Anyone heard of Stoot's original project Game Neverending?

Game Neverending was basically the prototype to Glitch made back in 2002 or so. It had so many of the mechanics we knew and loved in Glitch: the crafting, paper trees, the tips on the loading screen, energy/mood, the subway, and the streets. 

You can see a fanpage dedicated to memorializing the parts of the game:

Unfortunately, it didn't work out, and stoot went on to found flickr.

Third time is the charm!

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  • I interviewed two (awesome) Glitch players who played GNE when it was still around, giving comparisons/similarities and their thoughts on both games -
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  • I heard it was better than Glitch!  ;-)
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  • It seems like the 2nd time was the charm. He sold Flickr to Yahoo! for over 20 million dollars. First time he failed. Second time he became a millionaire. Third time he failed. Maybe the Fourth time he'll succeed again?
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  • Flickr was born out of image-sharing code that was developed for GNE... 
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  • Perhaps Stoot will make another product out of the remains of Glitch, sell it for an absolutely preposterous amount of money, and create yet another game.  :)
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  • HEARD of it? Oh yes, and much, much more.....  : )  Do read the interviews linked in the first response above, it will make a lot more sense I think. A goodly number of GNE orphans found our way to Glitch early on, and it was wonderful to reconnect again.... the way I am still holding out hope to reconnect with Glitchen somewhere else someday.  (My comments in the interview might also explain why I chose to end my Glitch days in Scribe's Weald on the 9th of Dec.)
    (And thanks for the awesome, Hburger!  <3  )
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  • He's already said in one or another of the Q&As that are floating out there that they are planning to develop some of the messaging capabilities from Glitch into another product. (I forget specifically which or I'd link to it.)
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  • I had a lot of friends in GNE
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  • inspoetica had 4.5 quintillion XP! Was that a bug or some major off-balanceness?
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  • There are players who figure out how to game every game, TomC.  ;-)
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