3DS Friend Code Swap Thread

Post yours and what games you play/will play!

Name: Holly
My code! 0919-9432-5355

Style Savvy Trendsetters

Will Play:
Animal Crossing New Leaf

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  • Cabra, I just received a copy of the Animal Crossing Wild Worlds to play with, so if you want to add me go ahead. :) But I just started, so it doesn't look like much yet.ACWW code: 0519-6800-8364Name: LorianTown: River
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  • Thanks Lorian!, will do! :D
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  • Amazon says: 

    "Animal Crossing: New Leaf"
    Estimated arrival date: June 12, 2013

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  • I've added absolutely everyone up to this point, so now I've got a lot of 3DS friends. =P I would like to join you all in Animal Crossing: Wild World, but for some reason I cannot get a friend code for DS games on my 3DS. I guess I'll just have to wait for New Leaf. I'm pre-ordering it next week, and you can bet that I'll want to go get it on day 1 and play like mad!
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  • Hey there c: 
    Name: Aimz.
    FC: 2552-0617-6980

    Playing: Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Style Boutique/Style Savvy Trendsetters
    I will play Animal Crossing: New Leaf when it comes out! c: 
    Feel free to add me. x) 
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  • Vexia I am playing Wild World on my 3DS. I had to wait until the tutorial was over then go to the gate and ask Cooper for the code, but I got one. So it should be possible. But I started a new game since the 3DS is my first game thingy ever.
    Not that I have any idea how to make visiting work anyways... But I have Cabra on my AC:WW friends list at least. :)
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  • Hey guys!  Just me again.  Just letting you know that I added everyone.  Also, I'm borrowing Kid Icarus from my friend, so I can play that online.
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  • Name: Topher
    FC: 1332-7790-9920

    I have quite a few games, but the ones that come to mind are... Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Pokemon Rumble Blast, Kingdom Hearts 3D... and I will def be getting AC: NL and Pokemon X or Y. :D
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  • Name: Lyssie
    FC: 1349-4679-5122

    I only actually have Kingdom Hearts 3D, but I'd like to get Theatrhythm at some point and I guess with everyone playing Animal Crossing I should pick that up sometime too. :|a
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  • Hey folks will be adding all of the new ones on here. please add me back!! Post is a bit back but yea it is what it is. thanks guys and looking forward to playing some of you online
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  • Name: Cami
    FC: 1547-5324-2807

    I play a few games, feel free to add me. :)
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