Where did you spend your last moments on Ur?

I was planning on sleeping with the fishes in Jal, but my Glitch told me she wanted to be in Seela Latta underground near the shrine of Mab. So after saying goodbye to the butler that is where she went.

Where were you when the Giants woke?

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  • Awn Terio. After saying good bye to my other favourite places, my old street (where I tried to donate myself to the shrine of Tii, and failed), my home street and house, my friends from the Civility group...I went to Awn Terio to wait under the moon for the end, with hooch in hand.
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  • I took this snap on the tip of the Dragon's Head at 7:59pm last night.

    When I did the Giant's Lottery, this was were I did the rolling. I have very fond memories. And even though there were other Glitchen there, I shrunk the window down 'til it was just me.
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  • The last few hours I spent some time in front of my new fireplace (which I loved-it made the house so cozy).  Had a long talk with my butler Hobson-which I don't think she understood, and had a last dance with her. Then I released all my butterflies and chickens (apparently I missed one and it is still listed on my street in my profile). 

    I gave my piggies youth potion and moved them all to Fairgower Lane where my first house was.  I fed and petted them all and left two full feeders and most of my grain around. They seemed to be happy with the extra roaming room and a few new friends. Then I went to uttif and bounced around and said goodbyes as I went.  

    With an hour left I went back to my house and began releasing cubimals like crazy. never did get either full set. Met one of my daughters and she came to my house, but it was getting so laggy that we left for our favorite places. 

    I tried to get to Groddle Forest Junction, but time was short, so I went back to Fairgower instead. Got there but I froze and got booted. Everything took so long that by then there was only five minutes left.  Never did get back in game. Would have liked to end in uttif but I was fated to be in Fairgower.  So goodbye to all and happy glitching.  And Goodnight Groddle.
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  • In Jal, then jumped to Drifa, then jumped to Groddle Meadows. Then in a last-moment panic, sent my little glitchen racing home, though I got kicked off 7 minutes before. I had all my Spriggan emblems, and had spent some time donating everything I had and could find to Spriggan shrines. So I'd like to think, Spriggan made sure my little glitch got safely home back to his happy trees. :)
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  • Uutiif, facing my husband. We just let our glitches nod off peacefully together.
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  • In the Groddle Forest Junction sharing the end with friends old and new. With their help I managed to clear out my quest list so I had no unfinished business left and right before the end, played my conch to remember all the good times.
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  • I couldn't get on the server for the end. I'm still pretty sad and disappointed about that. If I was able to though I'd probably stay on my street.
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  • I was planning on spending my last moments in Distant End, but I had to go back to Firozi (Ramavata Vata) to hear that beautiful music one last time. I lingered a little too long, and got kicked off while teleporting back to Haoma to get back to Distant End. So, rather than have his molecules scattered across Ur, I like to imagine the teleportation was stopped, and that he's sitting quietly under a tree in Firozi, looking over the ocean. (I can do that, right? Because that's what Glitch was all about, Imagination!)

    I had also supplied my Glitch with a little bit of almost every supply he might need in the next world. Food, seeds, tools, materials, seasoned beans and eggs, an "ark" of two piglets, chicks, and caterpillars, etc. Things that might be helpful in starting over, because you never know what awaits. Kind of silly, yes, but I feel it was kind of like the pharaohs, being buried with everything they needed in the next life!

    Edit: One thing I just found out: You can still "Visit" home streets through other peoples' profiles. So now instead of being forever trapped in icy Haoma as "Last seen exploring Russula Involutii", I've now been "Last seen exploring Autolycus's Home Street". Back home again :)
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  • I was trying to spend it in the Alakol Model Home but got bumped about 10 minutes before it was over. Luckily, I got to see the world end on da Zappa's screen.
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  • Got the boot just as my wife and I were in transit to my home street. :( Will miss everyone. Good night glitchen.
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  • Was trying to reload the game after failing to teleport home from Mollie's party and well, never got back to Glitch.  Guess the servers were working to the max.  After about 5 or 10 minutes I was able to log on and there was the red closed sign.

    What a wonderful world.  I think it brought out the best in most if not all of us.  Certainly I am a better person for having spent time here.

    Goodnight Groddle
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  • in Bed ;)
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  • I visited my house and Cebarkul, then spent the last half hour or so swimming with some friends out in Samudra.
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  • After partying with dear Glitchen friends in Aquarius, and visiting Distant End and uutif for a bit of peaceful reflection, my little Glitch returned to her cozy home to curl up by the fire with her emo bear, a book and a creamy martini, secure in the knowledge that her garden and street were filled with nourishing and useful things, her piggies (those that had declined her offer to roam free in the wilderness) were happy, her cupboards were well-stocked, and beyond her green and lovely lakeside street--where her butler Bertram sang and danced for the joy of it--all of the beauty and wonder of Ur awaited her. So it had been and so it would be, forever and ever.
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  • I was wandering Bortola, where I used to live.  Found one of the Forehorseman and hung out with him and a few other Glitchen, cooking, crafting, watching, being.
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  • Me and rook knight were trying to take one last trip to Hell, but we both got booted about ten minutes before the end. So I left Ur on my way to Hell One as it was loading - I kinda like that...thank you so much to all those who were thoughtful enough to take videos so I could experience the end. The one I watched showed me still signed on until about 30 seconds before the end - made me feel good to know that.
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  • Mincedoathe Formation with a couple friends.  I always had a soft spot for that street name.
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  • I was in Lotha Harte, where good Glitchen kept the heart lit until the very end. I'm grateful to have had that closure.
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  • Despite saying what I thought was my final goodbye a couple of weeks ago, I had to come back for the end and rested in Toppa Tre in Nottis.  I wanted to hear the music one last time and had planned on being in Lotha Harte, my favourite place - but was worried it would lag if I went to a popular street so was all alone.  It was actually lovely, so peaceful with just that amazing piano music.   Then *poof*
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  • Home.
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  • I helped 3 Glitchen get their teleportation badge during the final hour. One random TP landed us in Hauki Seeks apartment basement, my first home in Ur! I showed Keledy the glowing heart at Lotha Harte, then went to Sliding Skimmers in Drifa so I could have folks around me and heli-kitty purrs as the server went dark.
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  • In Marie Muffin's house. She was on her bed with her friend =Ducky. I was on the other bed with Marie's Mom.
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  • I spent the last ten minutes of the game in Cebarkul with nearly 200 others. I was happily surprised at how well my computer handled it. It didn't freeze or lag any worse than the rest of the world and I could freely move. I was still walking around after the *poof* behind the server reloaded screen because I refused to close my window.
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  • I spent it in Ilmenskie with about 10 others.  When it closed, I was in my map by accident.  That moment, I couldn't stop trembling.  

    After it ended, I refused to close the window, even though all I could see is the map. Later I discovered that pressing esc would get out of the map, and I could walk around freely.  You are also able to use all the other shortcuts on your keyboard, (ex. B for bags, I for info...) 

    The tab is still open now, and I don't plan to close it anytime soon.  It will be there until my computer dies or I carelessly close it.  

    Thank you creators for this wonderful game.  Glitchens Unite!

    YouTube video of my last moment -
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  • May Soup. When the Server Restarted message come up and the world just stopped, I felt a little piece of me disappear. Now when I hear that sad, dreamy background music, I tear up a bit. *cries*
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