxes just for taking the time to help me out. 

 I'll get the ball rolling.

Female , Age 40's , Not married, Self employed computer geek, nutritionist and keeper of other peoples stuff (aka caretaker) 

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  • 22 y.o. female from the U.S. as well as a part-time student and amateur photographer with a great love for words. :) 
    I have a cat named Jim.
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  • My gosh, I checked this thread a few days back and fems ruled, and they're still ruling, so I have no choice but to throw myself in the mix. Female, 40 as of this year, unemployed also as of this year, and sharing a home in the mountains with my aging hippie mother and lots of fur-kids. I guess that makes me a second generation flower child, and proud of it. ;) Peace and love, yo!
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  • Bump.
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  • Hello! Lovely to find this thread; this is my first post ever in these forums.

    I fall into that late-50s female part of our demographic here. Lifelong web community geek, for work and play. Only been Glitching for a few weeks and I am hooked hard. :-)

    Pleased to meet you all!
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  • Female, 33, living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. My (male) partner actually got me into Glitch.  I'm pretty new, but have been playing pretty much all the time I'm not at work (my health is poor right now, and Glitch makes staying at home interesting instead of being what I do because I'm too tired to go out). I have cats and I knit and I live alone and I identify as a a feminist and I wear a shirt that says Cat Lady Pride on it unironically. :D

    I work in tech support and network operations (in an odd hybrid position) for a company with a very poor gender balance *even* in the tech industry, which is renowned for its poor gender balance.  Glitch is the only MMO I've every played (or wanted to play), and I think its aim of being collaborative and for the casual gamer has everything to do with why I like it.
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  • I'm one of the younguns :)

    16, female, I have 3 children, haha jk! :) I really really want to go into music composition, but I don't know if I will, because there's no money in music, so I'm still trying to figure it all out. I also am a classically trained singer, I play classical piano, and I love sailing!
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  • Female, 30, lover of all things techie and creator of websitey type thingies.  Playing for a few weeks and addicted from the first 5 minutes.
    Us ladies seem to be dominating this game! I wonder if it is because it's not based on killing people?   (Can't help but think it.)
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  • Female (despite playing an apparently male character -- gender bending is interesting), 51, married, two sons (one who used to play), and a kitten that we named "Bacon"! And yes, his name was partly inspired by glitch-folk. Been playing and loving it for much more than a year. Sometime artist, teacher, student, busy mom.
    This game has given me more ways to unwind from the complexities of my life than anything else I have ever found. I love all of you out there, players and devs, who make this game amazing.
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  • Ah Finley, another youngun!

    I'm female, 15, and an aspiring artist :D I love most sports and I enjoy just singing to my heart's content in my free time.
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  • Female, 40s (shhhhh!), single (available! lol), teaching English lit and composition full-time at a university. Been playing Glitch for just over a year now. When I'm not wandering around Ur, I'm writing/recording/playing music with my goth band.  I also love cats--have one cuddling my arm and hindering my typing right now!
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  • Female, 27, sort of like a housewife but without the marriage or kids (yet). Live with my partner 1 cat, 1 dog.
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  • Female, 24, wanna-be illustrator, working full-time as an admin for a religious/social-justice nonprofit, with an internship for a video game company. Went to school in Alaska for a bit. Living with a partner of 4+ years who is the straight shy vanilla to my very crazy rainbow swirl. :)
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  • Female, 30, living in the Midwest of the USA and doing artwork for a start-up game company.  Keeper of parrots, sculptor of sculpts.  I'm afraid there's not much else to report as life itself is actually pretty bland.  Glitch has helped alleviate some of the boring.

    On a different note, as a game dev, seeing the general response to this thread has been enlightening, and extremely heartening.
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  • Hiya! Female, mid-40s, employed, married (well, WE think so, even if Texas disagrees) been playing over a year but I wandered off for a while in the middle there when learning new skills started taking weeks and I couldn't remodel my house. (Incidentally, does anybody know what happens if you try to use a teleport script for an address that no longer exists? I'm considering framing the one to my old house that I found in my box when I unpacked.) Love Glitch and have spread the Ur-age to my wife, son, and various friends. Our house is full of cats, ferrets, books, computers and videogame platforms. 
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  • well
    i'm a female, teenager, not married (lol) and I spend way too much time on glitch.
    Been playing almost a year now :)
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  • Female, 30's, married, middle school teacher, dog owner, crafter.  I live in northern california and have been playing Glitch for 2 months after reading about it on The game has brought sweet sanity during the challenging time of maternity leave with my 6 month old.  The community aspect of Glitch solves the problem of my feeling isolated at home. Staying home with a baby means I never get anything done (well maybe a load of laundry here and there) so the quests and feats help me feel I'm getting things accomplished.  Kudos to the developers and kudos to the players.  I'm so grateful Glitch exists. :)
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  • What a cool thread! I had no intention of posting anything about me when I started reading the responses, and then...the responses just sort of sucked me in--this really is a nifty community. I have been playing Glitch for a little over a year, after having ignored for months the invitation and reminders my daughter had sent me. She'd been playing since at least the first Beta and possibly longer. I'd been ignoring her invitations partly because I was having fun playing Age of Empires and slaughtering people. Then I started playing Glitch -- it's my first MMO, and is now my favorite way to recreate (Yeah, I can stop any time I want to. Why are you laughing?). I live on the East Coast of the US, am 56 (how did any of us get this old?) and am, like many of the previous posters, female (thanks to males who posted--you gave me the courage to out myself--I really like being part of a diverse community).

    Married (for the second time), one cat, two dogs (one's a pup--OMG I am too old for toddlerhood again)--field-bred English Cocker Spaniels--my husband hunts. Oh, and the world's largest gold lfish. I work for a large financial services company designing communications programs for participants in employer-sponsored retirement plans. Before that I advised student publications at a local university, where I was introduced to MOOs, MUDs, and computer games in general (anyone heard of Wumpus?). Looking forward to seeing all you lovely people in game--cheers!
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  • Female, just turned 21, third year college student studying journalism in the midwest
    Not married, but I've been dating my boyfriend for 4+ years, so it kinda feels like it :P
    Cat lover, aspiring sci-fi writer, gamer, comics fan, all around geek.
    Playing for 1.5 months!
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  • Female, late 20s, married, kitties but no kids, New England USA, full time MBA student
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  • Agender (I only identify as me!), 18, still living with mom, no kids thankfuly! Though I have three cats and two parakeets. I started playing glitch waaay back before there was imagination or custom housing. Sometimes I still really miss my little neighborhood and treehouse even though I love the new updates.

    I'm a full time college student, getting a multimedia certificate to go into a 3d animation career! Hobbies include drawing (which I hardly have time for anymore unfortunately), crafting anything and everything, needle and fabric and yarn and thread work, cosplay, and costume and special effects makeup!
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  • Im a guy, 21 (almost 22), still a student but graduating in December with a degree in Meteorology. Not a huge gamer but Glitch is just so fun and time wastey. I am for sure a geek-nerd and I am a-okay with that. I go to school in Western PA but am from the DC metro area (Northern VA). I began playing over a year ago, played for a few months and stopped and picked it up again about two months ago.
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  • 49 Playing Glitch since Beta....Studying computer engineering, volunteer animal shelter...Female...1 cat, 1 dog, 1 rat, numerous squeezable chickens and piggies that give meat but never die ...unless I forget to feed them!!   I had some butterflies but they seem to have gone off on their own glitchy adventure.   Love playing GW2.  Oh yeah...son 13y/o but I am having to look after his glitch now!  (not that I mind)- Will help anyone with anything if I've got it.  Love computers but hate reading.  Swim and pilaties.
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  • "BUMP"
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  • I'm female, 16-years-old, and I'm single.
    I have two dogs, so I spend a lot of time with them, but I barely ever come on Glitch, (I've just started) and I can't view my house! I haven't viewed it once, so now I'm just chilling out on the forums.
    I also play a lot of Smallworlds. It's a great game, it's for 13+, but there's loads of underage people and lots and lots of LAG. So I just chill out on the forums there too!
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  • Female, 27, forever alone, teaching assistant at a small Bosnian university. I'm currently working on my PhD in linguistics, and getting horribly distracted by Glitch, which I started playing 13 months ago. The rest of my spare time I fill up with sleeping (naps FTW!), reading, and obsessing over British TV shows.
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  • 22 year old single female. I graduated in May with a history degree and I currently work at a science museum while I put off going to graduate school for a MA in museum studies. I'm from north GA and live there with my mom (who also plays Glitch), one dog, and three cats. :) I've played since Beta but I'm not very good. :P

    I'm going to enjoy creeping on everyone who posts on this thread. ;)
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  • Mid-40s, married, female, self employed web consultant, no kids, two dogs, foster parent, artist born and raised in NJ, now living in Colorado.
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  • 17, female, a high school student that wants to be an illustrator, living with her parents and two wonderful, though argumentative, cats. 

    I wish I had known about this game before tonight! I'm already in love with it and everyone seems so friendly.
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  • Ah, the Divine~One - she who lifted our spirits when the "closed" sign was up and we were in serious delirium tremens from lack of Glitch - who donned the silverglitter go-go boots and headed up the DJ department of the Glitchodone Clinic - who never was at a loss for the right song - who went to heaven, communed with GOD and came back with opalescent, beauteous white locks and vestments - I cannot refuse her request despite my very extreme reticence to divulge any personal information - *sigh* - 40's, female, well-and-truly-attached, not working at present, non-published poet and aspiring nature photographer. There. Its done.

    P.S. @Carl Projectorinski - Love the wry humor of your strip!
    @Theremina Lute - I so love your Glitch music & have always wanted to thank you for it.
    And last but not least @ snygyst (always the gallant Sir Snyg to me!) - you gave me the courage to be known (at least a little bit - of being known, I mean).
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  • Hi!! 

    21 (22 this upcoming Saturday) year old female in Florida. I've been playing Glitch for a little over a year now. It's terribly addicting. I am a senior in college, studying Secondary English Education. When I'm not playing Glitch I'm at school, tutoring, interning at two different schools, working as a Cashier at a local grocery store or hashing (It's great! You should try it). Busy busy. It's no surprise I'm single. I have one kitten who is both the love and the bane of my life. And now I've run out of things to say and time to say them in. 
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  • Female: I am one of the oldest players here, now 65. I started playing Glitch in March 2011, when the game was still in alpha. That's was after another game closed down Faunasphere, a lot of us came here. I live in Southern England, in a little village called Easebourne, West Sussex. I am retired but do some voluntary at Cowdray Ruins, if I am lucky I do some paid work here as a DM. Cowdray Ruins, used to be a beautiful Tudor House, but caught fire in 1793, nothing much had been done since then, just left to crumble. We have been open for tourist's for about 5years, since the Lottery fund help save the ruin, after 3 million was spent to make the building safe. I have 3 Children, 6 Grandchildren and 2 Great Grandchildren, the love of my life is my partner of 17years. If you are ever in West Sussex, check Cowdray Ruins out, lots and lots of history there. We get visitors from all over the world.
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  • I ran this survey well over a year ago, asking what the average age a glitch was. I don't think statistics have changed so much since then. Some of you may find this interesting so am posting it again :)
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  • Mid-30s, female, librarian, living in South-East England, 2 cats, stereotypical Glitch player :) I live in a 500-ish year old house with my lovely nerdy partner and spend my non-Glitchy time sleeping, drinking and listening to metal. Lovely to meet you all!
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  • 31 male from Sweden who found Glitch on random a little more then a week ago (so if you feel like chatting a bit, just send me a message :p). I work in the IT-business. When I dont play Glitch I mostly work, spend time with friends/family or play other games.

    Glitch is one of the very few games I've played that I dont get to kill things in...and actually enjoy playing.
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  • I literally just joined up yesterday, but I'm female, eighteen, writer and aspiring author. Living in Japan and ridiculously in love with this absurd little game. CC:
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  • Unapologetically female, 44. I was an artist for 20 years. It's a lot to ask of a 40+ brain to toss that aside and study to become a nurse, but that's what I'm doing. I am happily divorced,
    and I have 2 great kids. Glitch is a joyous place for me, as imagination and collaboration are two of my very favorite things.
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  • Another female, early 40s, married, 2 kiddos. I'm a freelance book designer (scholarly books) and my nerdy pleasure (besides Glitch) is documentaries and anything PBS.  :P
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  • Female, 16, high school student from France ;) There seem to be a lot of women here !
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  • Female, student, have a boyfriend.
    Been on this game for a year or so, glad to meet all the new players these days.
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  • Female 52 years of age , resides in the New York area of the USA. Single mom with a daughter and 2 dogs.
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  • Male, 20, Midwest USA, Trying to find myself, Lives with Parents and older sister.  I originally signed up for the beta over a year ago when I saw an article on IGN.  After that I forgot about it until a few months ago when I recieved an email about it.  By then the street projects were done, which was the main selling point to me.
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  • Female fifteen, state level triathlete heaps of pets
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  • I'm a 32 year old woman living in the DC area with my boyfriend.  I've been playing since this summer but it seems way longer.   When I'm not here I work in radio. :)   I'm a super nerd who loves D&D and other roleplaying games; I have an XBox and I play games there, too.  

    Thanks for starting this, Divine~, it's really fun to see all the different sorts of people who play this! 
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  • Female, mid-thirties, not married.  Caretaker type person.  
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  • Are the devs just making this game to pick up chicks?  Seriously, I haven't seen this many women since I looked in elf's basement freezer.
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  • Hi! I am twenty year old female in real life and about to reach my first birthday in Ur later this month. I am a sociology major trying to find my place in this world. I like cats and friends. I hate butterflies. Oh, and I am hopelessly, insanely in love with and addicted to glitch. 
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  • Female, 30, Italian, currently based in Germany, living with my partner. I translate video games for a living. Been playing for a few months. Long live Glitch!
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  • Female, 39, live in deepest, darkest Derbyshire UK with my chap, our four cats and flatulent doggy. Love Glitch, don't even pretend to understand it but am quite obsessed. Love the music in this game, adore the visuals and love bouncing around like a loon collecting quoins:)
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  • 21-year-old agender college student and aspiring film actor from Boston, MA, USA. I've been playing for over a year now! Hard to believe...
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  • Male, 21, betrothed, and working as a pharmaceutical technician.
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