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A lot of people have been posting about the things they wish they could have done in Ur, myself included. It is sad and cathartic to think of what might have been, but I'm more interested in what was.

What was your proudest moment in Ur? It could be something you set out to achieve when you heard the game was ending or something you worked towards since you started the game. Post your favorite memories or anecdotes and lets remember all the amazing things we did together. I'll start with a few of mine.

-I'm glad I found all of my DNA pieces, and all of the ghosts. My Faded Heart was my favorite in-game memento and I carried it with me always.
-I'm glad I made it a point to see every bit of Ur that I could, including the new regions that opened shortly before the end.
-I'm glad that I went against my normal anti-social gaming instincts and joined in with Global Chat from time to time. I was resigned to never finishing any of the quests that required the help of other players until one day I just decided to post in Global and the community was immediately ready to help me. From then after I was always looking for other Glitchen to help with their quests.

The fact that I'm even posting in the forum is a testament to the community surrounding this game. So what are you most proud of?

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  • Candyglitch badge =D
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  • I got all my ghosts! :)
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  • I was able to collect all the cubimals, which I wanted to do back when there was only the original series. I was a poor Glitchen then, and didn't have the time to grind items to sell to get cubimals other than three very common ones.

    Then I left for a while and came back, and there were even more to collect! I completed a few feats, which gave me artifact items that I wasn't interested in collecting at all, so I sold whatever feat items I got to fund my cubimal collection.

    I am pretty sure I trade/bought my last two (the Rook and Rube) two days before the official shut down announcement. =( I was crushed, but at least I got to spend some time with them before the end!
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  • I made it to level 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Really proud of that one. And got all my icons. And collected a butt ton of cubimals even though I never got a trophy. And on the very last day I grabbed a handful of friends and held a 31 cubimal mega-race extravaganza! That was the last badge I earned, too <3
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  • My proudest moment, and what I am most thankful I got to do...and had the most fun doing.....Thinking up Trisor with Avery, and making an entire story line that explained how the sky broke, who clopunny was (evil evil twin cyclops bunny that stoot worshiped, I swear it!), and why the Rook was so angry and attacking us all the time.

    I am also, really glad I got to meet so many very creative people that taught me, and encouraged me to KNIT!  I love it, and I am totally addicted now!

    It was super fun and allowed my childlike imagination to take root again in my brain, for the first time in ages. It awakened my imagination, and I am suddenly very creative in my life now. I am grateful and thankful that I had the pleasure to play Glitch. It helped me grow spiritually, mentally, and creatively.
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  • I'm glad I got to help so many people reach their ghost goals by the end, or any other way I helped them. I found most joy in my mini subway party series that I wish I had more time to finish, as well as my last ghost hunt, which involved my pickle glitching and causing a stuck backwards walking buff, so the back end of the hunt had us all backwards and naked :)

    I only wish I had more time to devote to helping others :( cleaning gardens, planting seeds at my own expense so no one was sad at coming home to dirtiness, hosting so many tours, giving people things they needed, restoring projects like a mad man (girl!)... And I wish I had participated in global more :)
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  • + I was the Candyglitch
    + I made a crab happy
    + I learned all the skills
    + I got all the Completist badges
    + I found all the DNA and all the ghosts
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  • I got to go ALL THE PLACES!  And I did all of the things - I tired everything once anyway! Yay!

    I also really liked helping everyone meet their goals. Oh and Radial Heights! And 5003 herbs (that was hard - I can't imagine doing that without the potions and other peoples' yards)!
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  • Build a house, and a tower ( all 8 floors!) and explore most of the world.

    My goal was the tower. And cubi collection. both completed. YUS!
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  • finish the tincturing quest (in the final two hours!), and spend a little time with the enormous crowd of revelers at uutiif
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  • -
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  • I'm glad I got all the skills, did all the upgrade cards at least once, and FINALLY got that Golden Ovum award at the very end!
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  • Make a crab happy!  This was the toughest thing for me, I think in part because I'd get slightly excited every time I played for a crab - and then immediately disappointed when I didn't get the badge.  And then my sister, who hadn't even been playing two weeks at that point, made the crab happy.  I just about cried.  :P  I made the crab happy two days later, and felt so accomplished!

    Also, the teleport with 11 Glitchen 13 times badge.  Soooo hard to organize!  But I had two great groups and between them, I got it!  In fact, several people got it in my second group!

    And I'm so glad I talked in global.  I was really, really shy at first, but eventually I started talking - just small things at first, then eventually joining in on conversations and especially answering questions.  Made some great friends like that.  :) I also really enjoyed helping others with quests - I did Peter Out Peat about 30-40 times, I'd guess.
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  • I'm really really proud of making it to Level 60 in the old XP system. It was very hard work (because we didn't have quite as many ways to do it), but the rewards were worth it. After that accomplishment, I had the most relaxing fun time playing Glitch - the most fun time in the whole 14 months that I played.
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  • I'd say managing to avoid a hi sign for 65 seconds WITHOUT SPINACH OR ANYTHING ELSE EXCEPT FOR TRIPLE JUMP. Was so happy. Also, getting my 11111th leap from my first attempt at levitation in my new backyard! Also, completing at least six regions before the game closed on the last day ;-; 
    Also, finding all my ghosts with the help of Wally McBeal! It was so fun to have gone a ghostwalk. There was also getting the Glitch Train badge, getting complimented on my avatar by stoot and managing to throw a party with 17 smashed Glitchen in my house after only a few weeks of playing, too! 
    I'm also glad I got to meet so many nice people and decorate my house, get all the Egg Eating badges, and manage to get to level 37 with Kweeky's help even though I was level 29 only a few days before. I'm glad to have helped people get their KOS badges, too. :D
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  • Dragon Chaser (I wasn't even trying, I somehow got it anyway...I only took one flap of No-No.)
    Giant Lover (thanks very much to Feverfew for giving me a whopping 4 emblems to help me complete the last icon)

    ...Yeah not much. I had more regrets than achievements but still yay.
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  • I stole Innie's potato.

    Ask her.  I did and she blamed Tybalt.
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  • Tyby was so upset about that elf!

    Hooray Trisor!

    I'm most proud of the friends I made here. I talk about you folks to my RL people and they all assume we knew each other from RL with the way I talk about our adventures. The looks on their faces when I say I probably wouldn't recognize most of you if we crossed on the street is priceless :)

    There are a million things I'm happy I got to experience in Glitch. T'was a fantastic game with a beautiful community
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  • I am very happy that I got to race every cubimal.  I miss my cubimals.  Especially Hell Bartender. 
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  • Here are a few things that stand out as proud moments from my Glitch experience:

    * Buying my 4000c treehouse in Tamila. It was such a thrill to finally have a place to call my own. 4000c was nothing to me later on, but at the time it was HUGE. Although I loved the new housing system and our home streets, I am said for the people who came in after the switchover and didn't get to experience the excitement of searching the real estate listings for the perfect place and then scrimping and saving until you could afford it. 

    * The first time I helped someone else earn a badge and the first time someone helped me. That was the first time I really felt like I was part of the community.

    * Radial Heights! OMG, that drove me nuts. I couldn't get the bonus no matter how hard I tried for the longest time. Then I stopped doing it for a while, and when I started again, I finally managed it (and after that, managed it 9 out of 10 times that I played). Every single time that star appeared, I punched the air and crowed in victory.

    * Level 60. Leveling was not at all important to me for most of my Glitch life. I just puttered along, doing all the things I wanted to do, and figured that the levels would come when they came. When I hit level 50 a couple months ago, I finally started thinking about 60 and thinking about having a big party for it, and even started making food and drinks for it. Then came the shutdown announcement when I was at 52, and suddenly making 60 became a top priority. I worked really hard and got a lot of help from kind friends, and hearing those final kazoos was such a relief.
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  • I managed to get the daily hi-sign evader achievement on the very last new day before the Giants awoke.
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  • i saw my glitch picture at the last Feat :'D
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  • My proudest moment came after I felt I had enough experience and knowledge to be able to help someone. And I didi! I was so excited about it that I couldn't stop babbling about it to my friends. I will never, ever forget that moment.
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  • I made a full height tower, and it was before the game ending was announced so I was doing it for myself, not as a last-minute push. I was so proud of myself for gathering all the stuffs!
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  • I'm glad I :
    - joined Civility
    - made level 36, and
    - got the Kindness of Strangers badge, thanks to many lovely and wonderful people in and out of Civility
    - got Globetrotter Extraordinaire and all the Completist badges
    - got "Order of the Hoarder" (making 211 SDBs)
    - found all my ghosts and DNA (last DNA was very close to the end!)
    - read lots of the notes that people left around the place
    - built a tower (named "Better Late Than Never") and got it (and my house) to three floors
    - had 1 million currants at one point - spent most of it on the tower, and buying stuff to help with skills or levelling (so many sno cones !)
    - managed to participate in some feats

    - had fun !
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