So what do we do if our refund never happened?

This is in regards to the final refund you guys referred to as "manual" so it's possible that it just hasn't happened yet.  The reason I ask is of course because I haven't seen mine yet, and the money in question was quickly "respent" on supporting the book and audio CD campaigns.

(Also I ran into an issue where I lost the card that the refund was supposed to be directed at and got a new one attached to the exact same account, and I wasn't sure if that messed things up.)

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  • Not all of the manual ones have happened yet about 90% of the PayPal ones are done, but the credit card ones haven't started yet. Both of these have been a lot harder than we were hoping (these systems just aren't really designed for mass refunds they are built to expect the money flowing the other way ;) 

    PayPal locked us out, but we are now able to send refunds again and will finish the remaining ~10% within the next week. For credit card payments, about 5% of the automatic refund batch had a problem where if an individual had two or more refunds for the same amount (e.g., two or more monthly subscription charges or two different purchases of the $10 credit pack) only one got credited to the account. Some of the other refunds appear to have been eaten by the issuing bank while a few were bounced back to our payment processor.

    We've been on and off the phone with all the parties, reconciling merchant account statements with our transaction logs, etc., and we want to make sure that the manual refunds aren't going to have the same problem (as you can imagine, it's a really expensive and time-consuming process to track down 50 failed transactions out of each 1,000, especially since the only way we know in many cases is that the player writes in to ask what happened.)

    So, to answer your question: for now, just sit tight. We will definitely make it all work out in the end. And, we'll post an update with progress by the end of the week.
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  • thanks for the update, stoot. I haven't got either of my refunds (paypal or my credit card). I'll give it a week before I start howling at y'all.
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  • Sounds great, not in any hurry really, I was just curious.  (After all, the money is sorta going to do a 180 through the banks anyway for the two Indiegogo campaigns.)  If you have any issues caused by the now shutdown card you know how to get in touch with me.  :)
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  • i will keep looking for mine..ty for the post ..was hoping to get a package in the mail to my son in afghanistan before Christmas. but if not i did get a christmas card out this morning. ty for a great game again.
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  • Oh thank you for this update!!! I was hoping to be able to get my children something, anything at all, for Christmas.  My checking account was hacked and drained, which totally screwed up my world. Money back in paypal would allow me to get them at least a little something until we get our checking account fixed.

    Thanks for everything, stoot!
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