The Song

As A beautiful world comes to a close, I find within me no remorse, but a strange peace. A song comes to mind; and so I begin to whistle. I whistle for what was created, what has been and what could be, the song of creation the first brought the world into being. The song of 11 minds that once drew together to create a brilliant dream, where many frolicked and enjoyed life to an extent they may never again. The dream may shatter, but as it does we awaken to a new born reality; and so the song plays. It plays so quietly that no one may ever hear it again, it plays for the worlds of the past. It plays for the dreams of the present. It plays for the secrets of the future. So the song plays
After writing this, I closed everything an prepared to shut down, yet for some reason the glitch music hadn't stopped and I knew this was true.

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