Who are you people ? Really I want to know ...

Howdy and thanks for dropping by my little thread. I ,as of late, have been wondering just who is playing Glitch these days (yeah I do weird things like that :). The old primary demographic of stay at home moms and retired persons seems to be shifting. I meet people of all ages and walks of life in Glitch, it's got that universal appeal thing going for it. Don't get me wrong I love stay at home moms and retired folk I just wanna know who the heck is here so I would really appreciate it if you could tell me a little about yourself. No need to write your life story or anything, not that that wouldn't be interesting, but just a few things like your sex, general age, social status, and what you do to fill your days when you aren't playing Glitch. Hey who knows you might even be weird like me and find this interesting :) In the very least you get entered in a random drawing to win 10 cubimal boxes just for taking the time to help me out. 

 I'll get the ball rolling.

Female , Age 40's , Not married, Self employed computer geek, nutritionist and keeper of other peoples stuff (aka caretaker) 

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  • Male, 36, Not married, self employed in hospitality industry. Owned by a German Shorthaired Pointer named Oscar.
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  • J.J. here, mid-twenties cis-gender woman from New England. Over a hundred of us came over from the blogging platform Dreamwidth, and a very active subset of that group has been building and running a community space on my street called Glitchwidth. (Current floors, from bottom up: Pub, Game Room, Meditation Studio, Machine Shop, Party Lounge, Giant Love, Come & Go Room, Lofty Aspirations). We're sad to see this world end, and eager to stay in touch with people past its closing.

    Communities on Dreamwidth proper devoted to Glitch:
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  • Female, 37, engaged, mum, trainee front end web dev, UK, 1 dog, been here since late alpha and was quite involved up to about a year ago, and just popped in every few weeks in the last year.

     My heart aches as this place was my little haven when I needed to escape the real world.  I wasn't much of a social glitch in this last year or so, but I just loved the game itself and all it's quirks and beauty.   So sad.  I don't know whether to be here in the final hours as I fear it will be far too upsetting, but I may regret it if I don't come.  So many end of world parties when it went down for testing, only this time it is never coming back again.  Devestating.  I listened to the GNG last night and felt sick.
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  • Female from Las Vegas. 30 years old, affianced, unemployed at the moment. Also super, super sad. I'll miss you terribly, Glitch. <3
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  • female, 19 yrs old, help desk tech :I nothin special. ive been playing glitch ever since it came out. dis sux. ;_;
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  • f/18/canada
    i started university a few months ago so i can learn to like doing what i thought i liked [english? writing?learning?]
    on saturdays i serve bubble tea [but nobody meditates with it]
    and still grieving!
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  • 28 glitch-gendered student/reluctant bank teller from brazil, kicking myself over having neglected glitch lately to work on a pointless dissertation. nowadays i always listen to the ix soundtrack before going to bed =\

    ages ago i wrote this on AVEN, the only other place i've found that's as welcoming as glitch:

    *edited for general asexyness
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  • Male, early 40s, married with an 8-month-old baby boy (and two cats). Live in Melbourne, Australia. Work is IT, for fun there's fencing, cycling, juggling, reading,music (I play flute, when I remember), gaming. And for the last few weeks, Glitch. Wish I'd found it much earlier !

    Edited to add: I build stuff with Lego.
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  • Female, 43, married with two teenage daughters, both of whom have glitch accounts; they enjoy the game but don't love it like I do. (One of 'em love Transformice; the other likes Plants & Zombies.) I do digital document conversion for a living--scan, OCR, convert to ebooks or text files, that kind of thing.

    Been playing for two months and I had *such incredible plans* for long-term play, and I'm going to cry when this is gone.
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  • Male, 41. Motion Graphics Artist in San Francisco. My fiancée also plays Glitch (Zotac).
    I've been playing since late in the 1st beta.
    I'm a bit of geek, a bit of a raver and one of those Burning Man people.
    Me & Zotac are both crushed about the demise of this place. It is so goofy and so beautiful and just such a fun weird place filled with the nicest, and oddest people around. I assumed we would be playing with you all for years to come.
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  • "bump" again. This is your chance to share with your community. So many people have enjoyed finding out who we all are :)
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  • Here goes. F 34, Michigan, USA. Married for 12 yrs, Poet, Artist. Husband is  MUCH better artist that No children. Used to volunteer at Animal Shelters, did that for about 5 years...I  have 1 dog, Oxy,whos from a shelter, shes a  Pitt mix, with either Ridgeback or Sharpei or a mix of all 3, and a Guinea pig, Echo. I'm Bipolar, and ended up on disability because of that. Over time working became a impossibility, couldn't keep things in check so to speak, the type i have makes it so Im always in a state where i have both features of Bipolar and Schizophrenia occurring at the same time. So it was a bit of an inevitability. When that happened i was here a lot more, and then i lost my car, and was here even many of you this was a place of solace for me, it was a home away from home where you didnt have to be scared to be silly, and didn't have to try and hide behind a mask. On top of that the game was witty, and gorgeous, to say im going to miss Ur, is a massive understatement. In the past i have dwelled in games as an escape but none have ever been like here. If on occassion is did get rude in Global it tended to be just getting carried away with things, it wasnt out of spite, as my judgement is not always the best sometimes. Both this game and community is unique and im more than going to miss it
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  • Female 15, South Australia- slightly crazy. Very athletic- uses glitch to cool off after long training sessions. Ran a 3k in under 11 minutes and does triathlons every weekend.
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  • Female, 25, Philippines, with boyfriend, supplements editor for local business newspaper, on a break from studying Mandarin, with no pets because landlord said no.

    I dabble in a lot of crafts but haven't found anything that's really stuck with me, so Glitch suited my general do-this-one-day-do-that-the-next attitude. The game also made me happy through a weird haze of emotional lethargy. After the game closes, I'll be looking for something new to do or learn. I'll also go back to Chinese in January.
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  • i'm female, 36, and (perpetually, unapologetically) single. my job is in network security.

    i've only been playing for about 6 weeks or so - i'm not a gamer but i subscribed to this game. i wish i had known about it sooner so i could have experienced more of ur. i'm sad, almost unreasonably so. i never thought i'd care about a game.

    i am currently living in the carribean, and in my free time i enjoy snorkeling (until hurricane sandy ruined the reef, anyway), beachcombing for sea glass, biking, movies, and reading. and playing glitch.

    i'm moving back to the usa 2 days after glitch closes. i was hoping to play glitch on fast internet someday, but now that's out.
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  • Female, 24, Sweden, single, Speech-Language Pathology student. I'm kind of introverted, so I spend much time at the computer, playing glitch, drawing, being creative, or learning about natural healing, health promoting diets, out of body projecting. Meditator & obsessive fruitmuncher. :)
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  • Edit - wrong thread.
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  • I'm just some madman, 36 and extra crazy.  =)
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  • I am female, 40s. I have worked for two game companies in the past, and I'm currently working for a company that makes software that game companies use. I'm an avid gamer, but Glitch was the first MMO I've ever played. I never saw the appeal of having to band up with others to kill a dragon or whatever. In Glitch I could decide if I just wanted to run around on my own and see beautiful things, or interact with others if I chose to. I don't know if I'll ever play another MMO because I know there is nothing else like this.

    My husband is also in the gaming industry, but 1st person shooters are his love so I couldn't get him hooked on Glitch. However, he understands my pain when I displayed my angst about Glitch closing down. We've both seen the death of really good internal projects at our companies before they ever got to see the light of day so we know the turmoil that employees of TS are currently experiencing, and we feel for those who are being let go in an industry that has had way too many layoffs over the past few years with the little developers being eaten by the big fish. I'm keeping my eye on TS to hopefully see something beautiful come out of the remants of Glitch someday. Until then I know I'll be first in line for any merchandise they offer that will help me hold onto the world I fell in love with so quickly.
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  • Identify Genderqueer - Androgynous, 19, Canadian
    Has Aspergers, suffers from anxiety.

    RL-wise, I like video games(especially puzzle or adventure), manga + anime, reading, and any TV shows that can make me laugh. I love to draw and like writing, though I doubt I'm too good at either. I have a crazy little dachshund who licks everything too much.

    In Glitch, my hobbies include inflicting Random Kindness on every glitch I see, and then running away as fast as possible. Also, more recently, lurking in global.

    Glitch closing...well, it hurts a lot more than I would have expected. But at the same time, I'm moved by it enough to finally brave the forums, and suddenly I'm getting the chance to get to know all you wonderful people, and that's helping me be a little less shy. Who knew the internet was capable of sustaining such a polite, mature, and most of all, friendly community?

    Thanks for making Glitch wonderful.
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  • Female, 57, I live in England, and I'm an Audit Manager. I'm English, my husband is American. I love technology and travel. I don't play many games, but Glitch ticks all the boxes for me. 
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  • @Harvestmouse, your update:
    "Female, 57, I live in England, and I'm an Audit Manager. I'm English, my husband is American. I love technology and travel. I don't play many games, but Glitch ticks all the boxes for me."
    tickled me because my answer would be:

    "Female, 58, I live in California and I'm heading for retirement (after a 30-year career in an international technology firm). I'm American, my husband is English. I love technology and travel.  I play a lot of games, but Glitch has been the best in a long time by a long ways."

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  • bump... Last chance to share yourself.
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  • Male, 40s, single, live in Vancouver. Former microcomputer developer, software engineer, 2D and 3D artist. Some time ago quit high-tech altogether. I like art, books and sincere people.
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  • Male, college student (early 20s) studying Computer Science. Shouldn't I be playing Call of Duty or something?? ;P 
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  • I feel like such a child, fourteen here. >  .  < I reside in Minnesota and play the violin. (I'm horrid at it, but still.) I'm a dancer and aerial artist, as well as a clown. I'm *obviously* not married. Oh, and I'm a girl. I'm kind of shy, which kept me from getting to know you guys. (Except for the people I know from real life.)
    Glitch closing is devastating, and I'm thinking of trying to make some real-life versions of some recipes. Tasty, and it will leave me something Glitch-related to focus on.
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  • Female. Psychologist. 
    Old enough to know better, young enough to forget it.
    From Sao Paulo, Brazil.
    Moving soon to Ilhabela (the name means lovely island, which it really is)
    As a Glitch, I may seem very shy but that's just because it takes me too long to write in English. 
    Don't usually play games but fell in love with Glitch.
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  • Loved going through the comments to this post. :)

    Female here, 40s, translator, from Athens, Greece. Love movies, reading, travelling (when I can afford it, which sadly isn't often). Spend too much time on my computer. I probably won't be exaggerating if I say I spent most of my awake, non-working hours playing Glitch since I discovered the game on October 21st. I'm not a gamer -- in fact, I usually try to avoid games just because I get too addicted to them -- but I dearly wish I'd discovered this one sooner and got to experience its amazing world and community at least a few more months.
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  • 57 year old woman, mother of 2 young adults. Traditional, conservative, self employed. Originally from Chicago, now living in a small town in northern Wisconsin. I like camping and fishing and I collect art glass and china. I enjoy age of sail novels and cello music.
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