how old are you really?

so first off, i want to let everyone know i am actually only 11, an i was 10 when i started playing. My parents and i talked it over an decided i could play. I managed to bring in over 10 people my age or younger, along with a few others who were 12-13. i feel that it was cool to come on here and make some friends, and it did not really matter that i was not their age. do you remember that stupid post about the yeti (cubi)? people accused me and grace of being underage, and the irony is we were really. This game really set my standards for online gaming. I just want Glitch to know that people under 14 really enjoyed this game too. thanks! 

P.S. i dont care if you comment saying that i should never have started playing. i think if you have parents consent, you should be able to play a game.

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  • precisely, Chemisie!
    just my birthday's later in the year and i dont have much of a chance to say that. 
    still rocks anyway!
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  • Marie, don't feel old. You're young enough to play glitch. 
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  • Being a half-lurker-half-chatter in global, I've heard stuffs(I know it's just "stuff", but it's a habit thanks to glitch) I ain't supposed to, but I've heard more in school. Hmmm... 
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  • Hey, anyone ever suspected I was underage? 
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  • I am one month shy of turning 33. It is quite easy when you chat with people, and see how they approached the game, or read their forum posts, to figure out their ages. 

    I could tell you were around or below 15, Sir Rachel, The Rook and Sororia Rose too. I bonded better with people near my age though, or older. I have met just one player who I considered to be a really cool 13 year old and he is not on this list :)

    +1 to Shexxy corin

    ETA: The Rook is different from plain old Rook, who I am closer to, and is a wee bit older but still younger than 20 :)
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  • 3 and a half
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  • Nah jk (obviously). I turned 13 in october and I signed up a year and a half ago, totally unaware that you needed to be 14 to play. :P
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  • 19. Too young to be working, too old with responsibilities. Gosh I wish I were 13 again.
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  • I thank the Giants I'm 39 because I'd never want to be 13 again. 

    This thread reminded me of the threads that were made to find out the average age of a Glitchen. 
    See here and here. Made some months ago but still interesting to look at the chart & graph.
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  • Physically I'm an old lady (so weird) but my mental and emotional ages vary greatly and it's the little kid in me that played Glitch.  As a Greeter, one of the smartest and most sensible people I ever met in this game was a person who claimed to be 11.  Some young folks have more sense than some of us old folks.  I did not report her but I did advise her that she was underage just so she would know.  I told her to find an older person or parent to play with her and she said she had a 15 year old to play with.  I hope that she enjoyed the game.  One of my favorite aspects of the Game was the ability to be any age you wanted and I took advantage of that by being 5.
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  • Yes the reasoning did have to do with legal reasons etc etc....but that aside as it doesnt matter now....I think it was important to not have to worry about interacting with minors, also the possible influence the PG-13 aspects of the game might have on less mature individuals behaviors...BUT
    I can say this....the block feature did help vastly in blocking trolls of any age, as did the non-violent content. Typically the worse trolls are in combative games, free to play games, and those that dont have any enforcement of their ToS. So in a way it was nice that Glitch for the most part simply didnt appeal to trolls, and if they were here they got blocked pretty much everyone...and that is no they leave. All the same had the ToS not of been enforced the way it was the % of trolls would of gone up fast, very fast. And this would of ended up being like Small Worlds. Im more than sick of being, swore at, verbally attacked, sexualised, or criticised, or other players are just blatantly rude. Simply because i came across some way, or i was adult that likes games. Thankfully that didin't happen all.....and that will spoil most of us...for a very long time. While i disagree with breaking the rules i do know you did so because you loved Glitch ,and didnt want to leave, and i understand why you wanted to stay, yes you carried yourself well, and yes there are worse things to be doing, but rules exist for a reason it could of put TS in very hot water. but thats neither here nor glad you enjoyed yourself, didnt cause any problems for TS, and well...get to mourn the loss with all of i EVER write  a short post.....geesh...longwinded
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  • shhexy corin says: There are some adults who behave like children a lot of the time and there are teenagers who act with intelligence and maturity that seems beyond their years

    I couldn't agree more. Judging by the well thought-out responses our young folks have written, along with the fact that they are obviously intelligent, well-spoken, and have a vast comprehension beyond their years, I say the kids win.

    Kids, you rock. I applaud you for breaking the rules, and for your courage in admitting's something I would have done at your age, albeit much more quietly and discreetly in a scared-mouse sort of way. You all are so much braver than I ever was, or could ever hope to be. What shhexy said is so true...the folks who have been behaving badly here are by and large 20+...old enough to know better. 

    If anything, you kids give me hope for the future. I hope you will continue to break rules that you deem unjust, and listen to your inner selves for guidance....and that you continue to treat people with the respect and politeness you have shown thus far, and listen to your elders ONLY when they seem to be making sense. 

    As far as sex and drugs and all that jazz goes, you'll encounter all that soon enough if you haven't already. The only advice I can give is that some hallucinogenic plants/mushrooms are well and good...they've been in use for thousands of years, and have most likely helped evolve our human race to the point it is now...but by golly, stay away from the no-no. Run away, run away!

    PS - I avoid global too.
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  • I'm 18, but I signed up when I was 17. I didn't realize you had to get your parents' consent to play this game, which I think is retarded. (tw ableism!!!!) And I can't believe how many people here made such a crap about kids not following guidelines. Surprise, nobody actually follows COPPA and it's not enforced.

    Though I have no idea how people thought it was ok to talk about sexually explicit things in a game with many potential 14 and 15-year-olds running around. Nope, can't talk about nothing in front of 12-year-olds, but two years later, it's totally ok. Because the age of consent is 14 in some places, right? And they're all probably already having sex right? Right????

    And surprise, a discussion about age gets used as a forum to proselytize illegal hallucinogens (which are NOT harmless) to minors. Yay! Yeah weed cures cancer, blaze 420 erryday.  
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  • Reirei, sleep it'll feel better in the morning. :)
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  • My rant: why is it the 18-20-somethings seem to be the worst offenders when it comes to instigating arguments on chat? Was it 911 that fucked all you young folks up? Are you all just drunk-ranting? Or is college overwhelming you? 
    I don't know, but whatever it is...SHUT IT. You're really starting to piss me off...seriously. Get outside more, and get a fucking life. Sheesh. 
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  • did someone mention ranting? 
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  • *whistles innocently*
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  • Wow, how mature of you! Assuming 9/11 somehow fucked up a ton of posters (I've never even heard that one, so at least it was creative I guess) and that they're all drunk and can't handle college. Simply because they don't agree with you. Bravo.

    Why don't you go and get that life? The last post of yours was totally uncalled for and is by far the worst on the thread.
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  • I am not "THE Rook".

    But I am a youngin'

    9/11 has affected my life in someway or the other.

    I'll post more later. I am sad now. :(
    (Not from what kitchy said, though)
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  • Well, this escalated quickly.
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  • :) Love you, Rook...always and forever. :)

    Yah, I don't have a life either, so I'm one to talk. But man, I tell you...there are a handful of things I won't miss now that glitch has closed, and here they are:

    1) the lag
    2) piggies suffering from starvation and all the critters suffering from over-crowding for no apparent reason, except that the devs deemed it so
    3) the rook being made to be the villain (you know me, you know I love ravens, you know they are sweethearts, and dolphins of the air, so yah)
    4) these fucking forums. Oh man, am I glad to leave them behind, though I've copied several for posterity...someday I'll laugh, I know I will. Someday, when I'm 80. For now, though, I'll take the bait and run with it...f-u, mother-fuckers. (Oh whoops, is this the kids forum? Whoops, sorry...folks, let's take this elsewhere...want me to start a new one just for ranting? Gimme just a sec. :D)
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  • Ok here it is...go here

    See ya there. :)
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  • My rant: why is it the 18-20-somethings seem to be the worst offenders when it comes to instigating arguments on chat? Was it 911 that fucked all you young folks up? Are you all just drunk-ranting? Or is college overwhelming you? I don't know, but whatever it is...SHUT IT. You're really starting to piss me off...seriously. Get outside more, and get a fucking life. Sheesh. 


    I'm assuming your words here had something to do with my post sooo....

    Guess what, even a cesspool like 4chan doesn't allow illegal shit about drugs to be posted on their servers. So yeah, I'm a little confused as to why people want to promote pot and mushrooms to 12-year-olds. No, I'm not against either, but it's really freaking bizarre and predatory. 

    And saying "you don't have a life" is a bizarre ad hominem attack that only people who are losing an argument make. You want to know my life? I go to one of the most demanding and academically rigorous colleges in America and one of the most respected in the entire world while struggling with health and mental challenges this semester. I'm a participator in my school's Model UN, I help volunteer to teach kids in the community. What else do you want me to do? You're accusing me of having no life, but you have no idea who I am. And if you're going to launch ad hominem attacks on people, I wonder what qualifies you to tell other people to get a life? Because based on what you've written in other posts, it doesn't sound like you're that qualified to judge and look others. 

    But you say we're "messed up?" Now, that doesn't sound accepting does it? And it seriously belittles people with psychological conditions. 

    And I thought Glitch was supposed to be a community about acceptance? (And no, accepting promoting illegal behavior to minors doesn't count.)  I really love Glitch's community, I swear. But I'm tired of it being close based on the exclusion of others. If you want more love and tolerance in the world guys, you gotta practice what you preach. 
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  • I said in a post on another thread that I am 14, but I'm actually 13. I'm sorry I lied but it was necessary to play. I started to play a few months after I turned 12, when a friend called Karamel Bear recommended it to me. She was originally on another  account that got deleted because she told her real age in a chat. So I never said my real age except once. @Rose I am really surprised that you are the same age as me. I always assumed you were a lot older! I think it is fine that younger people got to play the game. I fI had waited until I was 14, I would have never have gotten to play. Not that I knew that of course, but 2 years is a long time to me. :) 
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  • Darling Reirei, it seems you have a fight to pick with me, so let's take it elsewhere, not this thread. I stand by my earlier statements, that I have faith in these young folks to make the right decisions in life, and I send them all my kudos. 

    As for you, I have no idea why you want to pick a beef with me after I stood up for you in the piggy thread and invited you to our PIG group because of it, and after warnings of other PIG members, friends I knew and trusted, but meh....chalk it up to bad judgment and an attitude of love on my part.

    Sorry you feel the need to take up some personal vendetta against me, and I can't imagine what that might be, but if you feel the need to pursue it, I'm glad you're taking it to the RAGE forum, cuz this is not the place.

    Kids, you rock...stay bright and shiny. Go on to other worlds...hopefully we'll meet there! xoxo!
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  • Well I'm 42. I don't recall giving a second thought about anyone's age at any point, which was really one of the lovely things about playing Glitch. It didn't seem to matter.
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  • 30 here and tho i dont agree that kids should be here its not my place to regulate, enfore or worry over it :p
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  • 28 here -- and to be honest, age never crossed my mind once while in game.  Maybe because I'm such an avid gamer--I don't expect the age requirements on games to be all.  Besides which, age didn't bother me.  If there were some 10yo playing, no problem for me.  This community is infinitely better than that of most online games.  

    However, no one needs to be worried about COPPA violations -- there weren't any.  COPPA applies to those games explicitly for children under the age of 13.  By putting a "I agree I am over 13 years of age..." covered TS in that respect.  Like the less mentionable adult sites, the burden of responsibility is at that point no longer TS.  In order for anyone under the age of 13 to play, they had to actively, knowingly, agree to something that wasn't true (that active part is important.  Implicitly supply the information (like even if the box had been checked by default) would have been cause for alarm from COPPA.  At that point, TS has done it's due diligence and taken reasonable steps to ensure that no one under the age of 13 could play the game.  As to whether those steps were effective is a moot point -- just as much then as it is now.

    By putting that checkbox there during registration that required anyone signing up for the game to take action to actively verify they were over the age of 13 frees them from any constraints applied by COPPA. 
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  • I have to say, I agree with Innie. Bit creeped out.

    Love the kids who are claiming to be so mature, but lied about their age, you know, like KIDS do. Break the rules and try to justify it after the fact, brag about it even. Yes, that is a KEY part of maturity.
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  • Another mid-thirties lurker here, compelled to comment on how I've been online in some form or another since before my age had two digits. (Does TradeWars count as an MMO? There were, after all, /four/ of us on at once. Preposterous!) I won't touch on the legal side, but in my experience age only matters when we make it matter online.

    Although this thread sounds like a good lesson in 'only discuss things you're comfortable explaining to a child/police/your mother where others can see it.'
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  • 1+ to Adamarie

    I have seen immaturity from all ages on this site to be honest, and I think that's really how life goes. Some people are immature as children/young adults, some aren't, some are immature their whole lives.

    While I generally assumed most Glitchen to be around 30-40, I tried to be mindful of younger players on forums and in game. I knew they were around, and anyone who feels betrayed by underage players should realize that this is basically standard on any website with restricted sign-up. I'm twenty now but I have lied about my age on several websites as a pre-teen/teen, or lied about having parental permission. Honestly, age restrictions barely prevent underage people on the internet, unless it is enforced, and even then as long as you never reveal your age there's nothing that can be done.

    I have to say I relate to Chemisie, though. When I was 14 (young, though not underage) I was an ~official moderator~ on the forum for a band I liked. I was by far the youngest mod there but I really enjoyed the opportunity to have responsibility and be part of a community. I think it's awesome that you became a greeter despite being so young! Like Biohazard said, hold on to that talent and determination :)
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  • >talks about love and tolerance

    >uses r*tarded as an insult

    Friend, you are doing it wrong.
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  • 39.  What?  Mentally I'm still about 13.

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  • 32. Mentally I'm a very cynical 77. :P
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  • I have the opposite problem than the young-uns. I'm 56 and I always feared that if others knew that, they wouldn't talk to me because I was too old! If it helps at all, I'm still 25 in my head. It's only when I look in the mirror that I realize many years have passed :) I frequently couldn't tell how old people were in the game. What does that say?
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  • "Blablabla boring laws lecture, but really, thanks for being an almost-teenager and choosing to pet piggies instead of shoot army dudes. You'll probably make the world a nicer place just for being that kind of kid. - Biohazard"

    I agree with Biohazard. I'm turning 31 in March btw. I'm an old old man, like Gertie Mack used to say to me ;)
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  • Reading this thread has convinced me that I should have been more accepting of underage players while playing the game, but at the same time the whole reason I was against it in the first place is totally valid. I didn't realize just how many there were because they conducted themselves so well that I mistook them for adults. For that, you guys get mad props! If someone underage can really appreciate the game and behave in line with it's community, let them at it. 
    On the flip side, the rest of us shouldn't have to censor ourselves to anything that isn't in the ToS. That just isn't fair. I made an agreement upon signing up to conduct myself within certain parameters so I'll say and do whatever I want so long as keep my end of the agreement. Problem is, it's my personal standard to be a non-negative influence on kids so the moment I know I'm in the presence of one, I will limit the err.. range.. of topics I'll discuss, which is burdensome. 

    Anyway, I'm 21. Believe it or not I actually steered clear of anything that I wasn't old enough to participate in and I always told everyone my age. Part of it was because I was scared some internet police would find me. The other part was that I simply didn't care for the complication. Most things weren't worth the trouble and stress of secrecy, and I'm too open of a person to keep my age a secret. I like to know how old people are (or *around* how old people are) - not to gauge their maturity (which is not a necessary consequence of age) - but to get an idea of where they are in life to try to understand people more. 

    Keep it up young-er ones, I hope you got something awesome and profound from playing Glitch. I know I did!
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  • Btw Chemisie you just CAN'T be 12. If you're 12 I'll eat my socks. You haven't even taken that level of English yet.
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  • To be fair I never hung out in global, nor do I have much of a pottymouth, so I can't really hold myself up as an example. Older players shouldn't have to cater to players who aren't even supposed to be here, but at the same time it is unrealistic to think that there aren't underage people playing the game.

    (Kind of just thinking out loud here.)
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  • @KitchWitch

    As for you, I have no idea why you want to pick a beef with me after I stood up for you in the piggy thread and invited you to our PIG group because of it, and after warnings of other PIG members, friends I knew and trusted, but meh....chalk it up to bad judgment and an attitude of love on my part.

    Oh, so you're the saint here for helping me out on a bit of forum drama? I've encountered hundreds of usernames and I'm terrible with names in general, so I had no idea that you helped me out with something that happened a couple of months ago.

    I think it is bizarre that you still think it's acceptable to promote drugs to minors. And the rest of your attitude is bizarre and unhealthy too. I see people don't become completely mature and well-adjusted when they turn 18. And that you casually insulted an entire generation of people and trivialized what they had to go through, as well as belittling the problems of actual people that have gone through mental struggles. Oh no, but you're Saint Kitchwitch, you can't do no wrong.


    Even if older players shouldn't cater to 12-year-olds, there are (was) certainly the possibility of 14 and 15 year olds seeing what you wrote. And even though I'm an adult, I must be a ~prude~ if I don't want this game to become like a Second Life cyber service. Poor frigid me. I stayed on Global to see what was going on in the world, not to hear lonely nerdy strangers talk about the intricacies of their sexual fetishes.


    God I knew this was going to come up.

    You misread me: I never said I was advocating for it. I said others who were needed to do so. And I am tired of being silenced by people who go batshit insane about certain words while ignoring the larger context behind things and spewing other sorts of filth. I never understood censoring with just one asterisk, and censoring retarded that way doesn't make any sort of sense either. And the weird fetish (by mostly white women, but I guess that also includes white men who end up manipulating the situation horrendously when things become inconvenient for them) for appropriating struggles is not understandable to me either. It reminds me of the time my queer non gender-conforming friend was berated by a girl for using the word "faggot" in a context not referring to other gay men, even though the girl would NEVER be at risk at being addressed like that.

    Do you want me to censor all words that have applied to people with developmental disabilities? Let's see, should we not use the word cretin? How about lame or dumb? What about shitlord? Oh no, that's homophobic. 

    @  Pixieyelsraek

    Love the kids who are claiming to be so mature, but lied about their age, you know, like KIDS do. Break the rules and try to justify it after the fact, brag about it even. Yes, that is a KEY part of maturity.

    Don't tell me you never faked your age when you signed up for your neopets account or any other forum account. Really?

    This is an internet game for crying out loud. Nobody got hurt, Unless you're counting the people butthurt that they couldn't have open BDSM sessions wherever and whenever, I guess. 
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  • @Reirei - Y'know, you could've always, I dunno... not been in Global. There was plenty of game info in the forums, groups, the TS blog,,, hell, your wall. And you're jumping on KitchWitch about "belittling the problems of actual people that have gone through mental struggles" while referring to her as "crazy" elsewhere? Hypocritical much?
    And as far as kids possibly seeing somebody say something age-inappropriate, well, that's on them. It was an adult game. And if they couldn't handle it, they had no reason to be around to begin with.

    ETA - Who was complaining about not being able to have "BDSM sessions"? Bit of a straw man, I daresay. And if this game was so fucking offensive to you and the players were such terrible pervert drug-addled sadomasochist murdering douchebags, why the fuck are you still here? Let all us terrible people have a good time without a self-appointed morality-cop jumping up our collective asses about shit that doesn't concern them anyway.
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  • I'm 40 on the outside, harbouring a very sarcastic 12-year-old in my mind. But I look no older than 29, I swear.

    And like kukubee, I totally drew loads of dongs at age 10. Only I am, in fact, a girl. :P

    @reirei-my cousin is *really* retarded (his words!) and he uses that word to describe himself a lot (he is mature enough to understand what it is he's saying-he's like an 8-year-old in the body of a 50-year-old)-and he HATES it when "normals" use it to describe "stupid things". Just sayin'.
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  • @  Djabriil 

    I went on global to get alerts about Rook attacks, see who was having parties, etc. Other than that there was absolutely no way that I could find to socialize with people. Oh, is it "you better love it 100% of the time or gtfo?"

    Is crazy automatically an ableist/sanist insult now? Oops, my bad, sorry for not keeping up with the times. Not everyone can be as enlightened as you. Do I suffer from internalized aneurotypicophobia now? Yep I must suffer from internalized everything.

    Weird, I still can't believe how no one finds that promoting drug usage to 12-year-olds is unacceptable. And I'm here on this board because I liked Glitch's gameplay. And it was supposed to have a nice community too, but as soon as you disagree with them, the claws come out.
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  • Don't worry, Reirei. Lots of people think promoting drugs to kids is wrong (and not just 12 year olds, nobody should be telling anyone of any age to do drugs, and I'd be mad at 21 if someone tried to tell me I should do drugs because why would you try to convince someone to break the law?)

    But I think that was, uh, a joke? Maybe not. Idk much about drugs. But they referred to nono so I assumed all of it was joking.

    Just cause nobody here but you says something isn't ok, doesn't mean you're the only one to feel it. I was sleeping, and lots of other people are probably just not in this thread.

    Oh, and re: "don't say crazy", I'm way off the crazy charts, and my mom who knows my entire crazy medical history, is constantly telling me I shouldn't use the word crazy because it offends the mentally ill. Uh....Do you realize who you're talking to, mom?
    Seriously, I think I've earned the right to use it, even if she doesn't think people should. Nobody shouts at the Dykes On Bikes that they are using offensive terminology and should switch to something nicer. But maybe that's just because they look so bad-ass.
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  • @ Biohazard

    Maybe I overreacted and read the words wrong, so thanks for reminding me about that. You never know on the internet! :)

    I don't actually think anyone will do drugs because someone on the internet told them to, and I don't even think they saw the message. But I still think it's a bit sketchy and it's not worth any sort of risk. And those sorts of messages can really pile up, because I've met people who genuinely believe that weed cures cancer. I don't even think this forum is the right place to talk about illegal drug usage in the first place.

    Banning words can be a bit arbitrary. Dumb has been used as a slur in the past, and someone tried to tell me that butthurt was homophobic and promoted rape.

    And I always thought Dykes on Bikes rode actual bicycles, but it turns out they ride motorcycles.
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  • Yes they ride big huge motorcycles, often at the start of Pride Parades, and they look super bad-ass.

    I think I read the same thing as whoever told you the butthurt thing, and it actually made a lot of sense, but mostly I just hate that word because it's totally dismissive, like guys who imply that a girl who got mad about something is on her period, like that somehow makes the anger invalid and not even real.

    Oh my god this is so far off topic what is this I don't even
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  • Reirei - you assume I am younger than I am. I was an adult when neopets opened. But thanks.

    I wanted to say in the other thread you got closed - You are a hateful person. A vile hateful person. You project your hatred so much that you cause other people to become hateful towards you.

    You are also a hypocrite.

    You are sitting here defending kids who broke the rules (and while I never said I didn't break rules as a kid, it doesn't mean I can't be creeped out/annoyed by the ones here bragging about it), yet you have complained about everything in the game not G rated. You can't have it both ways. This was a game for adults, it was stated multiple times over. I'm not saying you don't have a right to dislike features about the game, nor the content of Global at times {as yes, we did get a bit risque in our discussions - however I never saw cyber sex, and I'm highly offended that you equate anyone who is disagreeing with your stand point as being angry we can't have open BDS/m} but maybe figure out which point you are trying to make before your next rant.
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  • This thread has also gone to a bad place with the name calling and personal insults. That's too bad, because it was pretty awesome at the beginning!

    As you all know, we laid off 35 staffers and thus do not have time to moderate the forums. Oh, wait! What am I doing right now? Hmmm...
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