Article in PC World about the closing of Glitch--must read

I teared up again. With pix of Glitchen you might recognize--and Voluptua Sneezelips is quoted! PCWorld

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  • Look! One of my snaps was used as a screenshot! :)
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  • Wonderfully done article, and very true. :)
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  • Nice. True.
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  • I thought the author really captured what made this experience so special.
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  • Kudos to Laura Blackwell.  I feel that she really did very excellent research and represented the game very well.  So good.
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  • And as an extra treat, a snap of me, kevbob, and KANYE.  Preserved for all eternity!
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  • Thank you, Laura, for writing this. Glitch meant and continues to mean so much to many, many people, and this was a lovely tribute to and acknowledgement of how TS handled it overall. We may have had our concerns and complaints about the fact that the game closed and why that's so, but we were much, much luckier than those playing other games that closed. We had a chance to properly say goodbye, even if we weren't ready to do so.
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  • *delurk* Thank you for being a source, Voluptua. You articulated many of the sentiments expressed by farewell notes and Glitchen I ran into around Ur.

    Stoot (, Stewart) was very interesting to interview as well. Tiny Speck's next project is under tight wraps, and it's a business project, but he did sound enthusiastic when I asked if he'd ever make another game.
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  • This was a lovely article, Laura. Thank you!
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  • Yup, that's all true. Thanks for posting the link!
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