Sending real thank you cards and notes to staff - w TS address

A little Internet digging was rewarded with the SF office address of TS.  All these virtual words of appreciation are wonderful but I'm old fashioned enough to  want to send them something real.  If you care to write a note, doodle a drawing, or send some other token of your esteem, the addy is on this fourquare page:

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  • Thank you. Any idea about their Vancouver office location too? I'm trying to Google, but coming up with nothing apart from Yaletown.
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  • Cool! *adds to Christmas card list*
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  • I'd also like the Vancouver addy!
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  • I found the SF address yesterday too.

    I found an address in Vancouver linked to TS but I don't know if it's right.
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  • Please post it anyway so we can try to eliminate it!
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  • great idea, thank you for the address...
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  • Findery lists the Vancouver address as: 1152 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5P2, Canada

    But that's a large office tower and you'd still need to find the suite number.

    Edited to add: per this tweet, it looks like it might be suite 335
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  • That sounds right, it is right beside the Canada Line station, as per stoot's reply.  
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  • the address that the Tiny Speck website is registered to is a PO box in Vancouver:
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  • It's best to direct physical mail to our San Francisco HQ. It is where we expect to receive mail, which is why it's the published address. :)
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  • That whois is an address in Vancouver, Washington, though.  

    I think I'll send to the San Fran and Mainland Street addresses and hope :)
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  • Yep, Tiny Speck is going on my Christmas Card list. Thanks for sharing this!
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  • Definitely don't send it to the PO Box in Vancouver, WA. That's just a privacy proxy for the domain registration service.
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  • TS staff.... still taking care of us little Glitchen.
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