Let's see how long we can keep this one open until the devs shut it down. RAGE here folks...whatever you always wanted to say but didn't, now's the time. Do it here...cheers, loves! Keep it safe, keep it somewhat sane, and just...RAAAAAAAGGGEEEE!

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  • I'll start...I hate you all. :) Well, not all of you...some of you I love, some of you my feelings change about, but generally, yah, humans are no good. Humans cause all the problems on our planet; humans are the only creatures that torture others for fun. (Cats and orcas torture their prey, but it's only to hone their hunting instincts...they don't do it for "fun.")

    In my view, humans are a cancer on this earth. We fit the definition of cancer...we are cells that have mutated and are multiplying rapidly. Cancer can go into remission, and I hope we do, but for now, I think I'll stick with the deer and the ducks and the bears and the wolves, and the dolphins, thanks. ;)
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  • Oh, and the sharks too...LOVE the sharks, poor misunderstood creatures. And spiders too, same reason. 
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  • Let me guess, you're a first-world white vegan who rallies about "speciesism" all the time. (Give me extra points if you think black overpopulation in Africa is a huge deal~)  Love Mr. Singer, but that was the stupidest idea he ever came up with that infected modern consciousness. And you feel the need to express these thoughts on a closed MMO forum in the GAMEPLAY section because...?

    If you think humans need to die, why don't you start first? I don't think it's ok for people to tell others to kill themselves out of harassment, but that just seems like a logical extension of your particular philosophy, and it seems hypocritical otherwise. I'm certainly not going first.

    I'm a proud bloodmouth speciest carnist 4 lyfe. 

    Wow, it's people like you with your ignorance and middle-school level of thinking who are really sickening. 
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  • I just hate all of you.. especially you. I hate you even more than, erm, well not quite as much as, erm well really can't hate anybody, love you all :)
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  • Do you not use toilet paper?
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  • I don't doubt that OP uses much more resources than the vast majority of people in the Earth can afford. And yet she gets on her high horse.

    Hah, I saw a poster where speciesism was compared to racism and sexism. Funny vegans.
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  • Sadly, ReiRei, I'm not a vegan...I say so sadly, because I admire the hell out of those folks. As a die-hard piggy rescuer in Glitch, you'd think I WAS a vegan or at least a vegetarian, but nope, you'd be mistaken on both counts. 

    I eat meat, because I don't believe it's cruel to kill, only to cause unnecessary suffering. I never saw that movie where a woman held two lambs in her lap and talked about how much she loved them and then with a swift move broke both of their necks, but I can relate to it. Killing for food isn't an issue for fact, I believe it's necessary for most species' survival. Of course, the taking of any life, however small, is something that should only be done out of necessity, and isn't something to be taken lightly. But what bothers me is causing willful suffering.

    That was my biggest beef with glitch, well, besides the rook thing, that they allowed, and basically CREATED piggies to suffer. What the hell was up with that? Is this some sort of social experiment? I dunno...maybe it was. Maybe they let on to that fact with the "being watched" quest...who knows. I loved the game in spite of this, but yah, that was my beef.

    All I know, is I HATE needless suffering. You catch-and-release fish, you're on my shit-list..and man, living up here in the mountains, on a lake, inundated with dipshit summer folks, man, I see enough of that. You hunt for sport, you're on my list. You participate in cruelty sports (dog-fighting, cock fighting) or even act as observer, you're on my list. You breed animals for profit, you're on my list. You act out of ignorance, ok, let's hope you grow. But you act out of willfulness, and man, you are ON THE LIST.

    What can I say...I'm PIG through and through. ;)
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  • Just to clarify, list isn't a "hit-list," but rather a "shit-list." Let's be clear here! :D
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  • *suffer*? srsly? LOL :D
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  • You can't say the piggies suffered. One of my favourite things in Glitch was watching those little piggies faces when u petted them and the sweet wiggle they made. lol. It always made me smile.
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  • Awww Tailia, yah, that was sweet, wasn't it? I guess you've never seen a willful piggy bomb or pork fountain...where folks would place a bunch of piggies in a small area, like on a ledge, and over-crowd them, just to reap the benefits. Thankfully, those were few and far between, but yah. 

    Or folks who put suffering piglets and chicks in their towers for "art," many of those my friends...yah, you know, folks will do anything for a photo op, I guess.

    Here's the thing for me, I guess. I *know* the piggies are just pixels and all that, but to me it boils down to what folks choose to put into their consciousness, because I do believe that what we "imagine" comes into being in one form or another. So to me, I tried my best to behave in Glitch in a way I'd like to see folks behave irl, cuz to me, it matters.

    Apparently it doesn't matter much to other folks, which is again, why I hate people so much. But if you talk to a wolf, or a tree, or a cat or dog, or a dolphin, you'll see...there are no ambiguities there. What you see is what you get. 

    If we wish to create our reality, we need to act ALL THE TIME as if that reality were so. We ARE the giants, creating all of this...and we need to act responsibly. Just saying. ;) *takes a final drink and cuts herself off*
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  • Eh hem.... Blessed Be, KitchWitch. We all share the same life force {which is why I believe it is silly for ANY Pagan to be a vegan, since I feel it to go against the very nature of our religions}. Yes, a lot of humanity SUCKS! I wouldn't call us a cancer, and frankly I don't believe that animals are ness better than us because, although the misconception is out there, we aren't the only species that kills/tortures for fun.

    As for the pigs in the game - OMFG THEY WERE PIXELS! PIX-ELS! I couldn't stand the pig people when the game was open, and I still laugh at them now. Same with the vegans {who might i add, i respect veganism as a life choice, even if i don't always respect the reasons} who bitched about only having "meat" options to eat in game. O.o YOU AREN'T ACTUALLY EATING MEAT! none of this was real!!!! Heck, if it needs to be equated to something, it's like eating a tofurky - "if it looks like the real thing, it might as well be"

    ETA: oh, and ALL the cats *I* have ever known have been quite bitchy and coniving. what you see isn't always what you get, and sometimes love only comes until they get what they want. And cats, they are one of those big "torture for fun" species.... just put a cat near a grasshopper or a mouse.
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  • @Pixley I applaud your convictions, and yet I have to stand by my earlier statement...Yes, it's all pixels, and yes, it all matters, when it comes to co-creation.

    Folks, hear me out here...if you want to positively imprint on the Universal Mind, then you have to act accordingly. This means taking charge of your thoughts as well as your actions, and no, you won't always be perfect at it, but it means taking charge. Envision the world you would like to see, and act accordingly...that's all. But that's enough. :)
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  • okay, this is a rage thread right? here I go
    P-I-X-I-E P-I-X-I-E P-I-X-I-E

    I was CONSTANTLY correcting people on that. I would be okay if people put the Y from the last half of my name on there, because i could understand not knowing where a name ends and another starts sometimes.... but come on people, how hard is it to read P-I-X-I-E

    Especially since i DO believe there IS a "Pixley" who plays.... Along with a "Pixy"

    Okay, out of my system. carry on folks :-)
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  • know dolphins rape and abuse each other, right? They kill for what seems like no good reason, just like humans. I think once you get above a certain level of intelligence the rot just sets in and people start doing bad stuff. Maybe we'll be able to rise above it someday.

    Oh, this was a thread of anger? Okay, I got angry when people said that if I didn't like sexual stuff I must be a child or hopelessly immature. ASEXUALITY EXISTS AND COMES IN MANY FLAVOURS, SHOCK HORROR. If I'd rather not be hit on I don't really see how that's anyone's business but mine.

    And can we leave vegans alone? HOW DARE YOU MAKE A PERSONAL CHOICE IN WHAT YOU EAT >:((((
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  • FUCK CAPITALISM. /endrage
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  • Please tell me this is a troll thread specifically designed to uber-rustle already rustled jimmies. PLEASE. TELL. ME.
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  • My cat catches mice and then sits with them in the kitchen sink, making them do Wall of Death. 
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  • Despite being well-loved (and somewhat spoiled), my guinea pigs are currently constructing weapons of mass destruction in the bathtub. 

    Tiny little hammers, small wrenches -- the works. It's so cute that I really don't mind them eradicating the human race.
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  • +1000 Pyrrhocorax

    Ace, vegetarian, (and trans while I'm at it) player here who is tired of people shitting on them when they think no one is around to hear them >:/ I have never criticized another person for eating meat and for fuck's sake am vegetarian for legitimate health reasons and yet whenever I dare to mention my diet (always within context) I get the whole friggin speech every single time. JFC I could care less about your diet so please shut the fuck up about mine!

    Also arhghghhhh I EXIST AND MY IDENTITY IS VALID THANK YOU FUCK YOU GOOD DAY. (To make this relevant: part of the reason I loved Glitch is that, while it had sexual humor, it wasn't a sexual game, and you didn't have to pick a gender for your character!!! how fucking easy is that)

    Also also can I just say how angry it makes me that these things make me angry but if I try to EXPRESS my frustration I'm just ~harming the cause and ~no one will listen to you if you shout. BUT I FEEL LIKE SHOUTING BECAUSE IF I DON'T NO ONE HEARS ME.

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  • I have to know - how did they get in the bathtub?
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  • @Schielhallion Itsy-bitsy hovercrafts.
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  • @girlthulhu nope it was started to continue an argument in the 'what is your age really' thread. also I have always admired your name and wanted to tell you that. <:
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  • And can we leave vegans alone? HOW DARE YOU MAKE A PERSONAL CHOICE IN WHAT YOU EAT >:((((

    I never said I hated vegans. I just hate ones that don't decide it's a personal choice what I choose to eat, and I hate the ones that espouse weird and stupid shit like speciesism = racism. I know a lot of vegans who would be perfectly to find out that I died for not being a vegan. I know not all vegans think that way, but their is still a lot of weird shit that gets supported by the community. I have no idea why anyone was singling you out.

    Please tell me this is a troll thread specifically designed to uber-rustle already rustled jimmies. PLEASE. TELL. ME.

    No I think kitchwitch is just crazy. (tw sanism!!!!) But I think it's funny when super-sensitive libs (AKA most people on this forum) try to use (appropriate?) the term "rustled jimmies." no thx, take that back to 4chan please
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  • @Sterne: Well, okay. Joking aside, I think I'm just concerned since a few troll threads have popped up, and I just have to wonder why. We're all still emotionally raw, and while it's good to blow off steam in these situations, it's not so good to yell at each other. (I'm not singling you out or implying anything; as I said before, I've seen it going on here and in the Facebook group. So, I'm just making the general statement.) The Glitch community is one of the things I loved most about this game, and right now I'm just looking around and muttering "What the fuck is this shit?"

    Also, thank you. It's kind of a fun username, isn't it? I don't have tentacles, but I do have really curly hair, so...close enough.
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  • @Reirei: It's actually a slang term that dates back to the fifties, believe it or not. As for 4chan, I really do enjoy the Gorilla Munch meme. I will admit: Many lulz have been had. I think it's just because that particular meme is so nonsensical. IT'S A GORILLA. FROM A CEREAL BOX. WHO SAYS OVER AND OVER HOW CALM HE'S REMAINING. That's comedy gold. It's kind of Pythonesque.

    (Sorry for the caps -- I just really do find it that funny.)
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  • I just want everyone to see this informative article on cats.
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  • I hope OP was drunk when posting this. 

    FWIW you don't cure hate with more hate.  Go rage somewhere else, like Facebook.
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  • @girlthulhu - I also see it on reddit all the time. And I use it in real life, much to the confusion of a few folks, and the laughter of others.
    @Reirei - It's a bit weird you've decided most of the people here are "super-sensitive libs" with very little evidence other than, say, people not wanting to get jumped on for their personal choices. Then again, you seem perfectly comfortable with making sweeping generalizations about people you disagree with, so it's apparently in character.
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  • +1000000000infinity to Glum for posting a link to The Oatmeal. LOVE him!!!!
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  • I don't want to rage. Can't we all just... get along? ;-p
    Spree is a hippy-Glitch and she's saying: peace out dude(tte)s.

    Also LOL at girlthulhu's guinea pigs.
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  • @  glum pudding

    The owner of the Oatmeal is a pretty gross guy that got super upset when he got attacked for making rape jokes. I didn't know he even did anything else besides make them. lol

    @  Djabriil 

    Yes, this place definitely has a huge proportion of social justice people compared to the rest of the internet. Look about how gender identity and sexual orientation is made such a huge deal here, compared with nowhere else but tumblr. Maybe those people are the most vocal, but it's rather odd to me. 

    And you go to reddit and see rustled jimmies a lot? It's not by chance that you go on SRS do you? Because that would be funny. Or not. Maybe you don't even know what it is and never heard of it.

    For the record, I'm not actually a conservative. I'm a ~queer woman of color~. But people love discounting my race when I don't agree with their views. And I'm still cis scum. :( And once cis scum, always cis scum. Privilege checked.
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  • @Spree I should derail this into a "Girlthulhu's Guinea Pigs" thread to counteract all the RAGE.

    Like, right now. Little Pig does this thing where he leaps into the air, then blasts through the pen. He'll stop and look over at me until I exclaim "LITTLE PIG! GO! YAAAAAY!', and then he'll start running laps again. It'll go on for a while. He does it when he's happy, which I guess is saying something because he does this Mario Kart routine quite often. (It's still hilarious every time, though).
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  • @Girlthulhu: so, can you nibble a guinea pig?
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  • @  Djabriil 

    You called me out for using the word crazy, so the idea that you're actually not super sensitive has mostly went down the drain.
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  • @Spree Unfortunately, they don't like it very much.
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  • @girlthulhu - I agree, some people seem really...agitated...after the closing? Some of it is warm fuzzies, some of it is not. :( I was kind of hoping that people would talk more about general frustrations in their life (or silly ones, like yours) and support each other instead of attacking each other. Maybe that's hopeless though because this thread wasn't created with that intention.

    And now all my dreams of peace are going to go out the window because...

    Sorry (not sorry) @Reirei but just fuck you. I have a mental illness but I'm not usually offended by people using the word crazy unless they use it as a pejorative (ie 'the crazies are out today'). What makes you an asshole is that you add these ironic trigger warnings after using slurs, like 'I know this is offensive but I'm going to say it anyway because I don't give a fuck about your feelings!' Also I couldn't care less about your goddamn cis tears. Cry me a fucking river. Aww it's so annoying to have trans* people check my privilege for me, because I'm too ignorant to do it myself!

    But if someone calls you out on being an asshole, THEY'RE too sensitive. Because marginalized people should have to shut up and deal with slurs and erasure every fucking day of their lives and never speak out about it once, because daww poor cis/able-minded/neurotypical people start getting annoyed! Fuck you.
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  • Know why the internet (or at least Glitch) is full of 'sensitive lib types' or whatever? Because this is the ONLY PLACE WE HAVE. THERE EXISTS NO PHYSICAL PLACE WHERE I FIT IN. There are not places accessible to me where I can express myself as a disabled queer person. Glitch especially was attractive to me because it didn't (usually) stress me out, and it was a place where I could express myself comfortably as queer. That's why I am here, since you were wondering. I have no fucking other place to go.
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  • @ Sterne: Why do you assume that I've had it so easy in life? I just said I was marginalized and you ignored every word of it. Also, I'm not neurotypical, so stop making assumptions.

    Yeah, I understand what transpeople have to go through. But it doesn't justify calling me scum, calling my sisters scum, calling people of my racial background scum. Nor should we all die because we happen to be cis. And I've seen "die cis scum" proudly exclaimed by skin heads and Nazi fetishists and it was pretty disturbing. 

    Are you even trans, Sterne? And are you white Sterne? If you are, what if I told you to die because of your race? Oh but transpeople suffer so much more than racial minorities, so fuck us all right? And it's weird because I've seen my racial identity discounted so many times again and again.

    And you're acting like I'm somehow not queer too and that I have no idea what struggles queer people go though. Or do you think it's ok to police/erase my identity because I'm a "cis asshole?" My, my stooping low now.

    And maybe I'm such an asshole, because I'm tired of having my racial identity questioned and denied. I'm tired of people accusing me of being a "troll" to justify being harassed and having my personal information doxxed. I'm tired of people assuming that because I don't agree with them that I must be a super-privileged Cis Heterosexual White Christian Male. It's been very exhausting. And here from you, I'm seeing my queer identity being erased, my aneurotypicality being erased, and my racial experiences discounted, especially living as a minority in a heavily white and conservative area of the South. And I deserve this because I used the words "crazy" and "retarded" once each, I didn't believe that I was lesser because of my lack of trans identity, I used some ironic trigger warnings, and because I'm an asshole. Alright. There's actually no reason for me to stop being an asshole now right? (Even though that word can be interpreted as pretty bodily shaming) And intersectionality, have you ever heard of it?

    Also, I never said being sensitive was a super bad thing. I'm pretty sensitive myself in a lot of ways.
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  • I'm sorry for assuming you were neurotypical. Yes I am white, yes I am trans*. I wouldn't blame you if you ever said 'fuck white people' or if you hated my race. I have never said "die cis scum" and would be sad if you wanted me dead because I don't wish suffering on others, but I can't blame a marginalized person for being angry. I am angry. Your opinions as a cis person on trans* people are not warranted, just like my opinions on people of color as a white person are not warranted. I honestly don't care if you're offended by trans* people not pandering to you, but I won't defend anyone who has told you you should die. 

    Also being a marginalized person does not excuse you from being an asshole or having privilege. Calling people cis scum is not a racial slur. And queer people can be transphobic, so that's not an excuse either.
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  • Yes, I've been told to die as a cis person. I refuse to lower my opinion of myself because I'm a cis woman. 

    Ahhh this is the oppression olympics, and only whitey Sterne (yep that totally isn't a racist slur, because only white people can be racist, amirite????) can win, because they are trans and nothing else matters.

    Yeah I definitely have no incentive to stop acting like an "asshole" because apparently my existence as cis person is vile enough to you. And once again, what is that "intersectionality" thing I keep on hearing about? What???

    EDIT: And you don't think "die cis scum" has any racial undertones? Are you condemning the vast majority of the world to being "scum" because they don't fully understand trans issues yet and might have different cultural perspectives on it? And these people have done nothing to harm transpeople at all? And when the trans community in the West is largely whitewashed and hardly as accepting of people of color as they should be? Seriously? So I guess calling me scum is ok, but me saying "kill whitey" would be a lot less accepted here.
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  • I'm going to stop replying now because I don't think we are having a discussion anymore (or ever were).
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  • Can this thread be locked by a mod please? =)
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  • @ Sterne: Well, good for you. Now I will know you as someone who is exceedingly blind to racial issues and likes to erase the identities of people as they please when it fits. Nice.

    I mean, I don't even care that much in the real world, so I'm actually not yelling at white people or whatever all day. But the amount of hypocrisy and double-facedness here is staggering.
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  • Wow, this thread makes me sad and depressed.

    I lobe you all, and I hope your day gets better. *giant emo bear hugs*
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  • This thread has gone to the bad place where names are called and Community Guidelines are violated, so we'll be closing it now.
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