Cross-stitching the Elevenness of Everything

My very very very favourite addition to Glitch in the last few months was the Esquibeth quest, and the tantalizing worldbuilding hints in the text there. A falling-out between the giants that required going to visit Grendaline personally in person to solve?! OH MAN. Since the game closed I have mostly sublimated my playing-Glitch time into crafting time, and I was daydreaming about how a glitch might commemorate Esquibeth's achievement if the textile-related branch of the skill tree were larger, and so I cross-stitched a sampler about it. The heart is the "loves" operator and it's transitive, so the proposition the sampler expresses is that every giant loves every other, even the ones they're not next to in the list. Aww.

(If you want to use these adaptations of giant symbols for cross-stitching your own thing or knitting around the cuff of a mitten or the brim of a hat or whatever, here they all are in a big chart for cutting up and rearranging however!)

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  • Oh, I like this!
    And thank you for sharing the chart too - very Glitchy of you!
    Posted 7 years ago by Kookaburra Subscriber! | Permalink
  • .... that is FANTASTIC and i think I just realized what I'm making for christmas presents.
    Posted 7 years ago by Annuska Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Well done!  Thanks for sharing the chart as well!
    Posted 7 years ago by Brib Annie Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Absolutely awesomesauce. Thank you for posting this!
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  • Looks lovely!  And thank you for the charts, I've now realised that what's missing from my life is Glitchy knitting.  :D
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  • chaaaaaarts :V I am going to knit/cross-stich/crochet all the things
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  • Beautiful!
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  • Aww!  I started to do something similar, long ago, but with knitting... you did a great job!
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  • Beautiful job! And I love that you posted the patterns. Now I want a scarf for myself with all 11 on it.
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  • Oh, how lovely! I was thinking about doing an embroidery project with the giant symbols as well, but I'm no good at cross-stitch.
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  • Thank you for this! I bet they would go really nicely mounted into greeting cards. I'm thinking Giant emblems. Who's with me?
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  • There are many bits that could be charted.  There are also some software programs for charting your snaps and photos if you need help doing that.  The Emblems and Badges would make nice patterns for X-stitch, knitting, crochet and other crafts.
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  • Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!  :-)
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  • Wow. This is excellent- thanks for the charts. I loved the Esquibeth quest too.
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  • That is wonderful!  Faved!
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  • This is brilliant! So good! Well done :)
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  • that is fantastic! they are so well-done. i think after my holiday crafting is done, i am going to stitch some up for myself. thank you for sharing the chart!!
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