We call the giants by their names (or, how to be found by other Glitchen on Facebook)

Want to give all your Glitchy friends a way to find you on the Book of Faces without being weird and feeling like you're in third grade handing out valentines with your real name on 'em? Facebook has this handy "alternate name" field in your profile, nominally for nicknames, maiden names, your name in your native language with extra umlauts and clicks, whatever. It allows you to be found by people searching for THAT name as well as the one displayed at the top of your profile. Since Facebook has this thing about using your real name, and deleting accounts that they decide aren't real enough (BEANS IS OBVIOUSLY REAL, OBVIOUSLY!), I changed my alternate name to Jennyanydots. Now if you type "Jennyanydots" into the search bar, my profile comes up in the results.


To change yours, just go into your account settings and edit your name field. Under the "blah blah real names blah" junk, there's a space for "alternate name." You can choose to have this name displayed on your profile or not, it's up to you, but people can still find you using that name regardless. 


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